Best Tool for Instagram Promotion: Combin Growth 

Since its start in 2010, Instagram has been undergoing massive growth. It now belongs to the top 10 most popular social media platforms the world over with more than a billion monthly active users. 

Instagram looks appealing not only for regular users who share their life with friends and family. But it’s also possibly a beneficial place for business people and brands.  

If you want to squeeze the potential out of Instagram as a marketing tool, you need to have a meaningful amount of real target and engaged followers.




There are lots of apps on the market developed to bring more Instagram followers over a window of time. Some of them may be potentially hazardous for your Instagram page and put it at risk of getting flagged.

However, it doesn’t imply there are no useful apps which can keep the promise; you only have to search a bit more thoroughly. One of them is Combin Growth.

What Is Combin Growth 

Combin Growth is a smart tool for small and medium-sized businesses, entrepreneurs, freelancers, and influencers. It supports their Instagram marketing and is loaded with powerful features. The tool helps you promote your businesses on Instagram and grow your accounts on this social platform. 

Combin Growth doesn’t just promote your Instagram page garnering likes, comments, and follows. It also helps you develop a loyal and engaged community around your company.

With Combin Growth, you can communicate with the target audience, search for your competitors, their audience and relevant influencers, track your account performance, and more.

To start working with the tool, visit the website, and download the software on your PC or Mac. Download and installation of the app are free. After you install the Combin Growth, log in with your Instagram credentials. 

Combin Growth uses two-factor authentication, so you will also need to enter your SMS backup code along with your Instagram login and password. After you log in, you can start working with the app and grow your business on Instagram. 


Combin Growth Overview

Combin Growth is compatible with any desktop OS: Windows 8 and later, Mac OS 10.13 and later, and Ubuntu 18.04 and later (64-bit only). 

As for the pricing, Combin Growth has a free plan, Personal, and Business. 

A free Starter plan is a convenient way to try out the basic functionality of the app. It offers 1 Instagram account management, 50 search results for posts, 25 search results for users, 100 daily action limits. 

A personal plan is suitable for individuals and businesses with 1 Instagram account. It costs $15 a month and supplies:

  • 1 Instagram account management
  • 1000 instant search results for posts
  • 1000 instant search results for users
  • search results refresh ability
  • access to your Instagram account statistics
  • unlimited in-app actions 

A business plan is offered to individuals and businesses with multiple Instagram accounts. It is for $30 monthly and allows you:

  • manage up to 5 Instagram accounts with an option to purchase up to 10 accounts more
  • 1000 instant search results for posts
  • 1000 instant search results for users
  • search results refresh ability
  • access to your Instagram account statistics
  • unlimited in-app actions. 


Useful Features of Combin Growth 

Once you open the app, you see the main window with your Instagram accounts’ posts, number of followers and followings, and your engagement rate. 

The panel on the left is your working board. There you can start new searches and interact with other Instagram users, track your tasks and your account’s performance and do in-app actions with your followers and followings. 

Combin Growth is packed with compelling features, so let’s dive deeper into the Combin Growth features though.

Search for a Target Audience

This feature helps you search for, find, and interact with users and posts relevant to your business and Instagram profile. Combin Growth helps you earn authentic followership that will like and comment on your content on Instagram.

To help you find users and posts which are the most relevant to your niche, Combin Growth automatically hides irrelevant Instagram users such as mass-followers, celebrities, scam, giveaway accounts, and Instagram stores.

Combin Growth lets you search by hashtag, location, keywords, users’ posts, and even active audience of any user – commenters and likers. 

You can set multiple parameters simultaneously and narrow your search to find influencers and casual users of a particular gender, language, and audience size. 

When you find them, sort the results by a filter you think is the most relevant at the moment – engagement rate, virality, likes and comments count, and even the date when the post was published. 

Then start interacting with genuine results – like, comment on their content, and follow them within the application. 

Target the Specific Criteria of Instagram Users

With Combin Growth, you can narrow your searching criteria as you like. You can set up parameters as the required gender, language, followers and followings count before the search itself.

You can also switch on the last-week activity filter so that you can be sure you will find only those users who match your targeted criteria. 

Sort Search Results Based on Different Filters 

Once you’ve found Instagram users who are the most relevant to you, you can sort them by the number of their likes, comments, followers, followings, posts count, date posted, follow ratio, content virality, and engagement rate. 

Unfollow Users 

Within Combin Growth, you can easily and quickly unfollow those Instagrammers who don’t follow you back. The app divides all users into three groups: All, Not Followers, and Followers. 

To unfollow Instagrammers who don’t bother following you in batch, go to the Not Follower tab and select users you want to stop following. It will require several minutes for the app to complete the task. 


Track Instagram Account Statistics

Combin Growth allows monitoring the performance of your Instagram page and actions you’ve taken within the app. You will be able to detect how many likes, followers, and comments you get. 

Manage Several Instagram accounts

Management of several Instagram accounts is not a rare thing to see. If you have more than one Instagram page you want to promote, you will appreciate this feature of Combin Growth. 

With Combin Growth, you are allowed to manage up to 15 Instagram profiles at the same time. The app has a built-in proxy setup that ensures the safety of your actions and protects your Instagram pages from getting banned or flagged. 

Find Relevant Instagram Influencers

Influencer marketing is an irreplaceable tool for anyone who wants to grow their Instagram page efficiently. But influencers can be either extremely useful or awfully harmful for your brand on social media. 

The key success secret is to find a relevant influencer whose target audience, messages spread, tone of voice, and positioning align with yours. 

Combin Growth gives you this opportunity to find an authentic Instagram influencer for your brand. 


Conclusive Thought on Combin Growth 

Combin Growth is a powerful tool stuffed with many advanced features you will definitely find useful for your Instagram marketing. The application has a simple and easy-to-use interface you can easily master even if you’re not tech-savvy enough. 

The app is a real help for anyone who wants to monetize their Instagram page and attract more clients through this platform – freelancers, entrepreneurs, social media managers, small and medium brands.

The app uses machine learning analysis to estimate the quality of the audience you find and interact with. The whole idea behind the tool is to make the life of social media managers and entrepreneurs easier and make their work more productive. 

Try Combin Growth for free now to attract new genuine Instagram followers. Enhance your Instagram marketing, and stand out from the crowd of your competitors on Instagram.