Behavioral Segmentation Examples


One type of customer segmentation is behavioral. Whether you realize it or not, our preferences and habits can predict how we behave during shopping. The idea is to categorize customers according to their behavior. By segmenting your consumer base, you can target your efforts and budget at the correct demographic while considering their purchasing and …

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Business Intelligence Application: How to Create It


You need every advantage possible in the modern competitive business environment especially when developing a business intelligence application. Since technology advances so quickly, there is always space for additional improvements. Similar to how quickly things change in other industries, the development of hi-tech mobile apps as well as business intelligence applications offers many opportunities.   …

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Taxi Booking App Development


According to Statista, the overall market size of the global ride-sharing industry is estimated to reach 185 billion U.S. dollars by the end of 2026. This exponentially growing market size is the reason why many startups and entrepreneurs are planning to launch their own taxi booking platforms like Uber & Lyft.  These industry giants are …

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