5 Best Games for Students

The gaming industry has provided people with an extremely effective and broad avenue for spicing up their time spending and experiencing things beyond their everyday tedium.

Video games have made millions of students, most devoted fans of this culture, review their study commitments and pay for essay assistance to writing services like EssayShark instead of writing papers themselves.

A similar gaming-inspired model has been followed by other social categories who dive hard in the fictional world of the virtual dimension, surrendering to the great shift in their priorities.

 Best Games for Students

The attractive action-fueled reality of gaming does serve us as a breakaway from the dull and uninviting routine we’re soaked in, giving us a great opportunity to let our guard down as we try ourselves in most diverse and surprising roles that games offer us.

And there’s some good reason why we mentioned college kids first when speaking about the limitless and colossal impact of the gaming industry on the world.

Hungry for fun and extravagant experiences, students will embrace the tiniest possibility of exploring the virtual universe of their favorite games more avidly and passionately than any other social group.

To say more, the gaming business is believed to be flourishing and hitting commercial charts mainly due to students, its faithful admirers, who, like no one else, strive for entertainment and have the need for escaping their academic mundanity like no one does.

And, given the high competence of college “habitat” in the video gaming culture, let’s heed their expert preferences in this delicate sphere and check out the most thrilling and legendary games that students can’t get enough of playing!


1. Grand Theft Auto

After the release of the first series of this ground-breaking game, the entertainment business has never managed to craft anything more powerful and recognizable.

The unrestrained setting of this hip game, along with its engrossing storyline, will keep players’ eyes glued to their laptops, tablets or phones until they realize they are running late for college (which, for many of them, is not the reason to quit playing).

The Grand Theft Auto world is startlingly close to reality, showcasing impeccable graphics, captivating features, and the unbridled abilities of its characters. The game allows you to perform complicated and exciting tricks and actions, like you, would do in real life.

Grand Theft Auto

Did you spot a luxury sports car and want to take a “fast-and-furious” ride down the smooth highways of a spectacular city? Or, did some rude passer-by just give you a dirty look and deserves to be driven up the wall?

Here you go!

You can seamlessly get it all done with the help of GTA’s exceptional functionality allowing you to go beyond limits as you wander the magnificent and dangerous world replete with gangs, guns, and the breathtaking landscapes of the city that never sleeps.

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Inspired by the harsh yet captivating criminal life, this game features no garish fantasy-laden environment brimming with grotesque characters and fights “in the name of the Empire.” A true discovery for those appreciating beautiful adult gaming mirroring real life where one can do unreal things!


2. Need for Speed

Traditionally following the fast pace of life, students find this blood-curdling game to be the perfect representation of their hectic lifestyle as well as the manifestation of their dearly beloved hobbies and attractions.

Insane racing, unlimited speed, and thrilling action – all these good old features of Need for Speed keep growing on college kids looking for an outlet of their extreme emotions and rampant feelings accumulating in them throughout their exhausting studying rut.

Upon its release in 1994, the game sparked unprecedented excitement and true craze among players, providing them with unique experiences of stimulation their racing adventures through this masterfully fashioned product of Electronic Games.

With Need for Speed, you receive stylish graphics, the epic ambiance of wild racing, and a killer tool for spending your time in a reckless and “speedy” way.


3. Counter-Strike

Another distinctive piece of expertly developed video gaming, this shooting game invites you to participate in an exciting top-secret counter-terrorism operation, where you are to perform your advanced martial tricks in the first person, alongside your brave and helpful comrades.


The visual mechanism of Counter-Strike is designed in such a way that, during the play, a gamer perceives the virtual environment from the same perspective as they do in real life – in layman’s terms, the character you operate is confined to his arms and the weapon in them.

Such a creative approach enhances a player’s engagement and makes the game more immersive and thrilling.


4. Call of Duty

This video game franchise is a ground-breaking product as regards its core theme.

With most of its series centering on World War II, Call of Duty introduces the gamer to the mind-bending destruction and chaos the war subjects both soldiers and civilians too.

The severe and deadly conditions that the characters, soldiers, are facing, will make your blood run cold as you struggle to make your way through the remnants of building, machinery, and victims, desperately trying to defeat your enemy.

Call of Duty

A super-realistic and engaging product of video gaming, Call of Duty provides players with an extraordinary opportunity to experience the thrill and hardship of WWII fighters, the ones that have been so lavishly and widely lauded and commemorated ever since the heyday of this cataclysm.

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5. Neighbors from Hell

This endlessly hilarious and soothing game show will indeed relieve your academic tumults, dynamizing your worn-out mind and giving you a break from your college calamity.

Although featuring a pretty straightforward storyline and relatively poor graphics, this cozy gaming product appeals to players with its attractive features and fascinating functionality.

Neighbors From Hell

Take it out on your loathsome neighbor by turning his life into a nightmare with your smart tricks – choreograph his epic banana slip, replace his coffee can with the one with intense and energizing soil, or mess up his lousy painting.

But don’t rush to criticize Neighbors From Hell for it seeming immoral and wicked nature.

According to the plot, protagonist Woody plays his malicious tricks on the poor neighbor as revenge on his unacceptable and crude actions that precede Woody’s joking approach to treating this man.


Drawing the Line

Today, video games representing the sumptuous and up-to-date industry are a dime a dozen.

Hence, at the background of rapid and never-ending expansion of video gaming, discerning a valuable game has become a real challenge, especially for an aspiring newbie ready to embrace things that glitter but are not gold.

In this regard, taking into consideration the suggestions from gaming veterans, students, looks like the perfect solution to getting stuck in the wide and bewildering array of games the enterprise introduces us to.

The ultimate list of the brilliant video games we provided in this article was developed based on the many reviews from college kids, whose expertise in this wonderful craft allows them to provide an accurate and reasonable evaluation of a game for you to explore only the best of video gaming!