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This project’s goal is to become a staple in the online world and a reliable source for quality tech content. Our coverage ranges from server management tools to ground-breaking consumer gadgets, with everything in between. At ITechGyan the focus aren’t the pageviews, but the user experience. Our mission is to inform and help everyone that visits our website.

Thousands of users visit our website every day, searching for solutions to their problems. We help them fix their issues, however complicated they might be. Users know we are trustworthy and reliable — and that’s why they keep coming back when they need help.

Our community has managed to branch out from small user reviews to feature-length articles and tutorials, but we want more.

We hope you can join us in our quest to change the instructional online world. Together, we can reshape the way people interact with how-to guides and tutorials. We are waiting for you to join us on our journey. ITechGyan needs you as much as users need help.

Help us create a better online world, because that is our mission.

About Me

Petr Kudlacek

My name is Petr and I started this project in 2016. It has been growing ever since. I am a serial tech entrepreneur and a self-proclaimed geek. I currently run comapny Apro Software.

My experience blogging about technology and developing software helps me understand what people are looking for in tech-related articles. I know how lackluster most websites can be, so I try to provide users the best content available.

I only write things that I would like to read about or that can help someone. I only write things that matter. If you share my passion, you can be a part of it.

Even though I have several online ventures, I dedicate a lot of time to ITechGyan. Still, I’m only one person. If enough people share my vision, I know we can create something beautiful. I want people to think of ITechGyan whenever they want to know something technology-related, but I am afraid I can’t do it alone.

Whenever I need to get new ideas for ITechGyan, or to clear my head, I hike. I love the outdoors almost as much as I love technology: that’s why I want to create something that flows naturally like a river. Something that does not feel forced or too much SEO focused. Like I’ve stated before, my main goal is to help users, and I believe that every day I achieve a little bit of that goal.

If you have similar goals, I’d love for you to get in touch. ITechGyan needs likeminded people if it is to grow even bigger. We’re waiting for you.

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I am really proud about having built a website visited by thousands of people, but I know that there is still room to grow. The future is looking bright for ITechGyan and you can be a part of it. Learn here how.

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In order to ensure the quality of our content, our articles follow a strict set of editorial guidelines. If you’re interested in having an article published in ITechGyan, you should familiarize yourself with the way we write our articles here.

You can see our editorial guidelines here. Remember to follow them thoroughly when writing your article, so that our quality standard is upheld.

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