Gaming Tournament Poster: 10 Tips in Making It

The allure of holding your own gaming tournament may seem like an easy task as well as making a gaming tournament poster.

You draw up a schedule, get acquainted with other gamers in the area, and purchase some prize support for winners.

Unfortunately, there’s even more to it than that; planning out how you’re going to announce the event is just as important.

The poster should be simple yet still provide information to potential gamers in the area.




When using a poster maker, remember that the finished product is something you’re going to be giving out to other businesses, therefore it needs to match their style or at least be easily recognizable as being your event.

Some tournaments are much larger than others, but the same rules apply to them all.

If you have 100+ gamers, your poster still needs to attract attention.

Here are some tips that will help you create a great gaming tournament poster.

Keep It Simple When Making a Gaming Tournament Poster

You want that “Wow Factor” but don’t try and get too creative with the design.

The small details should enhance the design, not take away from it.

Remember, your goal here is to get people interested in your event.

Your poster should have basic information about the tournament with the actual date, time and location included at a minimum.

You can include other small bits of info for locals if you’d like.

But most gamers will be able to figure out when, where, and how long just by looking at it.


Use Images for a Gaming Tournament Poster

Images grab the attention of gamers and they give your tournament poster some character.

You can also use them as backgrounds or borders for your announcements, creating even more hype.


Don’t Forget About the Details 

Details are what turn your poster into something that gamers can relate to.

With an online poster maker, you can use them for announcements or just as a way of including some extra info on your poster.

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Details should match the type of event you’re trying to promote.

If it’s a regional, top-tier tournament then you’ll want to have several details on your poster so gamers can plan ahead, including a small diagram on how the tournament will turn out.

If it’s a local-level tournament, then feel free to add more “fun” into your poster.

You don’t have to go all out with details, but at least add a few things like the location and date.


Include Prizes in Your Gaming Tournament Poster

This may seem like a given but it’s not, as lots of tournaments are just for fun or for causes.

Before it’s printed by a poster maker machine, you should communicate clearly that there are prizes available for winners and this will give people incentive to attend the tournament.


Create Some Hype

Whether you’re using a poster maker online, include words that ramp up the “Hype” factor.

Using this can spark interest in your tournament and make it seem like you’re really excited about the event.


Use QR Codes for Your Gaming Tournament Poster

Using QR codes is becoming more and more popular.

A QR code is an image that when scanned with a free QR scanning app will direct the user to specific web pages.

They’re fun, easy to use, and work well in creating awareness of your event.

With a custom poster maker, you should have no problem adding one.


Think Outside the Box

Even though your poster is something that you want people to pick up, don’t limit yourself.

Try out all sorts of ideas and see what works best. After all, new ideas are always welcomed.

The more creativity you have the better the results will be!

If you’re looking for a poster maker app with a lot of options, Venngage is for you.

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Don’t Forget About Social Media

You may have a lot of gamers at your tournament and that’s great but don’t forget about those who can’t attend.

Let them know all the good stuff by using social media to advertise your event.

The only thing you’re limited on is time so use it wisely.


Make Hype-Building Announcements

Announcements are great for creating hype before the tournament begins.

You can include on the poster Twitter and Facebook pages where further announcements will be made, as well as where they can find other gamers in your area who are willing to help spread the word.


Announcement Cards

These are similar to announcements but go a step further in getting people interested in attending.

Create cards with information about your event and make sure you include prize info.

These will be handed out everywhere and you’ll get more people interested in attending because of it.


In Closing

“If you don’t take risks, you’ll have a hard time achieving success.”

Keep this in mind when designing your tournament poster.

Also, keep in mind these 10 easy-to-implement tips and use your imagination to make your gaming tournament poster a success!

Good luck!