How To Play Township On Your PC

Township is a mobile game that allows you to build your own city and farm your own crops. The city building mechanics, similar to famous games like SimCity, make it a natural fit on your PC.

Here, we’ll show you how you can get Township up and running on your laptop or desktop.


Township: Build Your Own City

Township is a city-building game where you take a small starter town and try to grow it into a thriving city.

Featuring simple gameplay, there’s still plenty of strategy involved in building a successful town.

You start by growing crops, which you sell to earn money to build and upgrade buildings in your town.

Once you’ve grown enough crops, you’ll be able to start building factories. You use your factories to complete orders for a wide variety of goods. By completing orders, you’ll level up and earn more money to upgrade your town.


Level Up For Upgrades

As you level up, you’ll unlock more types of crops, community buildings, and factories so that you can continue to expand your town.

And the multiplayer integration means that you can coordinate with others to develop your town faster.

With mechanics similar to many famous computer city building games, Township is a natural fit for PC.


How To Play Township On PC

To play Township, you’ll have to download the game from a mobile app store. That means the game natively runs on mobile operating systems, not on PC.

However, you can still play Township on your PC. You’ll just need to use an app called an emulator. These apps will let you play any Android game on your computer.

Most emulators can be downloaded for free online. These are two of our favorites for running Township on PC.



Bluestacks is the most popular Android emulator out there. And it deserves its popularity.

Bluestacks will allow you to run Township on your PC with full resolution and keyboard customization. You can also take screenshots and record video.

Bluestacks can be downloaded for free online.


How To Get Started  With Bluestacks

  • Download Bluestacks online
  • Once downloaded, begin installation
  • Follow instructions for installing Bluestacks, and launch the app
  • Sign in with your Google account
  • In Bluestacks, you’ll find the Play store
  • Search for Township and download the game
  • Follow the instructions for installing Township, then launch the game
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Nox App Player

This is another great option for those that want to use Township on PC. It offers the same high-resolution gameplay and keyboard customization you’ll get with Bluestacks.

It doesn’t offer quite as many features as Bluestacks. However, you’ll be able to play without ads. Some users report that this makes the game run more smoothly.

Nox can also be downloaded for free online.


How To Get Started With Nox

  • Download Nox online
  • Click on the file to begin installation of Nox
  • Follow instructions for installation, and launch Nox
  • Sign in with your Google account
  • In Nox, you’ll find the Play store
  • Search for Township and download the game
  • Follow installation instructions and launch the game


Tips For Playing Township On PC

township for pc

Township is a really simple game to start playing. But there’s still plenty of strategy involved if you want to make the most of your resources and quickly build your town.

Here’s some advice on how you can build a successful town while playing Township on PC.


Expand Early On

When playing Township, it’s important that you expand your town early on in the game, when most things are cheaper.

If you wait too long, expansions will begin to become quite expensive, which could limit the size of your town.


Grow Plenty Of Wheat

When you are choosing plots for your crops, make sure that you save plenty of room to grow wheat. It’s not glamorous. But by growing plenty of wheat, you’ll be able to make a good profit and keep upgrading your city.


Focus On Short Orders

When you are making goods to sell, focus on short orders. This will allow you to make the most of your factories and earn the most money.

Try to avoid any orders that take more than a few hours. These will take up too much time at your factories, and will make leveling up slower.


Interact With Friends Online

Township is integrated with Facebook. Interact with your friends online to make your town grow as quickly as possible.

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You’ll also be able to exchange trains and planes.


Plant Slow Growing Crops Before You Go To Bed

Farming will take up most of your time in Township. Some crops in particular take a lot of time to grow, so they are best planted right before you take a break from playing.

Grow crops like wheat during the day, when you can harvest and replant multiple times. This will help you make the most of the time when you can play the game.

When you are not playing, plant crops that take a long time to grow. That means that when you next play the game, you’ll have plenty of valuable crops to harvest.


Don’t Waste T-Cash

T-Cash is the game’s premium currency, meaning it will cost you real money.

Don’t waste your T-Cash on rushing production. This will save you some time, but you won’t get any permanent upgrades from it.

Instead, spend your T-Cash on things such as upgrading your factory boxes. This means you’ll be able to produce more at each factory.



Many gamers want to play Township on their PC, but don’t know where to get started. Luckily, running Township on your computer is simple, and it’ll only take you a few minutes to get started.

To play Township on your PC, all you have to do is download and install an emulator. Follow the steps discussed here and you’ll be playing Township in minutes.