WSAPPX High CPU Uses Error FIX 100%

You checked your Task manager and a file name WSAPPX is consuming high memory space in your CPU, you want to troubleshoot it? Check this out

This is how the danger looks like, it is eating up so much space for no good reason so let’s just get you to know few things about wsappx better.

wsappx high cpu uses

Some solutions to solve the problem, also the reason behind this plus for additional information, let me tell you what is wsappx used for, its work role basically.

WSAPPX work role

WSAPPX is more into background activities because it’s a process which works behind the scenes in windows 10/8 systems, it’s a part of windows store also the universal app platform for the Microsoft. This process is used for installation, and updates, it is also used for the installation of the store apps, but many times you will be faced with a situation where you will find that this process uses high CPU or memory. Which in turn leads to slowing down your PC, lagging, heating up of your System.

How do you recognize it?

If you use window 10/8 and you notice your pc is running super slow, that can suspicious because know that you are actually running very few programs, check your Task Manager first of all then you will understand which process is using what amount of space in your CPU and memory, so after you find out about what wsappx is doing to our memory space just make sure you follow some of these easy fixed to get that issue resolved at once.

Easy fixes to the WSAPPX issues

When your PC is Running slow, heating up, there is nothing you want more than some easy troubleshooting solution to get the error vanish. Check out five of these easy fixes which can actually be solved even by a 10-year-old.

  1. Update your device driver

How is it related? Well, it is related because many times when your disk and CPU are connected to some incompatible or faulty device drivers, the system begs you to give it an update. How? Check this out

  • First search your PC vendor by typing the Google name on the search panel, after which get to the webpage and look for the latest device driver that is available to download, oh, and don’t forget your model number.
  • So after you download the device driver you need to run the setup on your system, just follow the steps and install it, you might have to restart your computer a couple of times.
  • Now there is also another way for lazy/impatient people which would be the easiest way to follow, is that do it automatically with DriverEasy


It’s easy and on my opinion it is safer to trust automatic driver than your choice for a simple fact that when you update with Driver Easy, there are little or no chances of being at risk of installing the wrong driver for your device and you don’t have to worry about making any mistakes while you install. The Driver easy updates your system automatically.

2.Increase visual memory

This is how it looks like, and when it needs to be expanded you need to follow the steps given below the image which can solve the wsappx issue.

wsappx windows 10

It’s a little tricky so just stick to the exact steps given to get the result.

  • Just type “performance” in the search panel and select the “Adjust appearance vs.performance in windows” option to get further
  • Select “Advanced” option from top of the tab
  • Then select the “visual memory” follow to select “change”
  • You have to uncheck the checkbox into the automatically manage paging file size which is used for all drives
  • Click on the “custom size” after selecting the drive where the OS is installed
  • Set the install size which is equivalent to your RAM size but it has to be in MB and then Maximum size the size to make the double to what it was initially.
  • You just need to click took and set and restart your device

3.Disable window store

If you choose to disable your window store in order to fix wsappx issues, just make sure you know that this, Apps like movies, mails, and photos, calculator, all these apps require proper updates so, if you are used to getting those frequent updates than following this is not recommended.

Just follow the steps to get the error fixed.

  • You have to press the window logo key and R together to get the toolbar where you can type ingpedit.msc after which press enter.
  • Just follow the path: Local computer policy to computer configuration then follow administrative templates to window components which will lead you to the store. Some like this

wsappx disk usage

  • So after you get to this point just right-click and turn off store application and select EDIT option
  • You are almost there just change the status to Enabled, click Apply then OK to save and exit.
  • For the last step just restart your system and your changes might be made.

4.Run a virus and malware scan

Sometimes there are cases where the real trouble is caused by the malware infection and viruses due to lack of scanning regularly.

So make sure you scan your device regularly on the proper interval of time to avoid virus attack and remove all the superstitious program from your PC after which just restart your system.

5.Troubleshoot in clean boot state

This is the one easiest solution that you can try if nothing else works, so know this, you may need to perform a clean boot for the window work with only a few essential driver sets and set up programs. Thi can actually help you to manually eliminate the wsappx error.


It’s a must to know that wsappx is not a malware or virus, many people have reported of this confusion but we don’t have any news of the wsappx disguising as a virus, it’s a Microsoft designed which was introduced in Windows 8.1. Since now it is still not clear why it drives the memory of the CPU and makes the functioning of the system slow, you can make some adjustments by troubleshooting it which can solve some of the major issues faced related to wsappx.

WSAPPX High CPU Uses Error FIX 100%
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