View Instagram Anonymously: Stories, Highlights, Posts, Reels

Imagine having a tool that helps you access and view Instagram stories, highlights, posts, and Reels of your ex or business competitor on your PC or mobile phone anonymously.

Interestingly, the tool is free, does not require registration and log-in for access. Alos, it allows users to download and save content on any modern device and no data is recorded or saved while at it hence 100% anonymous. Well, If your goal is to learn how to view Instagram anonymously then this article is for you. 

Instagram has grown to be the 4th most popular social media platform in 2022. With the development of interesting features such as instastories, highlights, posts, and reels, Instagram has attracted over 2.2 billion subscribers worldwide. And it has grown from just an entertainment app to a serious platform which pays.

As a result, many Instagrammers and nonIG users prefer to watch content on Instagram anonymously. Whether in their personal or commercial space to avoid laying public their internal wants and desires.


Why Couldn’t Users View Instagram Anonymously?

In the recent past, Instagrammers relied on the below orthodox means to view Instagram anonymously. However, the methods have since become obsolete.

Airplane Mode

Formerly, Switching gadgets to airplane mode was a popular method to camouflage on Instagram. By doing so the connection between the device and the Instagram servers would be disrupted hence a view will not be accounted for. However, this method became useless.

That`s because you could not open several stories. And a user needed to log in to view more hence risking being found out by the poster as they were unsure if they can view Instagram without them knowing.


Anonymous Instagram Account

Commonly referred to as Pseudo accounts, they used anonymous Instagram accounts to view Instagram anonymously. This involved the creation of several accounts with random login information. One that could not trace it back to the identity of the user.

This implied that the user ought to have a device that supports twin apps or have several gadgets for login. However, Pseudo accounts became unpopular. It was due to the hustle of switching accounts when the need for anonymity arose. Thus, often users were not sure of how to view ig stories anonymously.

Due to the drawbacks of the above methods, they developed Instagram story viewers. The apps have guided users on  how to view Instagram story without an account


What Is an Anonymously IG Stories Viewer?

Anonymous IG story viewers are free to use online apps that warrant users the ability to view Instagram stories, and posts anonymously. The services are available on PC, IOS, and Android devices.

Their distinctive feature is that users can view IG stories without an account as you don`t need either to register or log in to their devices for access.

Moreso, they don`t record or store the search and browsing history hence the users are 100% IG anonymous.


Best Instagram Stories Viewers for PC, Android, and IOS

  • is a freely accessible app. It is not affiliated to Instagram that facilitates online browsing, downloading, and saving of insta- stories to any smart device without Instagram account creation, registration, or login. The app has different language options hence users from all over the world can discover how to view Instagram stories online.

The Instagram stories viewer has a simple user interface that makes browsing through Instagram fast and easy.

With its fast-loading speed, users are able to download and save high-quality Instastories, videos, IGTV, and highlights in either MP4 or JPEG. For 100% anonymity, user data is neither recorded nor stored in the app.

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How to Watch Instagram Accounts Anonymously Via

  • On your browser, go to
  • In the search box, type the account link or user name of the account that you want to view their ig story without an account.
  • The Instagram story viewer will open the page. There all the profile public information such as the name, number of followers, Instagram posts, highlights, IGTV, and the insta- stories are visible for browsing and downloading.
  • To download and save the instastories from the page on your iPhone or Android device, open the insta stories and click on the download button that appears at the bottom. is a free-to-use Instagram story highlights viewer. It enables non-IG users to anonymously browse through, save and download IG stories, Videos, IGTV, reels, highlights, and posts of public Instagram accounts in MP4, JPEG formats. The app doesn’t require the creation and registration of an Instagram account or login for access as it is fully online. 

Moreover, is both an iPhone and Android Instagram viewer due to the simple and basic user interface which makes the loading speed fast and hence easy to operate. It has different language options available and one can use it to download stories on IG worldwide. 


How to Watch Instagram Account Anonymously Via

  • On your web browser open
  • Paste the user name or account link of the person whose stories ig  you’d like to view in the search box and enter.
  • On  the home page, you can browse through the public information displayed such as the name, the posts, highlights, publications, IGTV, and the insta- stories, and view instagram reels anonymously.
  • To download anonymously from, click the download button on the underside of the IGStories. The image will be saved on your device. permits its users to view Instagram highlights, reels, posts, and insta stories anonymously and free of charge. The app does not record and store any data as registration or login is not required for access. The services are convenient as a non-ig viewer can access, and view ig posts anonymously since users do not require an Instagram account to browse through download, and save content from public Instagram accounts. 

Exclusively, the anonymous Instagram story viewer gives its users the possibility to remove content that makes them unhappy. Users can access the app with the different language options available and while at it access posts data such as likes and comments. Crowning it all is the fast-downloading and sharing options of high-quality insta stories images in MP4, and web formats which is quite exciting.


How to View Ig Account Anonymously Via

  • Search on your browser and press enter.
  • In the search field, type the name or the link you wish to view incognito and ensure to click the search icon.
  • Once the homepage of the Instagram account is open, the user name, profile, posts, and  instastories icons will appear. You can proceed to browse anonymously.
  • To download and save the instastories to your device, click on the post icon and proceed to select the image. Then click the download button at the foot of the post. is a costless, incognito Instagram navigation tool. It warrants its user’s anonymity while viewing stories, highlights, and publications of public accounts on Instagram. You don`t need account creation, registration, or login. That`s because the app functions online hence they don`t store the data, and the Instagram account owner cannot see you. 

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Additionally, users can download and save the instastories and reels to a smart device either PC, Android, or iPhone. However, images and videos downloaded anonymously belong to the Instagram posters. Because they have a copyright, and therefore other users are discouraged from using the images for their personal or commercial purposes.


How to watch Instagram Account anonymously via

  • In your browser search
  • In the search box, input the account name or link that you wish to view the instastories and click enter.
  • Once the page is open, you can browse through the user profile, posts, comments, and the insta-stories.
  • To download using the ig reels viewer, select and open the instastory, and click the download button at the upper part of the instastory. The image will be on your gadget. is an easily accessible, free, Instagram-independent software. Both non-Instagram and Instagram registered users can use it to view Instagram anonymously. The users need not have log-in credentials or an account to browse Instagram features such as instastories, highlights, likes, and publications of public IG accounts anonymously. 

The software is 100% IG anonymous. Because the account owner or general public cannot see you, and they don`t store store any data as the service is purely online. Moreover, the app’s loading capacity is fast. And one can download and save instastories with no hidden costs. The app is suitable for all smartphones meaning you can watch Instagram stories anonymously on iPhone and Android.


How to Watch Ig Account Anonymously Via

  • With your PC or smartphone open
  • In the search bar type the account username and press enter.
  • On the homepage, public profile information such as the user name, instastories, and publications will be displayed. You will see how to view ig stories anonymously.
  • To download and save content using the Ig story viewers, open the insta stories and press the download button at the top of the image.

However, they advise users learning how to view ig stories anonymously are advised to download posts for personal entertainment, and not for commercial or other purposes as they do not own the copyrights.



Can you watch IG anonymously?

Yes, one can watch IG anonymously through Instagram story viewers, these are Apps which do not require registered Instagram user accounts to log in.

Can I download IG highlights, reels, posts, and stories anonymously?

Yes, you can use the Instagram story viewer’s software to anonymously download IG highlights, reels, posts, and stories. The App guarantees 100% user secrecy as no user data is saved.

Can I view the Instagram account that blocked me?

 Yes, using your iPhone, desktop PC, or Android device, you can view blocked Instagram accounts through Instagram stories viewers. These are free, easily accessible online Apps that enable users to view ig stories without an account.