7 Free Mobile Browser Emulators

Have you ever heard of free mobile browser emulators?

The development of mobile applications has increased dramatically.

Gradually, these mobile applications have arguably become the centre of our existence.




And their importance will only increase as mobile phone usage becomes more widespread.

Everything is now just a click away, whether it’s something as simple as shopping for groceries or something as relaxing as playing video games.


What Is a Free Mobile Browser Emulator?

It is a tool that gives you an exact feel of a mobile operating system on the desktop.

So this is a blessing for the users from the developers to give them a complete Android environment without having a hassled installation process.

It is a program that runs on a system by copying the complete architecture of the guest device.

You can make the most of the advantages for the games like Pokemon, PubG, etc. by using them on PC rather than getting them all installed.

An emulator is something that makes a desktop a convenient way to be used as a mobile.

Now we will see how we use the emulator for testing. 

It is important for us to do proper testing of any application before making it available to the users.

So that we can identify issues if any beforehand.

There are several instances, where the developers face unexpected and unusual behavioral patterns during the testing of the application.

Before proceeding with the discussion on the mobile emulator online, it is important for us to identify the exact requirement of the user for using any application.

We can’t deny how costly it is to set up and operate a true Android or iOS device lab, because dealing with monthly maintenance charges, aside from frequent device upgrades, is not an easy task.

As a result, online Android and iOS emulators are becoming increasingly popular among consumers.

An emulator on a specific operating system, such as Mac or Windows, emulates an Android or iOS application or a browser.

It creates similar hardware conditions similar to those found on an Android or iOS smartphone.

After that, we use it for testing as well as debugging. But an emulator comes with its share of limitations.


List of Seven Free Mobile Browser Emulators


This tool from Quirktools is an important emulator.

It will test your website for the different resolutions and how the website looks on different platforms.

Screenfly can prove to be an excellent choice for the developer as they can check the websites completely.

It can also adjust different aspects whenever required.




The tool uses a technique named IFRAME which displays the website in different dimensions.

It breaks the resolution of the screen according to the device which helps you in relating the resolution of the screen with any other device.

Also the tool does work for off query strings which helps you in sending the website URL  to the client so that the client can check how exactly that website is going to look in a desired and specified resolution.

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LambdaTest Free Mobile Browser Emulator

LambdaTest’s mobile emulator for browser testing is a great platform to test your website across various real browsers and OS combinations.

To provide your user with the best user experience try this tool.

It will allow you to test on Safari, Chrome, and Firefox.

Here are some other features of this emulator.


  1. Using the LambdaTest mobile emulator, create an environment using your desktop that is similar to a mobile browser. This will help the testers to have a real look and feel of the website from the users’ perspective.
  2. You can also run the Appium test on mobile browsers. They can be executed parallelly, to decrease the execution time.
  3. You can even test your locally hosted website or applications using this tool.
  4. Geolocation testing can be performed using this emulator. Geolocation testing refers to the testing of the website on various mobile browsers for Geo-Targeting, Geo-blocking, and Geo-localization across various countries.
  5. You can perform responsive testing. Responsive testing is testing the website’s alignment and structure so that it looks equally distributed across all types of devices.
  6. You can mark your bugs and errors and send them to your colleagues directly so that these bugs can be solved as quickly as possible.


ResponsivePX Free Mobile Browser Emulator

To check the responsiveness of your website, this is the most useful emulator.

This tool will also check how a website looks on different platforms.




To understand the response of user actions on the websites this tool will help you in the best way.

For different screen sizes, this will help you in dealing with the height and width and can adjust accordingly.

ResponsivePX will check for the local and online websites, for each pixel, which allows you to adjust for every fine detail or requirement. 


Windows Phone Emulator 

This emulator comes with a native windows emulator on the device which in turn allows the developer to do the testing part.

By default this emulator will allocate you 512 k, this memory means you can test the applications for mobiles which have lesser memory.

One of the big advantages is if you are using an emulator which supports windows then you can check for the lower versions like windows 7.0 or above. 


Native Android Emulator

Android SDK has an in-built Native Android Emulator, which allows the developer to test and run the application even when it doesn’t have the device which can do it.

Emulators also have different configurations which a developer can use and see how an application looks on different platforms.

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Native Android Emulator has a set of navigation keys which helps the developer in many different ways to test the application. 



To stress the readiness of your website, Gomez mobile readiness will give your website a rating from 1 to rating 5.

Gomez analyses and uses nearly 30 different techniques for mobile development and the standard code compliance.




This will help you and guide you to make your website way more presentable and make it function in a better way on mobile.

Not just for the look and structure, it will also give you suggestions on how you can make your app more and more user-friendly and how to make improvements to fix the bugs and issues.


Headspin Free Mobile Browser Emulator

This tool will give you the infrastructure of a real device on the cloud.

To test you can choose from plenty of real Androids as well as iOS devices.

It is leading the industry if you talk in terms of platforms for testing Android and iOS devices.

This tool will give you insights into the real world of the user which helps in getting an emulator type of environment by testing on real devices.

Headspin doesn’t require any SDK. Its features are Manual & Automated testing (test and debug).



You must be very careful while selecting the browser and you must consider the following factors – features, performance, add-ons, security, privacy, customizations, user interface, and no-log policy.

Using an emulator is comparatively less expensive than working on real systems.

Emulators are a blessing to developers as it allows you to test out the common bugs.

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