MS Office 2013 Product Key – Updated Keys + Keygen

If you have been looking for a working MS Office 2013 product key, you might be disappointed. The Internet is full of fake, duplicate, and used keys.

Luckily, you have landed on the right page this time. You’ll find many genuine keys here and you’ll also learn how to use them in this guide.

Why choose MS Office 2013?

For many people, when it comes to creating e-documents and virtual files, Microsoft Office 2013 is the first product name that comes to mind. It is the most preferred document generating software for home, as well as office usage.

ms office 2013 product key


In our everyday life, MS Office has occupied a certain space. A lot of users rely on this app to create many types of documents.

In this post, we will give you an MS Office 2013 product key.

With MS Office, you can create different types of documents, including the following:

  1. Word files (.doc, .docx)
  2. Excel files (.xlsx)
  3. PowerPoint presentations (.ppt)
  4. PDF files (.pdf)
  5. Publish brochures, envelopes, flyers, etc.

It also includes a Visio file viewer.


What are the system requirements for Microsoft Office 2013?

Before you start using MS Office 2013, be sure to look over the standard system requirements for this product:

  1. 1 GHz (32 or 64-bit) processor
  2. 1GB RAM (for 32-bit CPU) and 2GB RAM (for 64-bit CPU)
  3. 3GB free space on your hard disk
  4. 1024×576 resolution supported display
  5. DirectX 9 compatible graphic card



Once you have a working MS Office 2013 product key, here are the features that you can use:

  1. View, edit, and create different Microsoft file formats
  2. MS Office 2013 includes support for PDF files, as well
  3. Modern user interface and easy access to popular tools from the ribbon
  4. Features a start screen customized for each bundled app
  5. Easy to integrate with SkyDrive (now OneDrive) for sharing and backing up your documents
  6. Office 2013 makes it easy to sync your documents across different devices
  7. Additional Excel templates with a number of styles
  8. “Read mode” feature gives you distraction-free reading
  9. Easy to convert document contents into tables and graphs
  10. Draw, handwrite, and swipe notes in OneNote
  11. 15GB free storage in OneDrive
  12. Access files anywhere, anyplace, and anytime on any device

Many people choose Microsoft Office 2013 for work and everyday document creation. MS Office 2013 is an ideal word processing program for both your personal and professional use.


How do you get Office 2013?

It’s been several years since Microsoft released the 2013 version of its popular Office software. Since then, the company has released many new versions.

The latest version of this product offers many new and intuitive features.

The company has also changed how you obtain a license (and activate your product) for Office. Users now buy an Office 365 subscription for the Home and Professional versions of the product.

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This new subscription model includes software and cloud storage of 1TB. You also get exclusive new updates and features every month.

With this new option, you can’t download Office 2013 from the Microsoft website anymore. The company wants you to use the latest version of their product.

Nevertheless, here are some resources that still offer a free download of the 2013 version of this product. Get your copy from any of the links below.

  1. Get it from Softonic
  2. Download from CNET
  3. Free download from FileHippo
  4. Get the Office 2013 update for 64-bit OS
  5. Download Service Pack 1 for the MS Office 2013 version


Where is your MS Office 2013 product key?

Did you buy MS Office from Microsoft or another official vendor? Did you download it from the Internet?

Depending on how you got your copy of Office, your key could be in any of the following places.

  1. Look inside the packaging if you bought a CD/DVD of Office 2013
  2. You don’t need a key if you had Office installed on your PC when you bought it
  3. Microsoft will send an Office key to your email when you buy it as a digital product
  4. You won’t find a genuine key if you download Office from a torrent site

If you are lazy, you don’t even need to find your key. We have plenty of FREE activation keys here for you. Just keep reading.


Microsoft Office 2013 Product Key Free Download – Get it HERE

When you purchase the Office 2013 edition for your PC, Microsoft will provide you the product serial key for activation of the software. That’s your MS Office 2013 product key.

Office 2013 serial keys are also provided by a number of third-party websites, which are fully working and will make your Office 2013 software a lifetime version. In this post, we offer you a list of serial numbers for MS Office 2013:







How to activate Microsoft Office 2013 over the Internet

Now that you have found a working Office 2013 product key, it’s time to activate it. Follow the easy steps below.

  1. Open MS Office
    2013 key
  2. An activation wizard will appear and ask for an activation key
  3. Provide the key and click “activate”

It should take less than a minute with a fast Internet connection. However, you can also activate your copy of MS Office without the Internet.


How do you activate MS Office 2013 over the phone without the Internet?

Once you have your MS Office 2013 product key, you can easily activate the product over the phone.

  1. Once you have installed Office 2013, disconnect from the Internet
  2. Now open Office by going to All Programs on your PC
  3. Once Office starts, an activation wizard will ask you for the MS Office 2013 product key
  4. Enter the product key you copied from above
  5. Now click on the option to “activate product by phone”
    office key
  6. Dial the number given on your PC screen now
  7. AVR will play and give you the following options
  8. When you see Product key for Home and Business, select Home
  9. For “Computers you want to use,” select 1
  10. Provide the information over the phone and you will get a confirmation ID in return
  11. Now simply input the confirmation ID when the installation wizard asks for it and click “activate”
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That’s it. Your copy of MS Office is now active and you can use all the features of this product.


What is MS Office 2013 crack?

MS Office 2013 crack and Office 2013 keygen are popular searches on the Internet. You can use them to activate your product by bypassing Microsoft.

Here are two popular activators:

  1. KMSPico – Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013 crack (download it here)
  2. Re-Loader – Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013 activator (download it here)

Both these cracks work great and help you activate your product within a matter of seconds. Simply download the crack of your choice and run it on your PC.

However, it’s important that you use an activator responsibly. Your antivirus program will tag MS Office 2013 crack as a virus.

Since these cracks have no official source, anyone can inject a Trojan or a virus in the activator software. You could be risking your computer security when you download a Microsoft Office 2013 product key finder.

NOTE: If you still want to get this crack, the password for archives is “windows.”


Can you use MS Office 2013 without a key?

If you don’t have a MS Office 2013 product key, you can still use the product. However, some features won’t work.

That means you can use this product without activating it. But we recommend you activate it using a free key from above.

Once you have activated your product, you will be able to get support and new features instantly via automatic updates.



Microsoft Office 2013 allows users to create, edit, and view documents, presentations, and sheets. But you need a MS Office 2013 product key to activate and use all of the features of the product.

Luckily, we keep updating keys so that everyone can activate their product. We hope you now have a fully functional Office 2013.

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