Windows 8 Pro Product Key {UPDATED}

Microsoft has transformed the visage of their Windows operating system with the commencement of Windows 8. The concept of the metro and tiles interface somehow changed the image of Windows OS and luckily, users have much appreciated the looks.

Windows 8 is termed as the next generation operating system which will be used widely due to its user friendly and simple interface. With its interactive tiles, you can easily access the apps and perform multi tasking which can be rarely done in any other operating system.

Getting Windows 8 is easy but if you have a plan to use it for a long term then you’d require the Windows 8 activation key.

Here we will provide you the most active and working Windows 8 product key which will make your Windows 8 a lifetime companion. But before proceeding let’s have a look at the Windows 8 features.

Windows 8 features:

  • Metro style start screen with interactive tiles.
  • Skydrive integration.
  • Access Windows store.
  • No additional hardware required.
  • Split screen applications.
  • Split touch keyboard.
  • Supports device synchronization.
  • In built anti-virus program.
  • In built search engine.
  • Improved app search functions.
  • Upgraded Internet Explorer.
  • Xbox games in built.
  • Rapid booting.
  • Windows live syncing.

How to get Windows 8?

The Windows 8 free upgrade can be availed from the Windows Update. But remember, you can get this update for free only if you are running the genuine copy of Windows 7 on your pc. And in case you’re not, then you’ll have to buy a Windows 8 copy. To get the Windows 8 update, follow the steps below:

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  •  Run the Windows 8.1 Upgrade Assistant on your pc.
  •  It will take some time to find the compatible apps and software required to install.
  •  View the compatibility report.
  •  Choose which files to keep.
  •  Buy Windows 8.1 with the product key.
  •  Start upgrading by downloading the OS.

Windows 8 product key

The Windows 8 pro activation key can be availed while you purchase Windows 8.1. And in case you are trying to find it from any other third party sites, then there are a number of utilities which can provide it to you. The necessity of Windows 8 activation key is it unblocks the operating system for lifetime and prevents other applications from interrupting your access to the system. Moreover, finding the right key indicates that you are running a genuine system.


Finding your Windows 8.1 product key

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There are a number of pirated Windows 8 keys which might be harmful for your system or can be misleading. Therefore, Windows has prevented this act by allowing you to extract the product key from Windows Registry by using a product key finder.

To use it follow the below steps:

Download Windows 8 product key viewer and run the program. Note down your 25 characters Windows 8 activation key.

This process is likely to work but in case it doesn’t then there are alternative ways to locate your Windows 8 product key. You can also send a request to Microsoft for a product key or purchase a retail edition of Windows 8 OS.

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