Flip Diving for Android and PC – Complete Guide

Are you up for the challenge of executing a perfect dive? Download Flip Diving for PC and enjoy cliff diving like never before.

Here is the guide you need to enjoy this game on any device. You can play it on your mobile device or take the diving to a bigger screen with your PC.


Why is Flip Diving a Treat to Play?

Flip Diving is a game about diving. Manage the time to increase the number of flips you complete before landing perfectly in the water.

Once you enter in the water successfully, you’ll be promoted to the next round to dive again. You must be ready for more difficult challenges to proceed.

flip diving for pc

It is not a piece of cake to execute a perfect dive, as every belly flop takes you back to the start. You need a perfect diving strategy and tricks to hit the mark.

Here are some features of this game:

  1. Enjoy a real diving experience
  2. Great graphics and animations
  3. Original concept
  4. Smooth gameplay and excellent rendering
  5. Fun game with lots of milestones to achieve


Flip Diving for PC with Bluestacks

If you want to play Flip Diving on your PC, it’s easy with this guide.

Bluestacks allows you to play Flip Diving on PC for Windows Vista 32/64 bits, Mac, and iOS.

Bluestacks is easy to download. Once you have installed it on your PC, it will run an Android emulation on your system. Put simply, it allows you to run Android apps on a computer.


How do you use BlueStacks to play Flip Diving?

To use Bluestacks to play Flip Diving on a PC, here is what you need to do:

  1. Download and install an Android emulator (BlueStacks)
  2. Once the download completes, install the application by double-clicking the downloaded program file
  3. Now open BlueStacks
  4. Open Play Store once Bluestacks loads and you’ll see the main screen
  5. Search for “Flip Diving”
  6. Once you have found Bluestacks, download it in your emulator
  7. After the download completes, Bluestacks will automatically install it
  8. Now you can access the app from the app drawer any time you want to play it on your PC
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That’s it. You should be able to open and play Flip Diving on your PC now.


Potential errors you could encounter in Bluestacks

When using Bluestacks to play Flip Diving for PC, you may encounter any of these errors:

  1. Failed to download
  2. Failed to install
  3. Your system doesn’t meet technical requirements

Luckily, all three errors can be resolved. The first one is due to having a poor Internet connection, while the latter two need you to upgrade system hardware.

Bluestacks doesn’t require fancy hardware. All you need is a basic DirectX 9 supporting graphics card and 2GB of RAM. Basically, any regular PC should be able to fire up Android using Bluestacks.


Learn to Control Your Character in Flip Diving for PC

It’s easy to control your player in this game. You begin by pressing the jump key (you can configure keys in Bluestacks). How long you press the key determines the strength of the jump.

To make your character flip, you need to press the same jump key again. When playing on a mobile device, you touch the screen instead of pressing a key.

Before the character comes into contact with the water, you have to release the key to end the flip. This will allow your character to enter the water in a proper position.

If you time it well, you get maximum coins. If you time it badly, be ready to land on your belly.


How Do You Earn Coins?

To earn coins in Flip Diving for PC, you simply need to JUMP. Every jump gives you coins.

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The better the jump, the more coins you earn.

With these hard-earned coins, you can buy a lot of exciting stuff, including new characters and amazing new moves.

Here are some ways to earn a LOT of coins in the game:

  1. Collect coins in the air while diving
  2. Hit crates to grab coins
  3. More flips get you more coins
  4. Find coins in your FREE daily spin
  5. Watch videos to earn some extra coins
  6. Purchase coins using REAL money

Watch How to Play Flip Diving in iPhone/Android


As you “dive” and “flip” toward the end of this guide, we’re sure you have started enjoying the game on your PC.

Flip Diving for PC is a lot of fun. Make sure you engage your friends and explore the social features of this action game for Android.

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