How to customize the Logon Screen in Windows 7/8/xp

Today we will discuss on the Windows Startup Screen Customize.

There are many methods to change the alteration of your startup screen and make it subjective.When I say that the default Windows Startup screens are really boring, repetitive and vapid. It is possible to change them very easily with the help of the below steps:

Step 1: First of all you need to download an application called windows 7 Logon Background Changer for free from the website This application will allow you to customize your startup screen easily and immediately.

Step 2: Once you start the application it will display a variety of different wallpapers which can be used as the startup screen for Windows. You can also pin the your own wallpaper/Image etc.

Step 3: Just select any wall paper of your choice and click on Apply and when you restart your computer the next time, the startup screen would have been changed.

As simple as that! Instead of using the default wallpapers that ship with Windows, it is also possible to select any wallpaper of your own choice and use it as the startup screen.

If you know any other way to change this Windows Startup Screen do let us know via Comments.

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