Top 5 Reasons to Sharpen Your Video Marketing Skills

Video marketing these days is almost strong enough to be the new content of the marketing game. It used to be that content was considered king, and to some degree it still is, but now you need strong video content instead of just blogs and written material. TikTok is a great example of how powerful just a few seconds of video can be as are the hundreds of celebrity YouTubers who have literally made millions simply by posting videos.




If a 5-year-old can become a multi-millionaire simply by posting videos, then it’s a sure bet that your company can increase its branding and customer relations via video marketing. The world of video marketing is versatile, profitable, and easy if you use a free video editor, but if you aren’t convinced yet, keep reading for more solid reasons that explain why you need video marketing in your marketing toolbox.


Instant Increased Conversion Rates

If people have the choice between reading and watching a video, most will choose video unless they are someplace where they can’t use sound, and even then some will still choose video. For this reason, product videos have been estimated to increase conversion rates by as much as 80%.

People don’t want to read a great review of a product, they want to see it for themselves so they can decide. Of course, the trick is to create a great video that makes people decide they can’t live without your product.


Videos Offer a Great ROI

You don’t need to hire a videographer to create excellent videos. These days there are plenty of great free video editors available online that help you get a professional look without paying a professional price. FilmForth, for example, is a free video editor that allows users to quickly edit and produce showcase videos.

Whether you just want to trim a video, add some audio, or split video footage FlimForth and other similar editors can help you complete the task without leaving uncomfortable, novice gaps. All these means you can create great-looking videos that boost your conversion rates without spending much more than your own time.

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Attract Some Google Attention

Everyone wants to rank better on Google, and it turns out that video can help you do that because even Google loves videos. Video increases the amount of time that browsers stay on your website since they have to finish the clip before moving on. The longer people visit your site the higher you will end up ranked. Some even suggest that video makes you 53 more times likely to pop up on Google.

Plus, as a bonus Google now owns YouTube, so if you have embedded videos on your website they are going to notice earning you extra scoring points. You can even take it a step forward and optimize your YouTube videos to help out your SEO efforts.

Saif Abbas, head of growth at says that the best way to improve visibility and ranking of your videos is by adding video transcripts directly in the page, turning it into a blog post on its own.” While you are at it also make sure you link to your website and services or products.


Mobile Users Love Video

Do you know who else loves videos, outside of web browsers and Google? Mobile users, who should be a big part of your target audience if you are selling a product, service, or local good. Almost 90% of consumers watch videos while they are on their mobile devices. People even watch videos in crowded public places with no volume.

They just watch the images, which is another argument for why you need good editing and strong imagery. People love to watch videos while on the go and this isn’t likely going to change anytime soon. Smartphone uptake is continually on the rise, so meet your new customers halfway and give them the marketing materials they actually want. 

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Interestingly enough, consumers are more willing to watch ads that play on their smartphones than anywhere else (probably because they can’t use their smartphone as a distraction during the ads). This means that video marketing is the most effective when targeted at mobile users. If you know you have a captive audience, it’s your responsibility to offer them something they can’t turn down.


Videos Lead to Social Shares

Remember the TikTok reference from earlier? What is trending on most social media platforms right now? 9 out of 10 times the top result of the moment is going to come from TikTok. The only thing people love more than watching videos is sharing them and getting a response from their friends.

If you want customers and fans to share your products on social media, then you have to give them content worthy of sharing. Entertaining marketing videos will do the trick if you get crafty and creative.