Genshin Impact: the Most Valuable Resources

Immediately upon reaching rank 20, GI players will immediately understand that the free and trial part of the content is over. Thus, in order to continue to enjoy the project and feel comfortable in the development of characters, you need to invest in development and save and save the main materials.

What is of particular value in Genshin Impact and what is worth saving and accumulating – we will discuss in today’s article.




Most Valuable Resources:

  • Source Stones
  • Hero Experience and Adventurer Experience
  • Plants and Flowers for Elevation
  • Ores Improvements
  • Weak Resin
  • Primordial Resin
  • Crystal Fragments
  • Piece of White Iron
  • Mora
  • Bird Eggs

There are two ways to Genshin Impact collect different resources in Genshin Impact – search and accumulate materials on your own, or ask for help.

By clicking on the link, you can order the service of collecting key resources necessary for pumping the altar and character development.

What should be done:

  • Follow the link and select the resource that we will collect.
  • Specify the quantity and pay for the order, or leave a request.
  • Wait for a response from the manager (usually the answer comes within a few minutes).
  • Agree on the details of the order and clarify the time convenient for starting the execution.
  • Get the performance of the service within the agreed time from a professional player with the ability to track the execution of the order in real time on the site.


Source Stones in Genshin Impact

This is the most important currency for summoning new heroes and weapons. With each new major update, the list of rewards is updated, and it is recommended to use Source Stones wisely and not spend them on buying resins.

For them, prayers are purchased, which are better to keep and get new heroes little by little, having a reserve in case of a major update, in order to immediately have a chance to get new characters.

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Hero Experience and Adventurer Experience

Opening a good character is only half the battle, you will need to pump it up and starting from level 40 it will become more and more difficult.

So the main recommendation would be to accumulate improvement books. Moreover, you should use them only on really valuable characters, preferably with 5 stars. The rest you need to pump gradually and only as necessary. Choose one character and spend a reasonable amount of books on strengthening it. After that, focus on getting the best characters, rather than leveling mediocre characters with a waste of books.


Plants and Flowers for Elevation in Genshin Impact

Plants and flowers also play a role in character development, as do altar offering materials.

However, certain characters for their leveling over time will require specific amplifiers in the form of plants, including, so you should start collecting them in advance. But more to the point.

Wolf Hook – berries that Razor needs to upgrade and one will need them in large quantities.

Cloudy Pepper – needed by the character Xiang Ling.

Fortunately, at the beginning of the journey in the Genshin Impact game world, many plants are found in huge numbers and only over time the player will encounter a shortage of materials, so at the beginning of the journey, collect as much as possible everything that glows and attracts attention.


Ores Upgrades

Ore to enhance weapons is available in large quantities at the beginning of the game and at mid-levels. However, you should not spend it thoughtlessly. At high ranks, the gain will require very large numbers and it is better to start accumulating ore at the start.

Saving it is easy. Do tasks every day and, among other rewards, your pocket will be replenished with the necessary ore.

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Primordial Resin

It is a cumulative and renewable resource that serves as an exchange currency for many grinding activities.

For example, you kill the boss and if you exchange the resin, you will get some experience and, for example, weapons. If your resin supply is empty, then the reward will be minimal and largely irrelevant to the effort spent.

Resin is a kind of energy, as in many mobile projects, without which nothing can be done.

Fortunately, you can restore it and every 8 minutes you will receive 1 resin. The maximum threshold is 160 primordial resin, and it will take 21 hours of real time to fully restore.


Weak Resin

This is a kind of reserve of original resin. If you open a weak resin, then you will receive 60 primordial.

Thus, the system works on the principle of sets. So we recommend to save them for really emergency cases.

At later levels, you will need weak resin even more, since the original will definitely not be enough for all types of activities and dungeons with high rewards. This will be more valuable than if you spend all the resources at the beginning or middle of the game.