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What’s the Best Free Movie Streaming Site?

Even though most of us prefer to do it the legal way, the fact is that not everyone can afford to do so. Watching free movies online is possible, but with so many websites claiming to offer you that possibility you need to know which one is the best.

If you don’t know what you’re getting yourself into, and are lurking google for free movies websites, chances are you’ll end up in some sketchy websites. If you’re going to watch free movies online, you’ll want to do it safely. Viruses are everywhere.

Below you’ll find our review of multiple free movie streaming websites. You won’t have to download any movie in order to watch it. It’s safer than torrents (sometimes torrents aren’t exactly of what they claim to be) and there’s no discernible difference in streaming quality.


What are we Looking at?

In order to review each free movie website we took a few factors into consideration, such as:

  • Library Size — How many free movies and TV shows does the site have?
  • Update Frequency — Is the website’s library updated regularly?
  • User Interface — Is the website user friendly? How easily can you find a movie or TV show?
  • Library Variety — Does the website have different genres, or is it aimed at a specific audience?
  • Streaming Quality — Can you watch free movies in HD? Does the stream lag? Can you use low bitrates if your internet connection is slow?
  • Ads — Does the website overwhelm you with ads?
  • Extras — What does each website offers besides free movie streaming?


Free Movies Sites Review

        1. TUBI TV


Tubi TV won’t have the latest Hollywood releases, but on this free movie website you’ll find modern and cult classics, as well as their exclusive video content.

The site is completely free to access. It generates its revenue through ads, but you won’t have to worry about overwhelming your antivirus due to dubious ad content.


Library Size

What you’ll find the most on Tubi TV are cult classics. If you’re looking for new releases then Tubi TV is not the site for you. However, when it comes to classics, Tubi TV has a very nice collection of free movies.


Update Frequency

Tubi TV updates regularly. Plenty of classics are constantly being added so you can keep coming back to watch free movies without having to download them.


User Interface

Tubi TV auto generates lists of movies as long as you keep scrolling down their website. You’ll find lists such as “Highly Rated on Rotten Tomatoes” and “Fan Favorites”. Lists are also sorted according to age groups and interests. If you’re looking for family-friendly or kids movies, Tubi TV has got you covered.

From the top menu you can browse movies. The menu lets you pick movie genres and browse accordingly. Just pick a genre of your choice and start watching your free movie.

Tubi TV - User Interface


Library Variety

Tubi TV’s weakest point. Unfortunately, Tubi TV can’t compete with other free movie websites when it comes to content variety.

Besides cult classics, Tubi TV also offers comedy shows and sports videos, but those particular libraries are rarely updated.


Streaming Quality

Max streaming quality on Tubi TV is 720p. You can change your bitrate from 342kbps to 2687kbps.

Due to using JW Player, your Tubi TV experience won’t be riddled with problems. Movies are lag free even on slower internet connections.



In order to utilize Tubi TV you need to disable your adblocker. If you don’t disable your ad-blocking addons you won’t be able to watch free movies — there’s no way to bypass that.


RAM Usage and Performance

Tubi TV runs seamlessly. Your computer will remain stable throughout your movie and you won’t experience any memory leaks. On Chrome it uses 90MB of RAM and on Edge it uses around 100MB.

SafeLow content variety
Excellent user interfaceNo way to bypass ads
Excellent streaming speeds
Has an app for various platforms


        2. FMOVIES.SE

FMovies offers a huge variety of online free movies. Besides free movies, you can also watch free tv shows online in this website. If you want to download movies or tv shows for later consumption, FMovies lets you do that as well.


Library Size

FMovies has an enormous amount of both new and old movies. With their huge library you’ll always have something to watch.


Update Frequency

If something airs late at night on TV you can expect it to be on FMovies by the next day. The website is updated frequently with all the latest content, be it either movies or tv shows.


User Interface

FMovies has a neatly arranged user interface. You can search free movies or tv shows in the top right corner. Movie and tv shows suggestions will appear as you type. You can click the suggestion or press enter to see every result in your query.

Content in FMovies is divided by categories and genres. You can sort movies by country, most watched, most favorited, latest movies and others.

There’s also a slider on the homepage that shows you the most recent content available. If you’re unsure on what to watch you can always pick something recent.



Library Variety

FMovies content variety is quite good. You can find both movies that are currently on the theater and movies from the 70’s.

FMovies also offers an Anime section, for the fans of the genre.

If there’s a particular movie or tv show you’d like to see but isn’t available, FMovies accepts user suggestions. As soon as they find the requested content, admins add it to the website.


Streaming Quality

FMovies streams free movies in 720p high definition. If you can’t stream a movie, FMovies offers additional servers you can choose to stream your movie from. You’ll always be able to watch a movie or tv show with FMovies.



As with most similar sites, FMovies forces you to watch ads in order to watch a free movie or tv show.

When you click on the media player to go full screen or to lower the volume an ad will pop up in a new tab.


RAM Usage and Performance

You don’t have to worry about your computer’s resources with FMovies. Whenever you watch a movie you won’t be using more than 100MB of RAM.

Your processor isn’t affected either. Watching free movies on FMovies will only increase your CPU usage by 3 or 5% when running it on Chrome.

One-click download optionStreaming quality limited to 720p
High-speed streamingLots of pop-ups
Easy to navigate
Country-specific movies and tv shows


        3. GOMOVIES.TO (formerly 123MOVIES)


GoMovies is one of the most popular free movie streaming websites. Copyright problems force them to constantly change their name, so you might have to keep looking for them whenever the website is taken down.


Library Size

GoMovies has one of the biggest collections of free movies and tv shows. It’s one of the biggest free movie streaming websites.


Update Frequency

The website is updated daily. Free movies and tv shows are added to the site as soon as they’re released.

New tv show episodes are added to the site within 24 hours of airing.


User Interface

Navigating in GoMovies is very intuitive. Free movies and tv shows are divided in several categories so you can easily find what you’re looking for. You can also sort movies through their IMDB rating or search for them in the search bar at the top.

The last section of the homepage is for content that users request. If you request something it won’t take long to be on the website. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, ask for it. Chances are you’ll get it.

GOMOVIES.TO - User Interface


Streaming Quality

GoMovies’ content is available in 720p. As with FMovies you can select different streaming servers if yours is acting up.

If you’re on a slower internet connection you can lower your streaming quality.



Since it’s a free movie website, GoMovies forces you to watch ads if you want to watch free movies and tv shows. Whenever you click anywhere on the website an ad will pop-up.

During streaming there won’t be any ads interrupting your viewing experience.


RAM Usage and Performance

GoMovies uses the same player FMovies does. You won’t be putting your computer under load while watching free videos.

RAM and CPU usage are pretty even across the board. GoMovies always stays under 100MB of ram and your CPU will increase its load by 5%.

Big librarySome movies don’t work in certain regions
Various ways to sort contentPop-ups can be infuriating
Daily updated content
Good streaming quality


        4. YESMOVIES.TO


YesMovies is a free movie website with a huge content variety.

It shows minimal ads and lets you enjoy your free content without any sort of interruption.


Library Size

YesMovies has a library as big as GoMovies. That means that YesMovies also has one of the biggest collection of free movies and tv shows.

If you won’t find a movie on GoMovies, you probably won’t find it on YesMovies either. They’re that similar.


Update Frequency

YesMovies uploads new content every day. As soon as new releases are available on the internet, you’ll be able to find them on YesMovies.

The same goes for tv shows. After they air you will find them on YesMovies in a 24-hour time frame.


User Interface

YesMovies sports a user-friendly interface. The top menu allows you to quickly navigate their free content. You can sort your free movies by genre or country of origin.

YesMovies’ homepage displays its content on an assortment of categories, such as Hot, Top Viewed Today, Top Favorite, Top Rating and Latest.

There’s also a requested section on the website.

With their social media connections you can quickly share what you’re watching with your friends.

YESMOVIES.TO - User Interface


Streaming Quality

YesMovies allows you to stream their free online movies at a max resolution of 1080p. However if you have a slow connection you can lower your streaming resolution.

Like most free online movie websites, YesMovies also lets users choose different servers to stream their content from. However this only works in a small amount of movies. Most movies are hosted on a single server.



As you would expect, there are numerous pop-up ads whenever you click on anything. When you’re watching your free movie, pop-ups won’t interrupt you.


RAM Usage and Performance Rating

YesMovies consumes a bit more RAM than its competitors. You can expect RAM to be a little bit under 150MB and your CPU at a 7% load whenever you stream 1080p movies.

Big libraryLots of pop-ups
1080p streaming qualityLow amount of servers
Movies from several countriesCan’t download movies for offline viewing


        5. CartoonHD.Online


As the name would indicate, Cartoon HD is a website mainly dedicated to watching free cartoons online. It doesn’t mean there aren’t any other movie types available, but it’s a website mainly aimed at a younger target audience.


Library Size

Despite the fact that Cartoon HD doesn’t have every show that airs on tv, it has a huge content variety within its niche. You can watch free movies, tv shows and cartoons mainly aimed at kids and teenagers.


Update Frequency

Cartoon HD is updated frequently with the latest popular shows. You won’t find those cult films and series, but you’ll find popular shows such as Game of Thrones or The Flash.


User Interface

Cartoon HD’s interface is very user-friendly. You can see the list of every available free movie and tv show or access the most recently updated content from the menu at the top. Featured content is shown in a slider.

Right next to the website’s logo you’ll find a search bar which you can use to find your desired free content.

CartoonHD.Online - User Interface


Streaming Quality

Cartoon HD streams free movies and tv shows at 720p. If your internet connection is too slow you can choose to stream your videos at 320p and 480p.

Like most websites, Cartoon HD offers you the possibility to choose which server you want your free movie to be played from. Although for most videos possibilities are limited to two choices: GoogleVideo and Open Source servers. Either way, both hosting servers offer lag-free streams.



Obviously, ads are a given. They show up when you click on the website, but stop appearing once you’ve actually started watching your free content.


RAM Usage and Performance

Cartoon HD consumes around 80MB of your RAM and increases your CPU load by 3% when playing 720p videos.

New content added regularlyTeen-focused only
Dedicated category for upcoming movies
You can download their app to watch free content on your phone



movie image archive

The Internet Archive is exactly what it claims to be — an archive website. You can watch old movies and tv shows using this public archive. There are thousands of classic movies, documentaries and tv shows.


Library Size

The Internet Archive has an enormous variety of content. Being an archive, you won’t be able to watch the newest movies and tv shows.

All the movies and tv shows on this website are 100% legal and free to watch.


Update Frequency

The Internet Archive doesn’t update like a regular website. The Internet Archive archives videos from the internet, except when they’re copyright protected. This means no newer movies.


User Interface

The Internet Archives’ interface isn’t as clean as most free movie websites. If you want to find a specific movie or tv show (if it’s even available at all) you may have to spend a while looking for it.

Videos can be sorted according to their archive date, creator or title. Besides these filters you may also choose to display results from a particular category. The Main categories are media types, topics and subjects, collections, creators and language.



Streaming Quality

The streaming quality of the video you choose will depend based on what qualities are available for that particular video. However, since every movie here is 100% legal, there might be HD videos for you to watch for free — if the publisher decided to put them in the public domain.



The Internet Archive offers an ad-free experience. There are no pop-ups or ads during browsing or streaming.


RAM Usage and Performance

Processing power and RAM usage required to stream a particular video depend on where’s the original video is hosted. The website uses the player from where the content is hosted.

Classic movies and tv showsPoor user interface
Music videos are availableCan’t watch the latest movies or tv shows
No ads
Everything is legal


        7. SeeHD


SeeHD is another free movie website with an acceptable amount of content.


Library Size

See HD’s library is large enough for you to find popular movies, however they don’t add every single movie that is released. You’ll only be able to watch the most popular movies and tv shows.


Update Frequency

See HD updates whenever there is new content available. Every day there are a few new movies and tv shows added to the site.


User Interface

See HD’s interface isn’t the most user-friendly. There are no filters besides choosing between movies or tv shows. There are no sections or categories to pick your movies from.

If you don’t use the search bar you might have to go through hundreds of pages before you find what you’re looking for.

SeeHD - User Interface


Streaming Quality

This website offers a 720p streaming quality for both movies and tv shows. You can also lower the resolution if your internet isn’t fast enough.

See HD’s content is also hosted on a multitude of servers. You can choose whichever one you prefer.



There are ads on See HD, like you would expect from a free streaming website.


RAM Usage and Performance

This website consumes around 70 to 100MB of RAM, so you won’t be having any problems. It also increases the CPU load by 2 or 3% when you’re watching a 720p video.

720p vide qualityHorrible user interface
You can download moviesOutdated content selection


        8. VIEWSTER


Viewster offers a huge collection of anime series. It doesn’t update its content very frequently, so you’ll have to live with the more classic stuff.


Library Size

When it comes to anime, Viewster has a huge amount of variety. However it lacks on every other area.


Update Frequency

Anime shows and web shorts are constantly updated. Movies and other types of tv shows aren’t as much of a priority as anime content.

Viewster specializes in Korean and Japanese dramas and tv shows. So if you’re looking for that type of content, Viewster is the free movie website for you.


User Interface

Viewster helps views find their favorite videos. A slider on the homepage displays recent and popular videos. There are also several channels available from the top menu.

There are several categories you can browse from the “browse” menu item at the top of the screen. Categories include (but aren’t limited to): anime, comedy, adventure, documentary, Korean drama, thrillers and plenty more.

Viewster also has a mobile app, so you can watch your favorite content on the go.

VIEWSTER - User Interface


Streaming Quality

Viewster lets you stream videos in 720p. You can go down to 234p if your internet is acting out or isn’t fast enough.

There aren’t any other hosting servers besides the main one. So, if your content isn’t playing, tough luck.



Ads are everywhere on Viewster. An adblocker will save you a lot of patience.


RAM Usage and Performance

Viewster’s processor usage is a bit on the high side, increasing your CPU load up to 15%. It also consumes a bit more of RAM than other streaming websites, using 120MB. However none of this matters if you’re using a semi-recent computer. You’ll always be able to watch your videos lag-free.

Huge collection of AnimeNo latest movies
Simple interfaceOverloaded with ads
Legal and free



As the name would suggest, TopDocumentaryFilms lets you access all of the top documentaries from all over the world. This site uploads movies that are in the public domain.


Library Size

When it comes to documentaries, this website has got you covered. You can find both new and old documentaries, from the 90’s to the current year.


Update Frequency

Whenever new documentaries are available, TopDocumentaryFilms gets updated.

However you can only expect documentaries to be uploaded to this website.


User Interface

The interface is really nice and clean. Documentaries are arranged into different categories so you can quickly find the free video you’re looking for. You can also browse lists, such as the top 100. - User Interface


Streaming Quality

TopDocumentaryFilmes mostly embeds videos from YouTube, which means you’ll have available whichever streaming options are available on YouTube.



Besides typical YouTube ads, TopDocumentaryFilmes does not overload you with ads. There are some standard AdSense ads, but they’re not a nuisance.


RAM Usage and Performance

Since this website relies on YouTube, and seeing as YouTube is well optimized, don’t expect a big load stressing your computer. Streaming in 720p consumes under 100MB of RAM and only increases your CPU load by 3 to 5%.

Big selection of documentariesNothing but documentaries
Low amount of adsOnly features documentaries in the public domain


        10. YouTube


I know what you must be thinking: “YouTube on a free online movie website list?” Well, it actually makes sense.

Despite being the largest community video website in the world, YouTube has also a selection of free, actual movies.

Of course you won’t find the latest movies or tv shows, but besides its community and music videos offerings, there are actual movies there.


Library Size

When it comes to every type of video, YouTube can’t be compared with any other website. It’s the major video website, period.

When it comes to actual free movies the selection is small, but still enough to give you plenty of free entertainment. There are also paid options, and if you include those ones, the amount of available content increases.


Update Frequency

If we’re talking about every type of video available on YouTube… let’s put it this way: it would take you thousands of years just to see all the content uploaded in one week.

Whenever new movies are added to the public domain you’ll be able to find them on YouTube, otherwise you’ll only be able to watch movies by paying.


User Interface

Despite all of its iterations, YouTube manages to keep its design simple and usable every time. We could go on and on about YouTube’s design but by this point you’re already familiar with it. You can make your own playlists, save your favorites, check your watching history, like and comment on videos, etc. Everyone knows YouTube.

YouTube - User Interface


Streaming Quality

No website beats YouTube when it comes to streaming quality. There are ultra HD options as well as low-resolution ones. YouTube’s auto setting automatically chooses the best quality setting for your connection, so you don’t have to fiddle with it.



Unless you use an adblocker, YouTube will display an ad before your video starts. If you’re watching a long video, expect an ad every 10 minutes or so.

On the plus side you don’t have to worry about sketchy, pop-up ads that will make your antivirus beep uncontrollably. Every ad on YouTube is legit.


RAM Usage and Performance

YouTube’s video player is one of the most efficient ones. It doesn’t put too much of a load on your processor (it only uses around 2%) and consumes up to 100MB of your RAM when watching 720p videos. Of course if you increase the quality you’re watching in, your consumptions will increase as well.

Huge variety of contentCan’t watch the latest films
Excellent streaming qualityAds during videos
Community FeatureSome movies aren’t available without a subscription
Tons of original content


        11. SnagFilms


SnagFilms has a wide variety of movies and tv shows. Most movies are in high quality and there are minimal ads.


Library Size

There are classic films and the newest releases in SnagFilm’s library. Their database has a huge movie collection and several different genres from which you can choose them from.

SnagFilms has over ten thousand free movies for you to watch.


Update Frequency

SnagFilms is updated regularly. You can expect new releases to quickly show up on the website, regardless if it’s a new movie or a new episode of a tv show.


User Interface

SnagFilms’ interface looks and feels good. It’s very intuitive and easy to use. You will find several different sections on the homepage, which you can explore and find hundreds of videos to get you started. Or you can also search for a movie in the different genres available on SnagFilms.

That only functions with movies, though. When it comes to tv shows, snag films sorts them by collections instead of by genres. When you’re watching a tv show, you’ll be able to quickly select a new episode by clicking the other episodes underneath the media player bar. When watching films, you’ll find similar movies underneath the media player.

SnagFilms’ media player also features a button you can click on to change the episode.

SnagFilms - User Interface


Streaming Quality

SnagFilms lets you stream free movies in both 1080p and 720p HD quality. You can change the stream quality in full-screen mode.

Unfortunately, SnagFilms doesn’t display subtitles.



SnagFilms is ad-supported as well. Unlike other free online movie websites, SnagFilms displays ads while you’re watching your movie. They are served by the media player, so afterwards you’ll resume the movie right where you left off.

On the plus side, SnagFilms doesn’t overload you with ads.


RAM Usage and Performance

Unfortunately, when accounting for every reviewed website, SnagFilms is the loser when it comes to performance. Even when you stream in a low resolution, SnagFilms uses up to 150MB of your RAM. It can go as high as 200MB when watching HD movies. It will also use up 8% of your CPU.

High quality streamingNo subtitles
No pop-up adsPoorly optimized
Clean user interface


        12. ShoutFactoryTV


ShoutFactoryTV focuses on cult classics. It has a widely diverse library within its niche. From cult classic tv shows to free comedy movies, ShoutFactoryTV will provide you with hours of entertainment. They even have their own original episodes.

ShoutFactoryTV can be watched on Amazon Fire, Roku and Samsung TV. They expect to be able to deliver their channel on other devices as well.


Library Size

Everything on ShoutFactoryTV is 100% legal. They have a wide array of cult classics, but other than that there’s not much else.


Update Frequency

ShoutFactoryTV updates frequently, albeit with original content. You won’t find new, recent movies being added, and their classics list rarely gets updated.

There are plenty of free classics for you to watch, though.


User Interface

Simplicity defines ShoutFactoryTV’s interface. The website is really simple to use: you can use the search bar located at the top or you can choose their tv or movie section by clicking on the appropriate link.

Within each section you’ll find various categories and you can choose your preferred one.

ShoutFactoryTV - User Interface


Streaming Quality

This website offers free movies at a maximum 1080p resolution. However you might have some difficulty accessing its content since it can be geo-restricted. If you really want to watch its content you might have to use a proxy to spoof your location.

The video player lags quite a bit, and rarely responds to your inputs. You might have some difficulty changing your streaming quality.



Ads on ShoutFactoryTV are non-intrusive and you can easily disable them with any adblocker. Just know that you’re limiting their revenue stream by blocking their ads.


RAM Usage and Performance

RAM consumption is pretty average. While watching a free movie, the website consistently stays under 100 MB of RAM use. Your CPU load will only increase by 1 or 2%.

Excellent user interfaceLimited to public domain classics
Original shows are availableVide player is unresponsive
100% free and legal content


        13. Crackle


Crackle is Sony Network’s free online video platform, therefore you can expect highly rated movies and tv shows.

You need to register in order to use Crackle, but it allows you to watch their own originals, which aren’t available anywhere else. Other than those, it has plenty of free movies and tv shows.


Library Size

At any given time there are around 150 movies and 50 tv shows on Crackle. However they have an unique policy when it comes to content: movies available have a limited duration. That means that if you miss the timespan in which the free movie is available, you won’t be able to see it.

Besides offering cult classics, Crackle also offers recent movies and tv shows, and, of course, their own originals.


Update Frequency

Crackle updates daily, so you know you’ll always have something to watch.


User Interface

Crackle’s homepage displays the newly available titles. If you can’t immediately find what you’re looking for, their search function will help you immensely. Searching for movies on Crackle is really easy.

Other than that, their interface is modern and very easy to use.

Crackle - User Interface


Streaming Quality

Unfortunately, Crackle’s max streaming resolution is limited to 480p. It might work if you’re watching Crackle on a smaller screen, but if you do it on a big-screen tv you’re going to have a blurry image.



Whenever you start watching a video on Crackle you will have to watch an ad. For 20-minute videos you might be forced to watch 3 or 4 ads. For a full-hour feature the number of ads can go as high as 10. However, ads are non-intrusive.


RAM Usage and Performance

Since you can only stream on 480p, Crackle has a negligible impact on your computer’s resources. Expect around 80MB of RAM consumption and an increase of 1 or 2% on your CPU load.

Powered by Sony NetworkVideos are removed after being on the site for a while
100% legal contentLots of ads
Subtitles are availableLow quality streaming


        14. ClassicCinemaOnline


ClassicCinemaOnline, as you would expect from its name, lets you watch classical movies and tv shows for free.


Library Size

As the name indicates, you won’t find anything else other than classic movies. ClassicCinemaOnline has a few hundred titles you can choose, but there are no recent movies.

The majority of movies and tv shows available are in the public domain, so they’re 100% legal and free to watch.


Update Frequency

Since it’s focused on classic cinema, ClassicCinemaOnline doesn’t update all that frequently.


User Interface

The website has a nice-enough interface, and you can easily browse through its available content. You can choose whether you want to watch a movie or a tv show via the drop-down menu at the top.

ClassicCinemaOnline’s content is neatly arranged into categories, making it easy for you to find what you want.

ClassicCinemaOnline - User Interface


Streaming Quality

Movies on this website are very old, so you can’t really expect the best quality out of them. Some movies have badly damaged print, meaning you won’t be able to see a thing if you go full-screen.



Unlike most free movie websites, ClassicCinemaOnline doesn’t serve you any ads at all. You can enjoy your content without any distractions.


RAM Usage and Performance

Chrome always uses around 100MB of your free RAM. That’s no different when using ClassicCinemaOnline. When watching a free movie, you can expect your CPU load to increase by 1 or 2%.

Movies can be downloadedPoor streaming quality
Silent films availableOnly classic movies
No ads


  1. MoviesFoundOnline

MoviesFoundOnline has several free movies in different categories and is updated regularly.


Library Size

MoviesFoundOnline doesn’t have the biggest library out there. It only features free movies found on YouTube, so you can’t expect much.

However it has several different categories with varied content.


Update Frequency

Only certain categories such as Short Films and Animation are updated regularly. Other than that, everything is weeks (some times even years) old.


User Interface

MoviesFoundOnline has a nice, clean looking, modern interface. Content from every available category is displayed on the homepage. You can also browse their categories via the top menu.

MoviesFoundOnline - User Interface


Streaming Quality

Since every movie on this site is from YouTube, the quality depends on what’s available. Luckily, most videos are available at a 1080p HD resolution.



Of course there are ads, but they’re non-intrusive. If you use an adblocker you won’t even know they’re there.


RAM Usage and Performance

Seeing as this site is basically YouTube with another wrapper you can expect minimal impact on your processing power.

Clean looking interfaceFew movies and tv shows
Great collection of short filmsNo recent stuff
100% legal and free to watch


Final Comparison — After all, what’s the best website to watch free movies and tv shows?

Having reviewed a few of the most frequently visited free movie websites, it’s time to put them against each other and find out which one is worth your time.

Of course you could argue that at least a few of them can be worth your time, since they offer something that the competition doesn’t.

With that in mind let’s compare a few of the things we’ve discovered during each review: ease of use, content variety and update frequency, and streaming quality.


User Interface – Which website is the most user-friendly?

ease of use

As you can tell by the graph, we found GoMovies, TopDocumentaryFilms and YouTube to have the best interface. Finding content in these websites only takes a few clicks and everything just works.


Content Variety and Update Frequency

Content Variety and Update Frequency

When it comes to update frequency it’s hard to beat YouTube. However, since it doesn’t upload actual free movies all that often, we found it wasn’t fair to place it at the top of the list.

If you want to see actual free movies, GoMovies is the most updated website, closely followed by FMovies and YesMovies.


Streaming Quality

Streaming Quality

Most websites on this list have great streaming quality. However, if we do have to choose the best one, it has to be FMovies. FMovies features Full-HD movies, as well as the option to pick from which server you want to stream your free content from.


Final Score

So, if we add everything from those graphs, what do we get? The clear winner, obviously. Let’s find out which site is the best.

User InterfaceContent/UpdateStreaming Qual.Total

According to our calculations, GoMovies is the clear winner and the best site to watch free movies and tv shows.


Membership-based Websites to Watch Movies and TV Shows

If you don’t like using often illegal, sketchy ad-filled websites to watch your content, or if you prefer paying for it, you have plenty of options available. Of course the question still remains: which option is the best?

We won’t go as in depth as we did in our free movie websites review, but we’ll give you a few tips to point you in the right direction.

Let’s check out the pros and cons for some of the biggest streaming websites.


  1. Netflix

Netflix is the most popular membership-based streaming website in the world. In order to access it you must pay a monthly subscription fee (the first month is on the house).

Huge content librarySomewhat expensive at the higher options
Original seriesTitles are often removed from their library
Optimized interface
Recommendation system works
Perfect streaming quality


  1. Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime offers users a gigantic library of old and recent movies and tv shows for the low cost of $99 per year. Amazon Prime membership gives you access not only to Amazon Prime Video, but to other services as well.

One membership for various Amazon servicesHave to buy the yearly subscription
Original showsNew videos are far and between
Works on various platforms


  1. Hulu

Hulu has a great selection of movies and tv shows. You can buy the monthly plan or the yearly plan. You can find content from various media-moguls such as Disney or Time Warner.

New movies weeklyLacks original content
Exclusive tv showsBasic plan forces ads down your throat
Live and on-demand premium tv channels


  1. YouTube TV

Even though it’s a free platform, YouTube also offers a subscription-based service. It looks great on paper, but it’s severely lacking on the content side and you’re still forced to watch ads. It also has lots of streaming issues with streaming devices such as Apple TV or Roku.

Excellent interfaceSmall number of channels
Live sportsUnskippable ads
Great streaming qualityDoesn’t work with various tv devices


  1. VUDU

After being acquired by Walmart, VUDU left the set-top box business and became a place where you can rent movies and tv shows online. You can use it often since it updates daily.

New and popular tv shows availableMovies you rent can’t be watched offline
Large libraryCC doesn’t work most of the times
1080p streaming


  1. CBS All Access

If you’re fan of CBS’ shows but can’t watch them as they air, CBS All Access can be the solution for you. It has every CBS show for your viewing pleasure — over 7.000 tv episodes. It also lets you stream CBS.

Popular tv showsOnly CBS content
Over 7,000 tv episdodes availableLimited number of local CBS channes
No ads


  1. Showtime Anytime

If instead of CBS you prefer Showtime, then Showtime’s subscription service lets you watch every Showtime tv show. It even lets you download them to watch while offline.

Ad freeLimited movie collection
Large library



As you can see there are plenty of viable alternatives when it comes to watching content online.

So, when everything’s said and done, which website is your favorite? Do you prefer to watch free movies online or to pay for them? Let us know!