5 Best Image to Text Converter Tools

Image to text converter tools are tools or online platforms that possess the ability to extract text from images. By using optical recognition technology, these tools understand and capture the words in different types of images, like scanned documents, photos, and screenshots.




Moreover, they convert them into editable text format so users can perform their desired actions. These converters are useful in various ways. However, working with the top one for exciting perks is crucial. In this blog post, we have detailed the best image to text converter tools you can use in 2024 to extract information from the pictures.


Top 5 Best Image to Text Converter Tools

As 2024 approaches, the importance of image to text converter tools has reached a sky-high level of popularity. It results in extensive development and launching of such platforms and tools, making it difficult for users to pick the best one. Nevertheless, considering some valuable aspects and understanding your preferences will lead to making the right pick. To make things more comfortable for you, we have heavily researched and extracted the following list of 5 image to text converter tools. All of them are highly beneficial and deliver brilliant advantages, such as digitizing paper documents and extracting information from receipts, invoices, and business cards.


1 – OnlineOCR.net

OnlineOCR.net is one of the best image to text converter tools in 2024. It is considered as the best platform because of its free services. You can extract texts from all sorts of images, such as PNG, JPD, PDF, TIFF, GIF, and BMP. Moreover, it supports more than 40 languages, including Chinese, Japanese, Hindi, Arabic, Russian, Korean, and English. These attributes enable you to convert your pictures or scanned PDFs into editable format.

Some key features of OnlineOCR.net are explained in the following section.

  • Easy to Use

OnlineOCR.net is pretty much easy to use platform. You only have to upload your file on this platform and select the desired language and format. Clicking on the Convert button will start the processing to give an editable text.

  • Fast and Accurate

Another exclusive feature of OnlineOCR.net is that it processes images at a really fast speed and delivers accurate results. Hence, you can spare enough time to focus on other productive tasks.

  • Convenient Download

You can easily download the converted text files from OnlineOCR.net or copy them directly to the clipboard to paste them into another word processing tool. Moreover, you can view the original image and text simultaneously for comfortable editing.

  • Other Features

OnlineOCR.net also has some other tremendous features. It supports a maximum file size of 15 MB. Moreover, if you are uploading a PDF file, you can upload the file containing an optimal of 5 pages. While the highest number of conversions per hour is 15, you will not find such perks on any other image to text converter tool for free.

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Based on the features mentioned above, OnlineOCR.net has dominated all the other competitors. Therefore, you must use it to extract accurate text from images. The subscription plans are also there for premium perks.

  •     Image Plan: $3.95 per month
  •     Prepaid Package: $4.95 per month
  •     Monthly Plan: $4.95 per month
  •     Daily Plan: $7.95 per month


2 – Capture2Text

Capture2Text is a dedicated image to text converter tool and exhibits several astonishing aspects to attract a large audience. One of the best parts of this tool is that it allows you to use keyboard shortcuts to perform the converting action. Hence, you can extract the text very quickly.

Some features of the Capture2Text tool are:

  •     Fast processing speed
  •     Highly reliable
  •     Multiple language support


3 – ABBYY FineReader

Thirdly, we have placed ABBYY FineReader in this rundown on the best image to text converter tools in 2024. It is a paid desktop software supporting over 200 languages and various file formats. Hence, it can resonate with the requirements of a larger audience to convert their images to editable texts.

The useful features of ABBYY FineReader are the following.

  •     Excellent customer support
  •     High-quality OCR technology
  •     Efficient processing

The pricing structure of ABBYY FineReader is as follows.

  •     Standard for Windows: €99 per year
  •     Corporate for Windows: €165 per year
  •     MAC Plan: €69 per year


4 – HiPDF

HiPDF is an online image to text converter platform and has earned significant fame in recent years for its extensive development and functionalities. While it offers a free plan to make you convert your pictures into editable text formats, premium plans are also available for more outstanding benefits.

The features of HiPDF are:

  •     Enhanced interface
  •     Advanced security measures
  •     Accurate conversion
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  •     Monthly Plan: $5.99 per month
  •     Yearly Plan: $3.33 per month


5 – Adobe Acrobat

Seeing Adobe Acrobat could be surprising for so many users as it is widely popular as one of the top PDF editing tools. However, the developers have worked extensively to improve its infrastructure and integrate the OCR technology. As a result, it can now extract texts from your images quite conveniently and easily.

The key features of Adobe Acrobat are:

  •     Simple to use
  •     Integration with Adobe Cloud
  •     Error-free results


To use the image to text feature of Adobe Acrobat, you need to purchase its complete subscription. The plans are:

  •     Pro Individual: $12.99 per month
  •     Standard Individual: $19.99 per month
  •     Pro Teams: $23.99 per month
  •     Standard Teams: $14.99 per month
  •     Pro Students Plan: $19.99 per month


Final Verdicts on Image to Text Converter Tools 

Image to text converter tools has opened a new door to progress for individuals and organizations to extract information from pictures. In this way, they can have their hands on useful insights necessary to survive in this modern world. Users can excel in this skill to earn a solid amount by selling their services on different platforms. However, choosing the best platform that resonates with your preferences and budgeting requirements is crucial. Based on the discussion above, OnlineOCR.net is a highly recommended tool. Its competitive pricing plans and accurate processing make it dominate all the others.