How to Speed Up an Internet Connection

One of the most frustrating things to experience is a sluggish internet connection keeping on trying to speed it up. You can imagine the torture of having to wait for an extremely urgent file to download, or being unable to live stream in high definition.




It is even more painful to bear a shaky internet connection when you want to play your favorite online games. 


How to Speed Up Your Internet Connection?

So, how to speed up your connection? One possible way to deal with this annoying situation is to change your network provider but that is not feasible for everyone. You might not have any appealing internet plans to switch to and it is not always a practical option. Switching to a new provider is a prolonged process and cannot be done repeatedly. 

The reason is that you have to deal with the ETF and search for better opportunities. If you have signed a contract then it can become even more difficult as you’d have to abide by the conditions.

However, the speed issue remains a genuine concern and cannot be ignored. So, we are here with the most effective and practical solutions for you to fix your internet speeds and perform all your online activities swiftly. 


Do You Really Need a High-Speed Internet Service?

Before you go ahead and implement the speed-boosting tips, you need to ask yourself if you actually need to increase your internet speed. You can carry out an online speed test to check if you are receiving the speeds your provider promised you.

If the test results are not satisfactory, then it is time to try out the following tips to maximize your internet speeds.


Restart Your Router

Sometimes switching off and then restarting your router is all you need to do to increase your internet speeds to a considerable extent. You can do it by simply unplugging your router and plugging it back again.

You will need to press the power button located at the backside. It is suggested to wait for a few seconds before you restart it. The time it will take for the hardware to reset depends on the model and type. However, it usually takes only a few minutes.


Install an Antivirus Software

There might be a chance that you download something which makes your system susceptible to malware. This can be a genuine concern since malware usually hijacks the network and greatly slows down your internet connectivity speeds.

It can also intercept your important data, so it is highly recommended that you try installing safe antivirus software, which can help eradicate any malicious code. Once you do this and ensure absolute network safety, your internet speed can be enhanced.

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Replace Your Router

Try getting a new router as it can help you amplify internet speeds. An outdated router can be one of the reasons why you’re suffering from crawling internet speeds.

Purchasing a new router with four or more antennas can be a good move to fix your speed issues.


Browse Safely

Viruses can also travel along through your browser. It is important to take this into consideration and ensure safe browsing.

You should be extra cautious when accessing your online bank accounts and opt for providers who offer security suites and extra protection online. 


Use Adblocks

Ads are always irritating and disturb your online activities. Therefore, you should get rid of them by downloading pop up blockers. This can help boost your internet speed, so you can enjoy seamless connectivity. 


Delete Your Internet History

Deleting your internet history can contribute to your internet speeds. This is because a long history or cookie accumulation can result in slowing down your internet.

Thus, you can try clearing browsing history, download history, cookies, and other site data to speed up your internet connection


Use Ethernet

Wi-Fi is used by everyone these days which is why it is often overburdened.

To tackle this problem, you can try using an Ethernet cable, which can be attached to your router. Ethernet has faster speed and lesser traffic. 


Trying Double-Band Router

To cope with the traffic issues, router manufacturers split a router’s frequency band into two. They came up with better routers that were designed to broadcast at 5 GHz range too.

This new band helped in relieving network congestion. It did not interfere much with the electronic appliances and had nearly 23 channels, unlike 2.4 GHz band carrying only 11 channels.

If you purchase a router with a double-band, you can get access to a 5 GHz frequency spectrum, and enjoy a better speed. 


Using a VPN Ready Router

Some ISPs often throttle the bandwidth to lower internet speeds. They might do so in case you have reached your data limit. If your providers do not know where the traffic is coming from, they cannot throttle it.

Therefore, a VPN can help you redirect your traffic, and shield it from the eyes of your ISP. Using a VPN can help you deal with the ISP throttling issue, which in turn can fix your internet speed.


Cleaning Up

You might have multiple programs running in the background of your computer. Often unnoticed, these programs consume your bandwidth and might be the reason behind your declining internet speed.

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Having said that, you can always keep a check and eliminate unnecessary programs, so that your internet speed does not suffer. 


Being Careful When Choosing Your Internet Plan

Chances are that your internet is slow because you have subscribed to a plan with limited speed. You might be expecting a lot from a plan that was not designed to offer high speeds.

Therefore, you need to have a thorough discussion with your provider regarding the internet plan you are willing to subscribe to. This will make sure that your chosen package matches your speed requirements. Selecting a plan at a slower speed than what you need can be a disaster.

Imagine sending an important video to a client urgently and discovering later on that your plan does not allow an upload speed your task requires. So, to avoid any fuss, always choose an internet plan from a reliable provider which is fast enough to meet your routine online activities. Otherwise, it will make your downloading and uploading an arduous task. 


Securing Your Wi-Fi

It is always important to secure your Wi-Fi connection by using a suitable password. If your Wi-Fi is not protected than people might leech onto your network and cause your internet speed to drop.

Most of the ISPs usually provide you with a password-protected router. But if you do not have one, then you should definitely secure your network by enforcing a suitable password straight away. 


Final Verdict

Undoubtedly, a lagging internet connection is torturous and cannot be ignored nowadays. It can threaten to destroy your digital life and paralyze your personal and professional activities on the web.

Your dependency on a fast and reliable internet connection does not allow you to compromise on the speed. Therefore, follow the aforementioned tips to maximize your internet speed.