Dedicated IP: Why It Is Better 

Dedicated IP refers to the IP model that set up private gateways and is unique for the organization. The traffic in or out of the network continues via the same dedicated IP address.




As you can understand from the name, dedicated IP is dedicated to one specific organization or a person. 


What is a Shared IP Address and What Drawbacks Does It Have? 

We mention shared IP for a better understanding of Dedicated IP. Contrary to static IP addresses, shared IP is not unique. Many people or organizations can use shared IP addresses. For instance, VPN services directed their users to different servers. This can lead users to connect websites by using the same IP address. We call it shared IP and can not say that it is special. 

Although a shared IP connection does not cause a problem all the time, it has many drawbacks. First of all, there can be cases when several people from several locations use the same IP addresses and try to access the same website. Thus, website servers perceive these connections as dangerous and either block them from reaching or slow down their access. Both scenarios decrease the level of connection quality. 

On the other hand, shared IPs can not create a private gateway because it does not specific to an organization or person. Furthermore, your company traffic can not be private in shared IP. Because shared IP does not offer a specific IP address that is dedicated only to you or your business. 


Dedicated IP Explained 

Dedicated or static IPs use one definitive IP address and corporations do not need to change it all the time. When a specific dedicated IP address is set aside for a corporation, a corporation can use this address for its whole network and both inside and outside traffic. 


Performance and Well-Being of Remote Employees with Dedicated IP

Remote work came into our lives and does not seem to be going anywhere. Now, corporations are looking for new security solutions to protect their remote workforce from online threats. And also to keep their performance at an optimal level. If a corporation wants a successful remote work environment they need to consider two things. First, they should take adequate precautions to avoid data breaches and attack threats. It represents the technical side of remote work. 

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When working remotely, remote employees should be able to access company resources safely and speedily. A company must create the proper environment. This is for its remote workforce to keep the same performance level compared to on-premises work. This can be possible if corporations benefit from digital solutions appropriately. A secure and reliable remote work environment prevents your company from falling victim to cyber threats and losing its reputation. 

Secondly, organizations must consider their remote workforce’s well-being. Sometimes corporations neglect the fact that they are also responsible for their employee’s psychological health in terms of business life. However, we cannot deny the fact that remote employees need more protection and support than on-premise workers. So, being aware of the changing requirements o an office environment can help organizations to keep pace with remote work conditions. 

From the remote work point of view, dedicated IP offers a more secure, reliable, and productive work experience. That is why companies that adopt remote or hybrid work should use dedicated IP to separate their online traffic from third parties and provide total security for the whole network. 


Extensive Access Control 

Another reason for preferring dedicated IP is that it facilitates access control over the company resources. They should monitor and controll access authorizations to provide security in a corporation. Even if many organizations consider that threats can only come from outside of the network. Thus, the user inside the network can also cause data leakage or any other disaster. 

Most security breaches are rooted in inside security gaps. And the best way to avoid this is by controlling access authorizations. Assigning a specific IP address to the inside users can diminish the attack surface and make the company network more reliable.  Dedicated IP can enable companies to control user access controls and be sure of their network safety. Unique IP address prevents a share between other users and reinforces access safety. 

On the other hand, we need to mention IP allow listing. IP allowlist provides a wide range of control over websites, applications, and other network elements. Corporations can decide on the websites that they give permission to their users to access. They can also prohibit access by making blacklists and listing untrustable websites online. 

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Quick Verification 

Although multi-factor and two-factor authentication methods are reliable and pose an important role in terms of online security, they are being overwhelmed at times. It can cause a slowdown in business pace and sometimes employees to lose their motivation due to these obstacles. 

On the other hand, websites and other online platforms recognize suspicious access or movement, they block the user from accessing. Shared IP addresses are one of the foremost causes of this blocking. Because it is more likely for websites to see shared IP access requests as dangerous and block them more than usual. 

Here, dedicated IP comes into play and shows its access abilities. Since we know that dedicated IP is unique and special for a specific organization or a person, it is less likely for it to be perceived as a threat. So, dedicated IP is better in terms of verification and access control. 


In Conclusion 

Dedicated IP is better and preferable in terms of work environment and cyber security. Although there are several reasons to choose dedicated IP in business environments, some features come forward and make a dedicated IP option more attractive. First of all, it facilitates the remote work downsides and supports remote work security in many ways. Since we get familiar with remote work more and more every day, the requirements of remote work seem more clear and especially, corporations started to look for advanced solutions. Here, dedicated IP offers many benefits and provides a secure and productive work environment for you and your business.