Running Orbot on Windows PC

Orbot is a proxy app that allows other applications to use a more secure version of the internet.

If you’ve ever been using the internet and were hesitant of putting in personal data, you may want to look into download Orbot for your home or business computer.

Unfortunately people see that Orbot was made specifically for mobile-only use on phones or tablets. What a lot of people may not know is that you can easily download it for your PC.

In this article, you’ll read a bit more about what exactly Orbot is and the functions it performs and of course, easy to understand instructions on how to get this mobile-only app onto your Windows computer.


Orbot: The Gateway App

Orbot is a proxy app. A proxy is essentially a gateway from your computer to the internet.

Using a proxy app that lets the other apps you use, use the internet safer can make you feel a lot better.

That’s exactly what Orbot does. It uses Tor to make this experience as safe as possible.

You may not know, but Tor allows your identity and online activity concealed.

This can be a great tool for people who don’t feel safe using things like their credit or debit cards online.

Thankfully, Tor is free software and open to the public to use.


Why You’d Need Orbot

You could use Orbot for a number of reasons. The main being to feel more secure when making purchases using a card online. You might not know if the website you’re purchasing on is secure and even if it is, some people still don’t trust it and that’s okay.

You can also use Orbot on your PC for business activities that you’d like kept confidential.

Another use for an app like this is to keep a relationship confidential and secure online. Whatever you do use it for, remember to keep everything you do legal and safe for all parties involved.


How To Use Orbot On Windows PC

Running Orbot on Windows PC

There are several reasons why you may want to use your Windows computer rather than your phone while running Orbot.

Using your Windows full screen will make anything you do easier to see and use. You’ve read that Orbot wasn’t dedicated as a computer application but that isn’t to say you can’t run it on your PC. What you need to make this happen is a little app called an emulator.

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If you’re a gamer, it’s safe to assume you probably know what an emulator is but let’s talk more about it either way.

An emulator is an app that you download and run on your desktop or laptop. What it does, is it allows your Windows operating system to run like a mobile device operating system. This allows you to use mobile only games and apps on your computer without issue.

We’re going to cover a couple of the more popular emulators on the market today. You can use whichever you prefer and most of them are free. Think of an emulator as the middle man.


KoPlayer Emulator For Windows

Not only does this emulator carry high-quality graphics, but it also works great for running Orbot on your Windows PC. A highlight of this program is that it allows you to use keyboard shortcuts that can make your secure business through Orbot, a little easier.

A few reasons to choose KoPlayer are that you won’t be getting any advertisements interrupting your downloading. This doesn’t really do much other than annoy some people. It runs smoother than other emulators out there and lastly, it’s well designed making it easy to use. If this sounds like one you’d like to use, follow the instructions listed below to use KoPlayer on your Windows 7,8 or 10 system to get Orbot on your computer.



  1. Download KoPlayer Online by clicking here
  2. Install KoPlayer onto your PC
  3. Open KoPlayer and login to your Google Account
  4. Search “Orbot” in the Play store
  5. Find the Orbot icon and click to download/install
  6. Open Orbot from your downloads


Bluestacks Emulator For Windows

bluestacks for PC

If you’re looking for an emulator specifically made to run Android apps on your PC, you’ve found it here. Bluestacks is also well known for tits graphics and also has hotkeys available, much like KoPlayer.

A big reason a lot of people go with Bluestacks as their emulator of choice is for the fact that it’s always up-to-date. You won’t have to wait around for an update for this app to run smoothly and quickly (they claim to run 6x faster than Samsung phones). Something you may not like is the ads Bluestacks runs. This won’t really affect any downloading but can bother some users. To use Bluestacks as your emulator, follow the next set of instructions.

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  1. Firstly download Bluestacks by clicking this link
  2. Follow the installation instructions provided via prompts
  3. Once it’s installed, Open Bluestacks
  4. Once open, please sign into your Google account
  5. Open the Play store
  6. Search for “Orbot”
  7. Click the Orbot icon and download/Install to your Windows PC
  8. Once downloaded, Open and begin using.


Orbot Safety

The creators of Orbot claim that it is the safest way to browse or use the Internet. It can connect you directly, just like a VPN or Proxy would do. They do say this makes it take a little longer but that the privacy and identity protection you get when using Orbot is worth it.

Orbot is also the official version of the Tor onion routing service for Android, giving a little more security when thinking about choosing this app to use for your safety and security on the internet.

It is keen to remember that no technology out there is completely foolproof so again, be careful when it comes to what you’re using it for. Orbot uses state of the art security technology to do the best job possible at keeping you and your information private.