3 Ways to Remove Personal Information from Google

Were you looking for the ways to remove your personal information from Google?

When you type your full name into the search box on Google, what information shows up in the results?

Is there anything in there that you would prefer be taken down?




Perhaps there is personal information that you would prefer be kept private.

This is a problem that a lot of people face, but there is something that you can do about it.

Check out the tips below if you are ready to remove your personal information from Google. 


Start with People Search Websites to 3 Ways to Remove Personal Information from Google

People search websites are actually quite popular because they make it easy to look up information on just about anyone.

Let’s say that you have met someone new and you want to run a quick background check on them.

Also, you want to be sure that they are sincere and do not have a criminal past.

Well, with the right people search site, you can do just that. 

At the same time, though, if you want your own personal information to be kept private, finding out that it is on full display on these types of websites can make you feel vulnerable and uneasy.

Try it for yourself on Radaris.

Are you on there? If so, quickly go to the Radaris opt out page to request that they remove your details promptly. 

Another great example of a popular people search website is Spokeo.

This website is used by a lot of people who want to find information on others.

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Say you discover that there are listings on there showcasing your personal details.

Then you can simply head to the Spokeo opt out page to figure out how to request to have those listings taken down. 

When you do a Google search of your name, you might also find soe interesting things.

For instance, that other sites, such as Intelius, are displaying your personal details, from your address to your age, for anyone to see.

Yet again, it’s just a matter of following the Intelius opt out instructions to remove that info. 


Check If Other Websites Are Displaying Your Personal Info

People search sites aren’t the only websites that might be displaying personal information about you.

When you run your search on Google to see what details are out there about you, if you come across any other sites that are not respecting your privacy, you’ll need to contact them directly to request that they take your information down. 

What you might also realize is that your social media accounts might be displaying personal details about you if they are public and show up in Google search results.

If that is the case, just go to your account settings to remove personal details you don’t want others to know.

Or, make all of your social media profiles private.  


Manage What Google Knows About You

Finally, go to your Google account so you can manage the information that they have on you.

Go to any sections related to privacy so you can check everything, including how Google tracks your activity every day in various ways.

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It might also be possible to have data deleted to preserve your privacy as best as possible, so take advantage of that as well.  

As you can see, there are several ways that you can remove your personal information from Google and its search results.

So, what are you waiting for?

Start taking control right away!