Best WhatsApp Spy Apps for Android

Nearly everybody has WhatsApp downloaded on their mobile these days. It is one of the most common social media apps available, used by not only thousands but millions around the world, on both Android and iOS devices.

Of course, having such a great following from both users of Android devices and users of iOS devices comes at a price. The many advantages come with a drawback and an issue or two.

Privacy problems, cyberbullying, cybercrime, and others are among the common concerns, not only on WhatsApp but across the applications available on the internet.




Being a simple platform for exchanging conversations and multimedia for free, WhatsApp is widely used by everyone today kids inclusive.

As long as it is connected to an internet connection, they can share as many sound clips, photos, and recordings as they want, and can even chat on the smartphone for as long as they choose, without even paying.

Many parents are searching for surveillance tools to keep their children protected from common problems and possible risks of using social networks and social media sites such as WhatsApp.

This is where Spy apps come in.


What Are the Best WhatsApp Spy Apps for Android?

Via the use of a tracking app or spy app, we suggest the use of the right quality monitoring apps to help parents ensure that their child is protected on the internet.

Following big research and listed below are 5 top WhatsApp spy apps for Android. All apps are almost similar but each has a particular difference.

The best app however is mSpy it beats its competitors hands-down.


Top 5 Best WhatsApp Spy Apps for Android



With users from across all continents, mSpy is one of the famous surveillance apps. The ability to monitor calls and chats is not the only reason why mSpy is the best free spy app.




But you can recover messages that have been erased using this tool. For Android phones, this makes it a very good spy app.

If you’re interested in monitoring the target phone’s WhatsApp activities, mSpy has got you covered.

An interesting fact is that most parents can use it to figure out whether others were bullying their teenagers or not, and whether their child was bullying others or not.

People seem to admire the app most for the features of the parental control spy tool it has.


  • Track messages from WhatsApp, including those that were deleted;
  • Have access to media files on WhatsApp;
  • Record calls with video calls included;
  • Take and save the target device’s screenshots.
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It is easy to use and it offers a robust tracking solution. It also helps to ensure top-notch customer service, so you don’t happen to be in a fix. Most Android devices are also compliant with it.



All the basics related to WhatsApp can also be tracked by Cocospy, such as text messages and WhatsApp chats, voice messages, calls, as well as multimedia, sent and received from documents.

The keystroke logging functionality is also developed in this application, allowing surveillance on not only WhatsApp but other applications the likes of Snapchat, and Viber, as well as everyday phone content including contact details and pictures taken on the target device.

It runs in the background, and the information appears on the user’s cPanel remotely, leaving the target clueless.



Another good app is FlexiSPY, it lets you record calls and view messages, but you can listen to live calls as well.

You can have it preinstalled on a new handset, which is definitely one of the benefits of it being an advanced WhatsApp spy app for Android.

This is a perfect way to keep on top of the activities of your children online. This is a super-smart way to keep up with your children or employees’ WhatsApp activities.

The spy app WhatsApp is quite easy to install. FlexiSPY allows you to records and intercept calls from WhatsApp; open call logs; also see files containing audio and video.



So, do you want to know what’s going on a certain Android phone? A good way to understand the complete image is to get the iKeymonitor.

IKeymonitor, an advanced monitoring solution that allows you to take control of another smartphone, helps you to track the phones of your children, and it helps to keep them safe online.

And, this software is a powerful tool if you need to stay on top of the online activities of your employees while at work.

This app’s versatility makes it one of the best spyware for Android. This app has many functions and operates discreetly when installed.

The downside is, it is not entirely for WhatsApp monitoring, even though there is a free alternative. To get these characteristics, you will need to spring for the paid option.

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TruthSpy is an app with many features for spying. You can use it on separate phones to spy on someone’s WhatsApp.

Not only does it spy, but it also monitors operations and can restore deleted messages. It uploads all of the operations on these applications to the dashboard when used for WhatsApp monitoring. So, at your convenience, you may display it.

This is ideal for watching conversations and capturing calls. There is no free trial and the regular plan doesn’t have WhatsApp monitoring too.

You would need to purchase a big package to spy on WhatsApp messages.


How WhatsApp Spy Apps Works

What exactly are WhatsApp spy apps all about? They are cutting-edge WhatsApp surveillance tools that allow you to spy on someone’s WhatsApp discreetly without recognizing them.

Like most spy applications, however, you need to physically set them up on the target phone. This can be a problem. What if, for some reason, you cannot reach the target phone?

Fortunately, there is a solution. You can possibly remotely spy on WhatsApp; all you need do is install it on the target users’ phone and you don’t need any contact with the phone anymore.

Before you install it on the target’s phone, you would need to download the app on your device first, then sign up.

Once set up is done, you can access your target’s WhatsApp from your control panel, where you’ll get all the information you need.



Choosing the app that will suit your needs and one that suits your budget is crucial.

We have shared some of Android’s top surveillance applications for WhatsApp- we suggest you go for mSpy, the best among its competitors.