Here’s How To Download WiseView For PC

WiseView is a mobile app developed by Hanwha Techwin that allows you to connect their security cameras to your mobile devices. It’s a great way to monitor your home or business on the go.

But how can you use WiseView on your PC? There is no official WiseView app for PC. However, that shouldn’t stop you from downloading the app on your computer.

Here, we’ll discuss the simple steps needed to download WiseView for PC. In just minutes, you can run WiseView on any laptop or desktop.


WiseView: Comprehensive Home Security

The WiseView app was developed so that you can protect your home or office when you’re away. It works by connecting Hanwha Techwin security products to your phone.

All you need is a P2P ID to connect your camera to WiseView. Once connected, you get a live video feed of your home or business, no matter where you are.

And you can connect multiple cameras, giving you full security coverage and peace of mind.

You can also record footage from any of the cameras if you want to watch the video later.


Here’s How You Can Get WiseView For PC

WiseView was designed with mobile devices in mind. But many users want to be able to monitor their home from a PC.

Fortunately, it’s still easy to run WiseView on a PC. You’ll just need the help of an app called an emulator.

Emulators let you run Android apps like WiseView on any laptop or desktop.

They create a version of the Android OS, but run it on your PC.


Our Favorite Emulators For Running WiseView On PC

Picking the right emulator can be tough.

That’s why we’ve chosen two we think are great for running WiseView on laptops and desktops.


KoPlayer: Smooth Video Playback With WiseView For PC

KoPlayer is one of the favorite Android emulators for gamers. So why use it to run WiseView for PC?

It has great graphics support.

This means you’ll easily be able to see all of your camera feeds at once. And you’ll get great image quality when viewing the camera feeds full screen.

KoPlayer also lets you create custom keyboard shortcuts.

This will make it easy to navigate between the various camera feeds in the app.

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And you don’t have to worry about ads with KoPlayer. You can download the app for free online.


How To Use KoPlayer To Run WiseView For PC

  • Download KoPlayer
  • Install and open app
  • Sign into your Google account
  • Find the Play store
  • Search for WiseView and click to download
  • Once downloaded, you’re ready to launch


MEmu App Player: A Great Option For Running WiseView On PC

MEmu is another popular choice with gamers. And it’s an excellent way to run WiseView for PC.

Like KoPlayer, MEmu has excellent graphics. You’ll get clear image quality with all of your video feeds.

And you can also create custom keyboard shortcuts for easy navigation between camera feeds.

MEmu is based on a slightly older version of Android. But it still easily handles WiseView. And it has not ads.

MEmu is available for free download.


Using MEmu To Download WiseView For PC

  • Download MEmu
  • Install the app
  • Sign into a Google account
  • Search for WiseView in the Play store
  • Download and run WiseView


Testing WiseView On PC

wiseview pc

WiseView is a great app when running on mobile devices. But should you use it on your PC? To find out, we tested WiseView’s main features on laptops and desktops.

The short answer? WiseView works great on PC.


Add Multiple Camera Feeds

WiseView lets you add multiple cameras to the app. This allows you to monitor your home or business from different angles.

And it works great on PC. Every camera feed showed up clearly. And there were no issues with getting the cameras linked to the app.

Performance didn’t drop as more cameras were added. Even with the maximum number of devices connected, the video feeds were clear. And the app did not experience any noticeable slowdown.


Clear Image Quality

There’s little point of a security camera if you don’t get clear video. Fortunately, image quality with WiseView on PC is excellent. You’ll get the maximum resolution that the camera is capable of.

And the full-screen support means you can see even more detail. It also makes it much easier to monitor multiple different camera feeds at once.

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Live Video Without Lag

One issue with using mobile apps on PC is that they can sometimes have performance issues. With WiseView, that’s not the case. The live video streams are crisp and clear, without any noticeable lag.

If you have the maximum number of devices connected, the live streams max take slightly longer to load. But this difference is barely noticeable. And switching between live feeds was still easy.


Snapshots And Image Capture

WiseView also lets you capture screenshots from live video feeds. In addition to image stills, you can capture live video streams.

This function works great on PC, although you may have to export the photos from the app to your computer.


Full Security, No Matter Where You Are

WiseView will give you a wide range of security options on your mobile device. And any user who wants these same features on their PC will be happy to know that the app is great on your PC as well.

You’ll get great live video and full-screen resolution on your PC. And if you have multiple monitors, you can easily follow all of your video feeds at once.


WiseView: Full Portable Security Protection

WiseView is an excellent option for those who need to protect their home or business when they are away. Although not designed as a PC app, you can still easily run WiseView on your laptop or desktop.

Follow the steps described here and you can download WiseView for PC quickly and easily.