11 Best Instagram Growth Services

They say that pictures speak a thousand words and it’s one of the best Instagram Growth Services. If this is so, Instagram must be the most outspoken social media platform on the internet. And, if the numbers are true, then it really is. There are more than one billion Instagram users spread all over the world.

Some people on Instagram are out to have fun, and others, like yourself, might be out to make something out of it. It may be for fame or money. Whatever your needs are, you will need a sizable following on your Instagram account. This doesn’t usually happen overnight – unless, of course, if you hire the right Instagram growth service provider.




An Instagram growth service can help you grow your followers faster, so you can get more likes and comments or sales if you run a business account. Here is a review of 11 of the best Instagram growth services in 2020.


1. Social Buddy

Social Buddy is one of the best Instagram growth services on the internet. It is all about organic growth, and it uses sophisticated tech to make it happen. It has to offer the following:

Organic Growth

There are millions of bots posing as real users on Instagram. Having too many bots follow you all at once can get your account flagged. Besides, fake followers will not get you much. To avoid this – and to help you achieve your goals – Social Buddy only targets real people to boost your organic following.

User Targeting

Social Buddy not only targets high-end users on Instagram, but also makes its targets more precise by including location, gender, and other factors such as age. This means that you can tailor your Instagram followers as you wish.

Competitor Engagement

Social Buddy understands that competition on Instagram is fierce. This is why it is not afraid to actively target your competition. It does this by trying to lure their followers to your account. All you have to do after that is prove that you have something better to offer.

Tailored Customer Support

Every user on Social Buddy gets a personal account manager to help manage your account’s growth. The account manager is also reachable 24/7.


2. Follow Adder

Follow Adder has been servicing Instagram accounts for a long time. It utilizes artificial intelligence to get the job done, so little gets past it. Its features include:

Intelligent Virtual Assistant

Follow Adder uses an intelligent bot that functions as a virtual assistant. The bot seeks out users under your target range and engages with your account just like a human operator.

Organic Following

Follow Adder may use an intelligent bot, but it only targets real Instagram users. It also narrows down its targets by factors such as location, gender, and age. And, unlike most other Instagram growth services, the platform also seeks out accounts that you can follow, based on your interests and preferences.

Scheduled Photo Posting

This platform does more than just find new followers. It can also operate on auto-pilot and post new photos on your account according to a pre-programmed schedule so that you can focus on more productive tasks.


3. Jarvee

Everything on Jarvee is automated, and the platform offers more than just growth services. Jarvee is essentially a full suite of handy Instagram tools that all result in more new followers. Its features include:

Rapid Organic Growth

It doesn’t work overnight, but Jarvee will get you more Instagram followers in a shorter period compared to most other Instagram growth services. The platform also ensures that all new followers are real users. You can target your new Instagram followers based on target factors such as age, gender, and location.

Better Network Exposure

As mentioned, Jarvee does more than just attract new followers. Other services include scheduled posts, automated comments and likes, new followings and followers based on your interests and preferences, and contacting new preferences. This increases your account’s engagement with other real Instagram users, thus exposing it to a larger network.

Hashtag Research

Users on Jarvee can use the platform’s research tools to research trending hashtags, which essentially tell where the wind is blowing on Instagram. This way, users can refine their marketing strategies.


4. Lyfe Marketing

Lyfe Marketing is all about marketing, and it does it especially well on Instagram. The platform uses its extensive resources to earn you as many new followers as you want. Features include:

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Human-Driven Services

Lyfe Marketing does not rely on bots or artificial intelligence. It believes in the human touch, and it has an army of tech geniuses to get the work done. The people doing the heavy lifting know how to navigate the web and reach out to real users who appreciate a real human approach more than they do another automatic bot.

Multi-Prong Approach

There are three points of focus on Lyfe Marketing: increasing web traffic, building brand awareness, and building better relationships. This strategy not only grows your Instagram account but also your entire online brand.

Multi-Platform Support

Lyfe Marketing knows its way around the internet. Besides Instagram, the platform can offer other services on other social networks, websites, and the internet as a whole.


5. Upleap

Upleap works closely with all its clients to tailor their new Instagram following according to their wishes. It is all about the clients on this platform. Its features include:

Personalized Care

A personal account manager will be immediately assigned to you once you sign up on Upleap. The agent will immediately contact you to get your thoughts on how the growth should be handled. You can share your interests and preferences, and even stipulate target factors such as location.

Comprehensive Analysis

Upleap has a sophisticated analysis tool that learns everything there is to learn about your business and aligns its services to suit your needs. It also generates monthly reports about the growth of your Instagram account as well as other related online platforms.

Organic Growth

Upleap only targets real Instagram users who are highly engaged on the platform. The platform also gives preference to users who may have some interest in what you have to offer.


6. Social Empire

Social Empire is a one-stop-shop for social media marketing services. They also go as far as engaging influencers to boost your account. Features and services offered include:

Vast User Database

Social Empire has a user database of more than five million Instagram users. Every user is real, and each has a variety of interests. Instead of scouting for strangers, the platform uses its existing database of IG users to boost its clients’ following.

Web Partners and Influencers

Social Empire has a network of more than 600 web partners who are willing to use their online resources to grow your presence on Instagram and other social media platforms. It also works with influencers who will tweet about your brand and get the word out to bring more followers on board.

Multi-Platform Approach

In addition to Instagram, Social Empire also works with a variety of other social media platforms. These include SoundCloud and YouTube.


7. Social Captain

Social Captain goes beyond Instagram growth services – its services essentially amount to marketing. It is one of the best-known brands in the industry. Its features and services include:

Targeted Engagement

Social Captain will not bring every Tom, Dick, and Harry to your account just because they are real users on Instagram. The platform essentially hand-picks users based on how their interests align with yours. You can make a wide range of stipulations, and the platform will get the selection right every time.

Safe Organic Growth

Instagram is very stern about gaming the system. If you gain too many users too fast – regardless of whether or not they are real – the admin will definitely take note. Social Captain is wary about this, so it takes its time – after all, it takes time to hand-pick the right Instagram followers.

Excellent Customer Support

The customer care desk at Social Captain is open 24/7. There is a variety of ways to contact your account manager, including via a simple and convenient live chat option.


8. Social Sensei

Social Sensei are masters in social media management, speaking figuratively. The platform comes up with a customized growth strategy for every client. Its features and services include:

Tailored Growth Strategy

Social Sensei studies each of its clients’ accounts and brands before setting out to find more followers. This helps it come up with tailored growth and expansion services for every client – strategies that actually work.

Dedicated Account Manager

Every client also gets a dedicated account manager to help with virtually everything. Account managers offer expert advice and do seemingly mild but also important factors such as touching up your pictures before posting them.

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Multi-Platform Approach

Social Sensei also works with other popular social media platforms. Options include YouTube and Pinterest. It can also work with other web platforms. The bottom line: if you need online marketing services, Social Sensei has you covered.


9. Hyperplanner

Hyperplanner will take everything about getting new Instagram followers off your hands. Its Instagram growth services are nothing short of hands-on and comprehensive. Its services include:

Brand Research

Hyperplanner starts by conducting comprehensive research on your brand, Instagram account, and general online presence to determine how best to proceed. This allows them to pick out just the right audience for your message.

Audience Targeting

Speaking of picking the right audience for your message, Hyperplanner allows targeting on a variety of factors. This is in addition to the parameters generated by the initial brand research.

Flexible Services

You can take the wheel anytime you feel like it when using Hyperplanner. You can request any changes at any time. The contract is also on a monthly basis.


10. Buzzoid

Buzzoid is all about convenience. You can move as fast as you wish and request customized and personalized services as needed. It offers the following features and services:


Some Instagram growth services require their clients to share sensitive information, including passwords to their accounts. This is not the case with Buzzoid. All Buzzoid needs is a username to get started. Your privacy is guaranteed.

Customized Following

Instagram growth services on Buzzoid are incredibly flexible. You can choose to let the analysts work and find new followers at their pace. You can even set target requirements, including the residence and age of your desired followers.

Alternatively, you can buy new followers, likes, and comments – as many as you desire, based on your needs and preferences. 


Buzzoid is not out to knock off anyone. To this end, it has a one-day refund policy. This means that clients get full refunds if they feel that the platform’s services don’t suit their needs within the first day. This also goes to show that a lot can happen on your Instagram account in just one day using Buzzoid’s services.


11. Mr. Insta

The name Mr. Insta suits this platform just fine. It provides some of the best Instagram growth services around. It also offers much more, including:

Multi-Platform Approach

Mr. Insta is not limited to Instagram – in spite of the name, ironically. It also offers growth services on other social media platforms, including Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, and SoundCloud, among others. It also operates on the general internet arena, including on web pages.

Quick Following 

You can grow your Instagram followers overnight using Mr. Insta. Clients have the option to buy as many new likes, followers, and comments as they wish. Clients can also enjoy some mild targeting capabilities. However, users should be mindful of this because it may attract some level of suspicion.



Instagram is one of the most lucrative social media platforms for marketers on the internet today. Billions of people from all over the world are usually logged into their Instagram account at any given time, and many are easily influenced by the glam.

You should capitalize on this, and you shouldn’t have to wait years for your IG account to amount to much. These are some of the best Instagram growth services on the internet today, and they will fast-track your account’s growth.