How to Write Upside-Down Text

If you’ve ever come across upside-down, or flipped text and wondered how to do it, then you’ve came to the right place.

In this tutorial, we will teach you how to easily write flipped text, and we’ll even tell you how everything works.


What’s Upside-Down Text?

There are special characters in Unicode that are essentially upside-down letters. Upside-down text is simply writing some text by using those characters to replace normal letters.


How to Write Text With Upside-Down Characters

There are two ways of doing this. There’s the hard, manual way, or there’s the easy way. After we explain to you how writing upside-down text is done manually, you’ll understand why nobody does it.


The Manual Way

In order to write upside-down text manually, you first need to find the characters you intend to use. Wikipedia has a gigantic, comprehensive list of Unicode characters. You just need to browse it until you find the upside-down characters you’re looking for.

As you can see, each character has a small code next to it, something like “U+0232”. You need to remember, or to write down somewhere, the codes of the characters you want to use.

upside down text

Then, you need to open a word processor, such as Microsoft Word, and enter the respective code for each character. After you type in each piece of code, you need to hit the Alt key + X, so the code turns into the actual character.

Obviously, it is a very tedious process and that’s why nobody does it this way. It would take a long time in order to write something this way.

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That’s why most people use automatic way.


The Automatic Way

Just googling “upside-down text generator” yields hundreds of websites which automatically convert your text into upside-down text.

This is what most people actually use. It’s easy and quick, and you won’t need to browse through every Unicode character there is.


upside-down text generator


Where Can You Use Upside-Down Text?

You can use upside-down text in any place that supports Unicode. Most websites such as Twitter or Facebook support UTF-8, therefore you’re able to use upside-down text there.

Even though there are several applications which don’t support Unicode, you won’t really know until you try to use it. But don’t worry, most places do support it.