International Students in the UK: Must-Read Advice

The United Kingdom has been a preferable choice for decades due to the world’s highest-ranked universities in all sectors.

Students come to the UK to study literature, Engineering, business, and much more. 




In this article, you will learn a few pieces of advice that will benefit you while studying in the UK.

It includes tips while choosing universities, locations, accommodations, and cultural adaptation as well. 


Tip#1: Analyze Cost and Budget If You Are an International Student

Budgeting is the crucial part while applying for higher education abroad.

You should consider food, rent, course fees, National health service surcharge, mobile bills, internet bills, transportation expenses, and course material costs. 

There are dozens of android apps that help students in calculating expenses.

Also, these apps are helpful in suggesting accommodation costs at a specific university’s campus. 

If you google self-storage near me then you may also get plenty of options with rates.

This will help in the budgeting process as well. 


Tip#2: Healthcare Access

You will be able to access health services after paying the NHS surcharge.

It implies that you may look for a doctor, get emergency treatment or get necessary psychiatric treatment for free.

It would be helpful if you kept in mind that the NHS doesn’t cover everything.

Therefore, you will have to pay for vaccinations, prescriptions, optical and dental care. 

Universities often offer confidential counseling services for students going with mental stress.

So, you may discuss stress, anxiety, and depression issues with the NHS doctor.

Many storage outlets are used by healthcare professionals due to expensive properties in UK. 


Tip#3: Accommodation

There are dozens of options for international students to get accommodation in the UK.

You may think about a university hostel, private student accommodation, and getting an apartment, studio, or a tiny house on rent.

Student halls are more recommended as it provides an opportunity to network with other students.

Whatever you choose, don’t forget to consider university storage options as you will need it later. 


Tip#4: Get Ready for British Culture

The United Kingdom is a land of people with diverse cultural and religious values.

You may find your class-fellows here from different regions of the world.

This land is very welcoming for international students. It allows them to meet like-minded people. 

Apart from the above, Facebook groups related to university students in the UK will also give you a chance to not only network with other students in the United Kingdom but also to get guidelines from them.

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You will also get information about university storage from these groups. 

In the United Kingdom, the weather mostly remains cold and wet throughout the year, even though summer is usually not that hot.

Here, it is also suggested to keep warm clothes and don’t rely entirely on heaters as it will affect your bills. 


Tip#5: Politeness

Manners mean a lot to British people. Greeting people by communicating is essential in British culture.

So make a habit of saying sorry, thank you, and excuse me in the appropriate situations. 


Tip#6: Traveling

Commuting in the UK is relatively convenient as compared to third-world countries.

There are hundreds of means of commuting.

You may commute with ferries, trams, buses, training, bikes, taxis, and even walking.

You will need to buy a railcard worth 30 pounds to buy tickets for traveling.

Moreover, you may also buy a young person’s coach card worth around 13 pounds per year to get discounted coach travel all over the country. 

Also, you can get a cheaper student travel pass called the Eurail youth pass to get a discount of up to 25 percent on standard prices, which will allow you to travel to 33 countries in Europe. 


Studying In UK Amid Coronavirus Pandemic 

Vaccine Rollout

The UK is leading in Europe in terms of vaccination.

It is expected to be entirely vaccinated by mid of 2021.

Also, its vaccines are populating all over the world with a higher rate of success.

Pfizer company vaccines have been supplied to dozens of countries all around the world.

Also, the UK’s pharmaceutical company has announced plans to launch a tablet for COVID by the end of this year. 


International Students’ Priority in Vaccination Process

International students may get access to vaccinations in the UK on a priority basis.

They will be able to avail vaccines much earlier than others in the UK or even their home country.

The Government of Britain is ensuring to take all possible measures to avoid spreading coronavirus.


UK Universities Bearing Quarantine Costs

Several universities in the UK announced that they would bear the quarantine expensed in a managed hotel accommodation.

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Many have announced that they will cover 10-day hotel quarantine and testing fees worth 1750 pounds. 


Traffic Light System for International Students

The UK government announced traffic guidelines for international students for safe traveling.

So, travelers from few safe countries will not have to quarantine themselves on arrival to the UK. They need a COVID test.

At the same time, there are strict rules for the red list countries.  


Traditional Teaching

Traditional teaching that is face-to-face teaching, has been resumed in UK universities recently.

All classes are being held generally according to schedule. 


September 2021 Intake

Britain’s government published COVID 19 road map in February 2021 about the following central intake of September 2021.

Universities are processing applications usually, and traditional learning has been resumed in most of the institutes in the country. 

Mixed Learning for Internationl Students in Campuses

In a few of the campuses of universities in the UK, online classes are still holding on.

But campuses are also open, so a hybrid learning approach is being followed.

Face-to-face tuitions, digital lectures, and seminars are all being conducted following social distancing guidelines. 

Measures taken by universities are marking of entry and exit points, floor markings, sanitizer stations, and social distancing measures

Last Words

COVID 9 pandemic has changed the way we live, breathe, and communicate in the last two years.

International students are more endangered as they are more exposed to a variety of people abroad.

But adopting proper guidelines can make you learn abroad without getting ill.

Also, appropriate planning before going abroad can make your study tour memorable and fruitful rather than painful and hectic.