Virtual Phone Number for Business

Do you dream of traveling abroad without barriers of communication? In particular, without the inability to use smartphones for calling, chatting, and using mobile Internet.




In some emergency cases, visitors need to use a local phone number with the dedicated country code.There is such helpful optional technology as virtual number installed on the phone. 


Evolution of Cell Phone Connection 

Firstly, it is an option to communicate with others using virtual number sms. Users can access the virtual numbers via any device: smartphone, tablet or laptop. Additionally, one can assign virtual numbers to individuals or organizations for various uses such as marketing department, sales and customer support. The Virtual number has increased exponentially in the last decade. This increase is due to technological advancements and the convenience it provides. There are a lot of special services for getting a virtual number: RingCentral, Vonage, etc. Let’s talk about the main advantages for business needs.


Main Advantages of a Virtual Phone Number for Businesses 

The use of virtual mobile numbers opens up a lot of possibilities. The technology  is integrated with the CRM-system, so all calls are recorded in client cards. On top of it, the key distinctive feature of virtual numbers is that users can connect it in their home country and use it in any other location. Such a move allows visitors to significantly reduce the money spent on long-distance calls and chatting via the internet. 

  • Most services have a free period of use. If you have a short trip around Asia, Europe or USA, a trial period may be enough for you. 
  • No dedicated geographical location in some services. The number is not tied to the geolocation of the subscriber or a particular company. 
  • Incoming calls are free (in most services). The operator’s payment is made only for outgoing calls. 
  • Reducing cost of negotiations. In comparison with any operators, virtual number requests a significantly lower amount of costs for negotiations.
  • Virtual numbers can work with eSIM. This is a non-physical card that allows you to stay online 24/7 in another country. The virtual number is assigned to the card and your smartphone respectively. 
  • Convenient and affordable flow for business. For example, businesses need physical phone numbers to conduct business. In cases like these, virtual numbers allow individuals and organizations to conduct business without having a physical number.  
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Steps to Connect a Virtual Phone Number

Before the start users need to remember that numbers are divided into landline and mobile numbers, and the purpose of each is different. They often use a mobile number to receive confirmation codes. In case you have already passed the question “What is virtual phone number?” let’s go to “How to connect it?” and look at the basic flow. 

  1. Choose the country in the dedicated servic’s website. Depending on the region of the country or state you choose (if you’re in the U.S. or Canada), the cost of the plan and the number may vary. Also, check the license agreement beforehand.
  2. Enter your information and go through a quick registration process. Users will need to be verified with your passport information and privacy policy. In this way, the company that gives you the virtual number guarantees that it will not disclose your data.
  3. 3. Select the optional mobile number in the list. Choose the one that works best for you. The option is all almost identical, except for the several country codes. 
  4. Choose your tariff plan and the best option. Tariff plans differ depending on the region and service. There are examples of service plans: virtual number for SMS and calls for companies, single number for SMS, a mobile number with unlimited number of SMS etc.
  5. Make a payment for the room using the instructions or QR code. Now, users will be sent the instruction via sms or chats about how to install the number and when the virtual number will be activated and how to find it directly in the smartphone. 


What to Choose?

A virtual phone number allows users to access telephone services without owning a traditional phone. So businesses usually create these numbers and consumers and entrepreneurs use them alike. Virtual numbers provide convenience and flexibility, but they’re also used for inappropriate purposes. Consumers should understand the benefits and limitations of using a virtual number.  The main points of choosing the right one are:

  • Organize your finances. Calculate which option seems appropriate for your wallet. Note that you reduce the cost of negotiations. Compared to any operator, a virtual number asks for a significantly lower amount of costs for negotiations. 
  • Organize your time. Virtual phone numbers service providers are responsible for the maintenance and technical support along with adding or removing numbers, setting up call forwarding/voicemail and viewing your call logs. This shall give you the chance to devote your time and energy to your business matters
  • Check the reviews of the service. Find a company with positive reviews that’s a guarantee of your data safety and support for a long interaction cycle.
  • Check the number integration. Sometimes customers may need an extended package as CRM system integration information of other integrations.
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Thus, a virtual phone number can be a great way to connect with customers and employees. Virtual phone numbers service providers are responsible for the maintenance and technical support along with adding or removing numbers, setting up call forwarding/voicemail and viewing your call logs. All are easily tracked on your account. This shall give you the chance to devote your time and energy to your business matters.