Avast Safezone Browser Download *Free*

Avast SafeZone Browser! Available in Free Version in your Windows 10! Here you will find a complete guidance on its safety and effectiveness. Downloading and uninstallation process also shows you how it can save your Windows PC from malicious software.

Avast has made it possible for the users to download a free version of Antivirus program, which includes the components of SafeZone Browser. Every installation is now making this possible. SafeZone is automatically installed on your desktop by Avast when you are completely unaware of this.

Here we have mentioned few steps of uninstalling this browser. Informative views about its safety and effectiveness is also there which act as a complete guide for new users.


SafeZone is the functional Web Browser of Avast that mainly focuses on the security and safety of your Windows PC. This is considered as one of the most secure and effective web browsers in the current business market. Apart from providing several useful features, like Adblock, Pay Mode, Video Downloader, it also enhances performances.

Here we have mentioned two most important guides, that will show how to download, install and uninstall the Avast SafeZone Browser

  • Free download and installation of SafeZone Browser:

For downloading the latest version, you can follow the below steps,

  • Download the latest version of antivirus from the authentic website of Avast
  • Avast installer should be run by using (avast_free_antivirus_setup_online.exe)
  • Customize (which confirms that the ‘SafeZone Browser’ Components are chosen) > click on ‘install’
  • After the process is completed, this can be opened from a desktop that is signified by an orange circled icon.
  • Click on ‘Tools’ > Safezone browser

For this web browser, there are no specific standalone installers which can be uploaded to the USB stick. For this, if the user needs to install it on another computer, ‘Avast Offline Installer’ has to be chosen.

  • How to uninstall Avast Safezone Browser:

When you are going to install the 2016 version of Avast SafeZone Browser, the researcher of Google securities revealed a vulnerability in this special web 1-. This allows the hackers to read all files and list those out from the PC after clicking some malicious links. Though these security issues have been resolved by Avast, if the user is not intended to use this anymore, they can have quick access to uninstall this Avast safe Zone just by clicking ‘Uninstall’.

For uninstalling, you can use the following steps,

  • Settings > Components
  • Under the ‘Security’, you will find ‘Safezone Browser’ > double click > Uninstall component
  • Restart your PC

This provides quick access to the software and removal is less time-consuming. However, the following can also be used for doing the same,

  • Control panel > Programs > Programs and features
  • Avast AV or Avast Internet Security > Change
  • Change > components that you need, once appear on the screen > uncheck the ‘safezone Browser’ > Change

avast safezone browser free download

Finally, you have to wait for some more time for the changes requested and restart your PC. This ultimately removes the SafeZone Browser.

One thing that you have to keep in mind that you must uncheck installation of several unnecessary components such as Avast Passwords, secure line VPN, Cleanup.  This also includes the components of Safezone Browser.


This Avast SafeZone is the internet browser based on Chromium, introduced by Avast. This gives the total security in your PC completely free for running this Antivirus Program. As per several users, this is very much helpful and provides complete security to get rid of the severities of malicious software and viruses. This acts as a boundary.

Whereas, there are some pessimistic views too. According to some users, Avast SafeZone Browser cannot be uninstalled or removed easily, but it creates unavoidable issues. This problem occurs just because this is not any individual software.

However, once installed, it protects all data, files, programs, and many other applications in Windows PC from online malware or viruses, which is proven by researchers.

So, you have to research on the internet by using authentic sites of Avast internet security, to get more information about this SafeZone Browser of Avast. It will guide you with every detail and you will be aware of its pros and cons if downloaded and installed.

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