Running KineMaster For PC

KineMaster is one of the leading mobile video editing apps. It gives you professional level editing, no matter where you are.

Although primarily a mobile app, many users like to use KineMaster on their PC.

Here, we’ll walk you through how to run KineMaster on any laptop or desktop.


KineMaster: Professional Video Editing In Your Pocket

With a full range of professional video editing options, KineMaster is a full-powered portable editing studio.

You can precision edit any video clip frame by frame, and adjust colors, brightness, and contrast anyway you like.

You can also easily add audio recordings over any video, as well as use up to 4 audio tracks.

Its layout is intuitive, so it’s easy to use no matter how much video editing experience you have. And there are enough features to keep professionals happy.


Learn How To Use KineMaster On Your PC

kinemaster for pc

Because of its full-powered video editing features, many people use KineMaster on their PC. Although there is no KineMaster app for Windows or Mac, you can still easily run it on your PC.

Here’s how.


Use App Emulator To Run Mobile Apps On Your PC

If you want to run KineMaster on your PC, you’ll just need an app called an emulator. An emulator works by recreating the Android environment on your computer. This means any app can be run on your PC.

There are a lot of free emulators to choose from, many of which will allow you to run KineMaster. We’ve picked two of our favorites to help get you started.


KOPLAYER: Great Graphics Support For KineMaster On Windows

KOPLAYER is an Android that is widely used for gaming. But the same features that make it an excellent gaming emulator also make it.

It has great graphics support, making it a natural choice for a video editing app like KineMaster.

It has a wide range of keyboard customization tools. This makes it great for video editing, as you can easily create shortcuts.

The one downside of using KOPLAYER? The app is based on a slightly outdated version of Android.

Running KineMaster With KOPLAYER

  • Download KOPLAYER
  • Install the app
  • Sign into your Google account
  • Find the KineMaster app in the Play store
  • Download and run KineMaster


Bluestacks: Runs KineMaster Smoothly On Any PC

This is the most popular Android emulator out there. It offers great full-screen performance and handles graphics well.

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The downside to Bluestacks is that it is ad-supported. This may irritate some users, and can sometimes lead to slow down in performance. But aside from this, it is an excellent emulator.

Installing KineMaster With Bluestacks

  • Download Bluestacks
  • Run the app and sign into your Google account
  • Go to the Play store and search for KineMaster
  • Download and run the app


KineMaster Review And Feature Guide

There are multiple apps that promise simple, professional video editing. But KineMaster is one of the best.

Here, we’ll review the app’s main features.


Edit Your Video How You Want

One of the best features of KineMaster is its precision editing. You’ll be able to crop and trim your videos exactly how you want to.

The editing can be done down to the frame. This gives you complete control of your video.

You can also easily rearrange frames and change the order of the video. This feature is easy to use, and it performs well. Sometimes frames do get misplaced as you edit, but this issue is minor.


Preview Video

You’ll also be able to preview a video as soon as you make an edit. This is an excellent feature, as it helps save you a lot of time. You won’t have to wait around for a video to load after each small edit.


Create Layers Of Videos

One of the best features of KineMaster is the ability to layer different video and photo sources. This allows you to create customized collages and blend your videos with photos to create customized graphics.

You can also add stickers and images on top of any video. These features are found in other video editing apps. But KineMaster makes them easy and intuitive to use.


Slow Down Or Speed Up Playback

If you want to change the speed of any video, you’ll be able to easily do it with a push of a button.

This feature is pretty standard in video editing apps. But KineMaster does it better than most and makes it easy to customize playback speed.

You can also preserve audio pitch even as you switch the playback speed. This keeps the audio from getting distorted.

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Full-Color Customization

KineMaster also has excellent color features. You can adjust your video with color filters that are pre-set, or adjust color levels manually.

You can also make changes to saturation and contrast, and adjust the brightness.


Easy Audio Recording

Another feature offered by KineMaster is the ability to add audio recording directly to a video. This can be done as you watch the video, making it easy to sync the audio.

The audio quality is decent, although you may get better results if you record with a dedicated audio app and import the file. But it’s still a useful feature, and makes it easy to quickly add voice-overs to any video.


Professional Video Editing For Amateurs

KineMaster offers more features than just about any other mobile video editing app.

But what really makes it stand out is its intuitive design. Using KineMaster is easy, no matter how little video editing experience you have. This makes it a great choice for beginners.

And professionals will also find plenty to like here as well, making it a great option for more experienced video editors.


KineMaster: Powerful Video Editing On Your PC

KineMaster is one of the most full-featured mobile video editing apps out there. This makes it a natural choice to run on a PC, where you can make the most of all of the app’s features.

By following the steps described above, you’ll be able to use KineMaster on any laptop or PC.