NoSQL Database for Your Application: Why Choosing It?

A NoSQL database for your application provides flexibility and scalability that relational databases simply do not.

Developers find the options with these databases liberating.

You can work with data in various formats: structured, semi-structured, or unstructured.




This provides a full view of your operations so that you can capture all data to analyze and act on it.

There are many reasons to select a NoSQL database.

But here are the top 10 reasons why NoSQL databases for your application are ideal for your next business application.


Save Time Writing SQL

Writing structured query language (SQL) is extremely time-consuming.

One typo and your query or join operation won’t function properly, which could cause breakdowns or longer development periods.

SQL is complicated and challenging to do well.

Many developers are instead turning to object-relational mapping (ORM). While ORM can’t fulfill all query use cases, it can limit the amount of SQL that developers have to write.

NoSQL databases offer unique query languages and faster ways to perform common queries.

That way, developers don’t have to spend their time writing nested SQL statements.


Eliminate Schema Design Timelines

NoSQL databases are schema-agnostic, meaning you won’t have to spend months designing your schema to begin a development project.

You won’t have to know every data item you’ll be encountering in your development project at the start as you did for relational databases.


Reduce the Need for Extract, Transform and Load (ETL)

Relational databases require that data resides in rows and columns.

For some non-relational data, that means preprocessing the data to prepare it for storage and then post-processing to retrieve the data using extract, transform and load (ETL).

This means developers must write code to store every element.

The process is time-consuming and puts your highly skilled development experts in the situation of writing boring code.

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NoSQL allows you to store data in its original structure and format.

In addition, one application could entail XML and JSON formats.

Storing, managing, and searching these different formats is a huge benefit of NoSQL databases for your application.


Simple Code Maintenance

When your organization writes code, it’s committing to maintaining and updating that code on an ongoing basis.

The more code you write, the more maintenance you’re looking at having to do.

Thus minimizing your organization’s code will help minimize the cost and time associated with maintenance.

And if you need to change your code structure, you’ll need to evaluate each line of that code.

NoSQL databases are schema-agnostic and reduce the amount of code you have to maintain.


Ample Open Source Options

Many NoSQL databases are open-source, meaning finding resources and expertise for managing these databases is simple.

In addition, the cost of adopting NoSQL databases for your application is far lower than that of relational databases since you can try them out before you buy them.

These databases often have much better resources as well to support small businesses that have limited in-house capabilities.


Simple Scalability

As your application and its needs grow, you can scale up a NoSQL database seamlessly without sacrificing performance.

Handle hundreds of thousands of operations on any server and scale horizontally with inexpensive servers.

Fast NoSQL databases can also reside on public or private cloud services for simple flexibility.

DBaaS providers can help you host your database how and where you need it.

Your database will expand or contract as needed when your application changes or your capacity needs increase.


Support for All Languages

Most relational databases support common programming languages, including Java, .NET, PHP, Ruby on Rails, Python, and C#.

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However, NoSQL databases can handle programming languages, even domain-specific languages.


End-To-End JavaScript

JavaScript is a programming language used for the web and servers. NoSQL databases can handle end-to-end JavaScript.

In other words, you can use the same programming language across web applications.


Incredible Speed

NoSQL databases offer speeds that relational databases never could.

That’s because relational databases require that data be broken down into a table.

In contrast, NoSQL data can be formatted many different ways.


Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Compared to other database technologies, the total cost of ownership for NoSQL is far lower than relational databases.

This is due to several factors, including being able to store the data on commodity servers that are distributed, less time in development, faster query functions, etc.

Thus the benefits of NoSQL are many and offer many developers improved flexibility and scalability.

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