TutuApp PC Download – How to Install

TutuApp is a well-known name among unofficial app stores, offering thousands of modified, unlocked and premium apps and games for free. 




Originally for iOS users, the developers soon provided support for Android users too, and now, because of that, you can even install it on your Mac or Windows PC. Read on for all the details.


How to Install TutuApp on PC or Mac

This is quite easy to do; although the app doesn’t officially have a desktop version, by using an Android emulator, you can easily install TutuApp to your Mac or PC:

  1. First, you need an Android emulator – we recommend installing Nox or Bluestacks to your PC or Mac
  2. Now download the TutuApp APK file onto your computer
  3. Sign in to the emulator you need a Google account (if you don’t have one, set one up for free)
  4. When the emulator has set up, go to the search bar and type TutuApp
  5. Click on the result to start the download
  6. Alternatively, open the APK file location and right-click on the .apk file
  7. Choose Open With ( Nox or Bluestacks )
  8. When TutuApp has installed (it may take a few minutes) the app icon will load in the emulator home screen
  9. The app store is now ready for you to use.


How to Use TutuApp On PC or Mac

This is easy enough:

  1. Open the emulator and click the TutuApp icon
  2. When the store opens, find an app or game and tap it
  3. Tap Install and, when it is installed, the app is available via the emulator.


Why Use TutuApp on PC or Mac?

Simply because your desktop has more resources to take advantage of, you have a much bigger screen, better graphics, more RAM, and more space.

Plus you also get the benefits of having an alternative app store, one with thousands of third-party apps for free.

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Common TutuApp Errors

Most users have a smooth experience with TutuApp, but desktop users may come up against a couple of errors:


White/Blank Screen

A common error, the simplest way of fixing it is to just delete it and reinstall it, following the steps above.


App Won’t Download/Greyed-Out Icon

Another easy error to fix, simply delete TutuApp entirely from your computer and install it again – it should work now.

If it doesn’t, you may need to do some housekeeping on your computer – delete files you don’t need, move media, and other important files to the cloud or an external device and remove unused apps. You also need to have a minimum of 2 GB RAM free to get the best out of TutuApp.


Is TutuApp Safe?

Yes, it is. It does not contain any malware, spam, or anything else that harms your computer or your device.

You only need a Google account to use the emulator, and the app is updated regularly. However, you should have some kind of anti-virus software on your desktop as well as a VPN to keep your identity safe.


Frequently Asked Questions

It is natural to have some questions about unofficial apps and games, and TutuApp is no exception; here, we have answered the most common questions we get asked:


Does TutuApp Contain Any Viruses or Malware?

No. the developers are active and monitor the app store all the time. As soon as they spot a problem or a user reports one, they fix it and issue an immediate update – you must install these updates to make sure you keep things safe.

However, as mentioned before, anti-virus software on your desktop is highly recommended, as is only downloading the app store from the official links.


What Is the Difference Between TutuApp Free and TutuApp VIP?

Most people are quite happy with the free version of TutuApp because it offers a huge choice of free apps and games. However, you do have the choice of paying just $6.99 to upgrade to VIP, and, for that, you get even more choice of content, no irritating ads, no restrictions on what you can download, and faster downloads too.

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If you already paid for the VIP version on your Android or iOS mobile device, you could link your desktop to your account and use it on their too. Plus, if your membership has 60 days or less to go, you can get a 10% discount when you renew.


Isn’t TutuApp Only for iOS Users?

Yes, at one time, it was but, because of the level of demand, the developers updated it to support Android devices too, and that is why you can install it on your desktop using an Android emulator.

TutuApp is worth a look as it offers so much choice for free. It is safe to use, and it gives you a cool alternative to your PC or Mac app store too