Dota 2 Most Expensive Items

To improve the appearance of their characters in Dota 2, gamers use skins, and there’s a huge number available.

The price range is also impressive — from very cheap ones for just a few cents to expensive items that cost several thousand dollars.




You can also sell Dota 2 items, which many do, making good money on it.

In this article we will talk about Dota 2 skins with an amazing price.


Legacy Ethereal Flames Wardog in Dota-2

This skin is one of the most expensive in the history of the computer game Dota 2.

Its maximum price was set to $3,800.

Such a high value is due to the unusual origin of the skin, which became possible due to the system lag in the game.

Thanks to this, users were able to combine colors, getting an incredibly beautiful glow.

Then the function was removed, so now there are very few skins like this left.

Now the item is worth about $1,300–$1,400.


Desert Sands Baby Roshan

There is no more expensive courier in Dota 2 than this one, presented as a small Roshan, constantly shrouded in a sandstorm.

It was only possible to get it as part of the Siltbreaker event from The International 2017. 

This skin can be purchased for $1,700–$1,800.


The Alpine Stalker’s Set

In 2012, a new set was added for the character Ursa, which soon moved to the Immortal category due to negative reviews.

As a result, the set has become very rare, and at the same time a desirable trophy for sophisticated collectors.

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The Alpine Stalker’s costs $1,100–$1,200.

There are four items in the set, and the most expensive is the cowboy hat, which looks rather funny on Ursa.


One More Dota-2 Skin: Golden Baby Roshan 

Another Roshan that has been adapted for a courier.

This is an extremely rare skin, of which only a few dozen remain today.

And all because only the quickest users to complete the Diretide 2012 event became the happy owners of Golden Baby Roshan.

This Roshan is golden, and he carries a purple bag in his teeth to drag around various objects. 

The skin costs $1,400–$1,600.


Jade Baby Roshan

It is one of the most rare couriers in the game that could be acquired after the completion of Cavern Crawl from The International 2018, and this chance was incredibly low.

This skin costs $700–$1,200.

Items in Dota 2 can be a good investment.

After all, there is always a demand for such items.

However, not all platforms make it possible to buy for a good price, and after the sale, withdraw real money to a personal account.

The DMarket platform is special because it allows users not only to buy various items at a bargain price, but also to withdraw the earned money in a convenient way.

Why do people choose DMarket? The platform provides:

  • many ways to withdraw real money;
  • low commission of payment services;
  • high payment rate.

Game items have already become an investment asset, along with paintings or securities.

Therefore, gamers will always be interested in such items.