What’s the RAVBg64.exe Windows Process?

RAVBg64.exe is a harmless component of your Realtek Audio Drivers. As a matter of fact, RAVBg64 stands for Realtek Audio-Video Background process (64 bit).

It may appear to be hogging your CPU’s resources, but it’s an essential component for your audio drivers to work properly. Without it your Realtek drivers will not work and you might lose your system’s audio capabilities.

RAVBg64 is usually located in a “C:\Program Files” subfolder. If you find it in a system folder, such as “System 32”, you might have some malware disguised as a Realtek Audio Driver file. Just to be safe you could scan it with your antivirus.


Why Does RAVBg64.exe Requests Skype Access?

When starting up Skype, you might find RAVBg64.exe requesting Skype access. Should you allow it or deny it?

Since RAVBg64.exe is a part of your audio drivers, and since Skype allows you to do voice and video chat, it’s normal for your audio drivers to request Skype access.

There have been official Skype updates that prevent this error, but it might be bugged for some people.

Although the error won’t stop you from using Skype, the pop-up will continue to appear whenever you boot up the chat program until you allow RAVBg64.exe to access Skype.

Once you allow that audio driver component to access Skype, the pop-up shouldn’t appear again. If it does, you can safely allow it again.


RAVBg64.exe Keeps Requesting Skype Access Even After Allowing it



On some occasions even if you allow RAVBg64.exe to access Skype, the prompt will not go away. If that happens to you, here’s how you troubleshoot it:

  1. Open Skype
  2. Click on Tools
  3. Click on Options
  4. Click on Advanced Settings
  5. Click on Manage other programs’ access to Skype located at the bottom of the window
  6. Search for exe and click on Change
  7. Select Do Not Allow and press Ok
  8. Select exe once more and click Change again
  9. Select Allow and press Ok
  10. Press Ok and Save
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After following these steps the error shouldn’t appear anymore.

If you have any other questions regarding Realtek driver component RAVBg64.exe let us know and we will help you troubleshooting your issue.