Best Sales Management Integration for G Suite

The family of G Suite applications can easily become a powerful tool for the best sales management integration. Along with special CRM for G Suite these software provides numerous companies with significantly lucrative business approaches.

sales management integration for gsuite

G mail as a mailing service provides large enterprises and small companies with the functionality pretty suitable for sending notifications both for the customer and for personnel. These frequently contribute to increased staff productivity and gradual improvement in internal company management. What else makes enterprises organizational processes much easier is google’s highly-prominent security level. With impeccable data protection, the company leaders can be confident that no secret or important information would leak out to opponents.

G Suite in tandem with NetHunt CRM system is capable to bring business to impressive results. Highly-productive Google cloud service data storage also known as the Google Drive seriously decrease the number of business spendings. In addition, thanks to Google Drive memory storage application the data access became easy as a snap of fingers from anywhere. Working with documents, spreadsheets, and graphics presentations from now is possible from any device – enterprise computer, home PC, from a laptop, sitting right in a cafe, and even from a tablet. Another quite convenient peculiarity of multiple access to files in Google Drive is that editing of these files can be made by a few people simultaneously. This accelerates the tempo of work as well as builds the team spirit between colleagues. Such comfortable collaboration allows editing numerous files in real time. The latest version of documents is always available on Google Drive, so sending files becomes useless as everyone can get access to the same files.

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High data and devices security provided by Google creates a creative space for implementing the security rules and settings. All data is protected and won’t be after hardware failure or employee dismissal.

Working time must be used to the maximum, that is why Google software is so brilliantly applicable with easy-integrable CRM systems that are dedicated to automating some of the time-consuming routine processes widely annoying massive enterprises and stealing tons of priceless hours from them.

With integration provided by NetHunt CRM system specially created for G Suite software family, lots of processes like automated mailing to clients won’t be a problem anymore. Along with powerful automation provided by G Suite-based Nethunt CRM, company leaders obtain convenient administration. Adding accounts for new employees from now takes just a couple of minutes. G Suite services are updated automatically so company management staff don’t have to install new versions and security patches manually.

CRM integration changed the organizational process for numerous companies around the world to the ground. All the process of automating unwanted time-consuming aspects of modern business fall into oblivion as CRM systems like NetHunt are capable to simplify up to 50 percent of the routine office work. NetHunt and G Suite applications work harmonized and bring convenient benefits both for customers dealing with such automated companies and for companies management. This mechanism represents the perfect synergy of two separate customer-oriented software.