Flutter App Development Cost: Updated Calculator

One of the most popular SDKs is a Flutter App. Google created and published it in May 2017. This open-source SDK (Software Development Kit) allows developers to use a single codebase to develop a native mobile app.

This implies that you can construct two distinct apps using a single programming language and codebase (for iOS and Android).




A lot of corporations have been adopting Flutter for the last few years. One of its many advantages is improved cost optimization. Which is why many major commerce and tech giants like eBay, Alibaba, Tencent, Square, and Google choose it as their preferred platform. 

This article will highlight how much it would cost to develop a Flutter app, with a focus on startups. 


What Are the Factors Affecting Flutter App Development Cost? 

Flutter app development is usually less expensive compared to native app development.

However, a few elements affect the Flutter cost of development and sometimes make it as expensive as making a native app.

Before we analyze how much it would cost to develop a Flutter app, here are some issues that impact its development cost:


1. App’s Functionality and Complexity

Software applications are rated as “low,” “mid,” or “high”, depending on how difficult and complex the underlying programming is. As a general rule, a project will demand more time and resources if it requires more features in the software.

For instance, the costs are low for basic features like login. But the costs skyrocket when you develop chat features (like video calls) and even more when you need navigation and maps.

Therefore, an app’s classification will decide the features and functionalities it must have, which in turn will affect the project’s ultimate Flutter app development cost.

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2. Where the Developers Are Located 

The cost of creating a Flutter app and the cost of creating software, in general, differs by location. Programmers in North America often charge the highest hourly prices, whether Australia and Western Europe use Flutter or not, follow it or not.

Flutter developer hourly rates are typically less expensive in countries like Ukraine because of the unavailability of programmers. This knowledge would also show you how to negotiate the best prices. This depends on where you are located if you’re a developer or aspiring programmer thinking: “How much should I charge to make Flutter?”


3. Application Design

Although everyone likes pretty and aesthetic user interfaces, developing an application with Flutter that carries these features is more pricey. Therefore, an app design’s complexity plays a significant role in the price of developing it. 

For example, if you’re creating a health app, features like animations and interaction increase the cost of constructing an app. Making games is typically more expensive than creating other forms of software. Especially if you need to include high-quality graphics and animations. 


4. Maintenance, Testing, and Support 

Noone ever really finishes software program. Therefore, in addition to Flutter development cost—or other software—you should consider the cost of upgrades and maintenance as you set your project budget.

Additionally, it is necessary to frequently make design changes to maintain the consumer-friendly appearance of your program. Due to this, it is insufficient to limit your development project to the exact amount you need to develop a Flutter app. Also, there is a need to include the cost of ongoing maintenance and bug fixes.

How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Flutter App? 

The typical method for determining the average cost of developing an app with Flutter is first estimating the number of hours. The hours needed to develop a specific feature or function. After that, multiply the result by the hourly rates of the Flutter developers you’ve engaged. Depending on how complicated the program is, it can even cost more, and this doesn’t include additional costs for ongoing maintenance and similar costs.

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Nevertheless, Flutter app development is relatively inexpensive compared to other platforms for developing apps. It is best to ask for cost estimates before starting a project instead of placing your mind on a specific figure. 


Concluding Thoughts 

It is crucial that you join the movement of Flutter app development whether you are just starting up a new business and looking for an app or are a developer.

While the Flutter  development cost is far less than developing a native app, work with professionals to cut down on the cost to develop a Flutter app!