3 Best Ways to Track Phone Location of Your Husband

Women sometimes are curious about the behavior of their husbands. After a woman suspects a change in her husband’s behavior, she will find a way to establish the cause.

Things like her prolonged use of a smartphone or her husband coming home late make women curious. Also, if her husband starts to go out at odd times, she would need to track her husband’s whereabouts.




Technology has made it possible for women to track the whereabouts of their husbands through cell phone tracking apps. These apps deliver real-time location tracking capabilities without the need to contact anyone.  


Part 1: Cocospy – Best Phone Tracker

As the best phone tracking app, this Cocospy piece lets you track your husband’s whereabouts and much more. With Cocospy, you can track every activity on your husband’s phone. 

Cocospy lets you track the location of your husband regardless of whether he uses an Android or iPhone smartphone. The app also lets you track his calls, messages and social media activities. 




Before we can delve into how to “track my husband’s phone location” with Cocospy, consider the following Cocospy features:


Amazing Cocospy Features

  1. Location Tracking Capabilities 

With this feature, Cocospy lets you track your husband’s whereabouts all the time day or night. The app grants you access to your husband’s phone location history.

Cocospy can not only track your husband’s whereabouts but also it can track his phone when lost or stolen. With Cocospy, you will know if your husband is where he said he would be. 

The app comes with a geofence feature that notifies you when he leaves a set boundary. For instance, you can set the app to notify you when your husband leaves home or office. 


  1. Call Tracking

Cocospy lets you access the call history on your husband’s phone. It allows you to know who he is in contact with. You can track all incoming and outgoing calls, call time and duration.


  1. SMS Tracking

If you are curious your husband is spending too much time texting, Cocospy can track his text messages. What’s more, the app allows you access even deleted messages on his phone. 

The app automatically saves all text messages in a remote server. So, you won’t have to worry about deleted text messages. 


  1. Social Media Tracking

All the social media activities including posts and chats on your husband’s phone will be accessible. Some of the popular social media apps you can track with Cocospy include WhatsApp, LINE, Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram. 

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  1. File Access

With Cocospy, you can all the photos and videos on your husband’s phone. Also, it lets you even spy on your husband’s calendar, and notes among other stored files on your husband’s phone.


Why Choose Cocospy?

There are multiple reasons why millions of people trust Cocospy and give it a 96% customer approval rating. Below are some of the reasons:


  1. Works in Stealth Mode

Cocospy tracking activities take place in stealth mode. So, your husband will never know you are tracking his movements and phone activities. The app uses little system resources to avoid interfering with phone performance.

The Android app is 2 MB, which uses very little memory. After installing the Android app, Cocospy automatically deletes its icon. Also, the app disguises itself in the installed apps. 

When you are done tracking your husband’s Android phone, Cocospy lets you install the app in one click. Cocospy lets you track your husband’s iPhone without installing the app. 


  1. Remote Surveillance

All the phone tracking activities in this app take place remotely. Cocospy lets you use any browser to log into your dashboard. The dashboard grants you access to the various features that allow you to track your husband’s phone. 


  1. Safe and Secure 

Cocospy doesn’t have access to data from third-party apps so it never saves such data on its server. Since Cocospy doesn’t require rooting or jailbreaking your husband’s phone, it never compromises on his security. 


  1. No Rooting or Jailbreaking Required

Cocospy lets you track your husband’s phone without jailbreaking his iPhone or rooting his Android smartphone. Jailbreaking or rooting a smartphone leaves your husband vulnerable to hacking.

The app overcomes the need to root or jailbreak your husband’s phone by using cutting-edge technology. Cocospy attained this milestone through a dedicated team of designers and developers.


Using Cocospy to Track Your Husband’s Phone

It takes a few simple steps to track your husband’s phone using Cocospy. Here are the steps: 

Step 1: To start, sign up for a Cocospy account by visiting the official Cocospy website. Ensure you purchase a plan that meets your tracking needs.

Step 2: Setup your husband’s phone. 

  1. a) If he uses an Android smartphone, you will need physical access to install the app.
  2. b) To track his iPhone, you don’t have to install the app. You only need his iCloud credentials.

Step 3: After configuring his phone, click Start to finish the installation process.




Step 4: Now, login to your Cocospy dashboard. On the left panel, scroll to the Location tab to start tracking your husband’s phone.

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Here, Cocospy lets you access current and past locations. The app lets access GPS location details of all the areas your husband has been. Cocospy shows you all the addresses and geographical coordinates of where he visits.  


Part 2: Spyic 

Spyic is an amazing phone tracking app capable of tracking iOS and Android devices. It can track your husband’s phone discreetly without the need to root or jailbreak his smartphone.

Like to Cocospy, Spyic works in stealth mode. So, all your husband tracking activities won’t interfere with the performance of your husband’s phone. Also, your husband won’t realise you are tracking his activities. 

What’s more, Spyic comes with multiple tracking features. Its capabilities are rivalled by those of Cocospy. Spyic stands out from other phone tracking apps because of its abilities customer approval rating.


Part 3: Spyier

Spyier is another excellent phone tracking app that allows you to track your husband’s phone. Regardless of whether he uses an Android or an iPhone. The has over a million active users around the world.




The app can track virtually all aspects of your husband’s phone including his whereabouts. Spyier allows you to track and access the contents of your husband’s phone remotely. Spyier is a comprehensive phone tracking app



Although there are multiple phone tracking apps available today, only a handful are reliable. The three apps we reviewed offer a reliable and safe way to spy on your husband. 

Cocospy is the market leader in phone surveillance. It is easy to use compared to other apps that require technical know-how to use them. So, we recommend Cocospy if you need to track your husband discreetly.