Top Libraries for React Components to Use

When creating a React application, you must decide which components to employ. With so many choices, it might be difficult to determine which libraries are the finest.




But we’ve put up a list of the top React component libraries for 2023. You may create quick, effective, and user-friendly apps with the aid of these libraries.


Quick Overview of React Native’s UI Libraries

One of the internet behemoths, Facebook, created and manages this app development framework to let developers create cross-platform applications with a native look and feel (hence the name React Native).

Due to its ease of use, broad feature set, automatic updates, incredible capabilities, improved UI/UX, short learning curve, vibrant community, etc., it has since gained appeal among developers and enterprises worldwide.

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React Native currently provides a large range of UI modules and components to quicken the creation of apps and make developers’ jobs easier. You may utilize a selection of really practical libraries’ components to build gorgeous user interfaces for your web or mobile application.

As a result, you may utilize those pre-made components and even modify them to meet the needs of your application rather than writing lines of code from scratch.


Libraries for React Components


Airbnb created this distinctive UI framework for stunning animations. With the help of the Lottie community’s free featured animations, you can develop native Android and iOS applications. Using Adobe After Effects, this package also enables you to create bespoke animations.

Lotti may export your customized interfaces in JSON format and then display them in your native app with the aid of the Bodymovin extension. You will be able to design a visually attractive UI and high-performance software thanks to the minimal file sizes and vector file formats.

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One size does not fit all when it comes to UI component frameworks. The tremor was developed to provide a low-level, opinionated library exclusively for creating dashboards for this reason. It offers a broad variety of use cases and all the necessary components, including charts, layouts, and input elements. Tremor is thus worthwhile checking out whether you’re new to React or searching for a particular solution for your dashboard project.


Core MUI

This package has the most stars of any on this list, with over 80k on GitHub. An open-source project called MUI Core (previously known as Material-UI) aids in the implementation of Google’s material design principles in React. UI designers often use this framework while working with React.


Native React Icon Set

React Native Vector Icons is a remarkably useful package for simple, editable icons. NavBar, TabBar, and ToolbarAndroid are supported by these icons. Thousands of apps use icons and React Native Vector Icons is a popular library for UI components. React Native Paper, for instance, uses this library for its built-in icons.



If you’re working on worldwide projects, take notice of the fact that UI Kitten is one of the few libraries that is compatible with the right-to-left coding style for each of its more than 20 essential UI components. Additionally, it aids in web creation. Style classes and business logic are kept apart in this package, and UI elements are kept separate as well. This method is comparable to CSS in that style declarations are not included with the source code.

You can easily enhance your application by using FastImage, a quick and effective React Native image component. It completely replaces the React Native image component and adds some incredible features like caching prioritization, and reloading.

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If you haven’t already, you should utilize this library in your next or ongoing project. With more than 58k ratings and 3k forks, this library is one of the most popular ones. It lets you develop easily testable programs that function reliably across client, server, and native platforms. You can use Redux with any other view library in addition to React.


Advanced Cropper

You may make unique croppers for your website using this library. You may create circular or elliptical croppers with React-Cropper as well as rectangular croppers. Additionally, you may rotate or enlarge your croppers as necessary. Look at React-Image-crop if you want a library with more features than React-Cropper.



React’s goal is to make it simple to write interactive user interfaces (UIs) that work consistently on web, mobile, and server platforms while still allowing developers to adapt the interface to specific use cases. React components are arranged into an elemental tree. The parent component of a component determines its children, and the children decide on the children of their parents.