Recovery of Deleted Data on iOS 15

Have you ever been in need of recovery of deleted data on iOS 15?

Most iPhone users keep up with the changing versions of the iPhone as they come forth.

And they regularly update their operating system.

While doing this upgrade, most people are faced with the iOS 15 bugs since they lose essential data from their iPhones or iPad. 

During the upgrade, let’s find out how we can restore the lost data (this could include even text messages sent via iMessage).




You should back up your data before upgrading to iOS, enabling you to restore them quickly.

Do not worry if you lose your data after upgrading your system.

Because it is normal for that to occur and if your phone has viruses, formatting, or water damage.

There are various methods you can use for the recovery of deleted data on iOS 15.

Also, you can retrieve deleted iOS 15 text messages, irrespective of whether you did a backup or not. 


Method 1 for Recovery of Deleted Data on iOS 15: Retrieve Messages Using Software

This method comes in handy if you did not back up your data before upgrading because the data in your phone is still available until it is overwritten by new data being put.

One great data recovery software application that you can use is Disk Drill by CleverFiles. 

With the help of its great algorithm, Disk Drill can scan through iPhone as well as android phones to restore lost data and deleted data, making it one of the best software for use. 


Why Disk Drill?

There are many reasons to go for Disk Drill by CleverFiles, and they include:

  1. It is compatible, unlike others.
  2. Presented with many recovery options.
  3. It has an easy-to-use interface.

However, its only negative side is that there are no customer care services to assist clients whenever they need them.

For more information, follow this link for the best iPhone recovery tools in 2022.


Process of Recovering Deleted and Lost Data Such as Messages

  1. First, visit the official website for Disk Drill by CleverFile and download the application, then install it on your iPhone.
  2. Connect your iPhone now and launch the application of Disk Drill. When asked, tap the ‘trust’ button on your phone, then now launch the Disk Drill giving it the necessary permissions for it to perform exceptionally.
  3. Scan your iPhone to undelete lost text messages. Please remember to close all other applications such as iTunes as they have access to your iPhone. Select the iPhone, and iPad category, then choose your own iPhone.
  4. You will need to review text messages detected after the Disk Drill has finished scanning your iPhone and mark them.
  5. Recover the marked text messages you want to recover, then press the ‘recover’ button to restore them. Similarly, you can use Finder to quickly retrieve the messages.
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Subsequently, you can manage the recovery of deleted data on iOS 15 with attachments, etc.

Some of the messages we receive may contain attachments such as photos, music, or documents.

These attachments are, in most cases, stored differently from the messages.

To retrieve such data, always look at different locations that may have been kept, such as iTunes.


Method 2 of Recovery of Deleted Data on iOS 15: Retrieving Deleted Files With iTunes

Other than using the best iPhone data recovery software, this is another method that you can rely on in your process of restoration of your data on your iPhone or iPad.

This would come in handy if you backed up your lost data on iTunes.

The steps below give us the direction to follow: 

  1. Before opening the iTunes application on your PCS, ensure you have the latest version of iTunes (12.7).
  2. Using iPhone original cable, connect your iPhone to your computer.
  3. Look for connections made, then pick your phone to access it.
  4. Turn on the “Find My iPhone” is turned off. Thereafter, press “restore Backup.”
  5. Once you see the option “restore,” tap it and allow the process to be completed now. You can now enjoy consuming your files.


Method 3: Restoration From iCloud

If you backed up the files on iCloud before the upgrade happened, then you can follow these steps below for an actual quick restoration of data.

  1. On the “settings” option, open iCloud, then “storage,” then go to “manage storage.” You know you had backed up your data on iCloud because if not, they are not there and maybe a problem in retrieving them.
  2. Back to “settings,” select “General,” then followed by “Reset.” Once you have done that, choose “Erase all content and setting.”
  3. Now open “Apps and Data” displayed on the monitor screen. Once you have done that, tap on “Restore from iCloud Backup.” You will be required to sign in with your Apple ID for security purposes.
  4. There shall be a list of a variety of Backups in iCloud available that will appear on the screen. Select the most appropriate one for you, then let the process of recovery begin.
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We have seen some methods we can use for the recovery of deleted data on iOS 15 and iPad whenever we update the iOS.

Do note that it is to back up your data before updating the operating system.

But should you forget or accidentally format your iPhone, follow the methods above.