5 Reasons Business Pros Always Use a VPN

Do you have an idea why business pros always use a VPN?

Taking care of data security and confidentiality is a top priority for a professional business.

It is becoming especially relevant now when the number of people working from home has increased.

Now your employees are out of your sight and out of the general safety net.

And hackers and data leaks are becoming the most common business problem on the Internet.




One of the easiest ways for professionals to secure their internet traffic is using a virtual private network or VPN.

Data from the website Statista reports that VPN use in the United States skyrocketed during the coronavirus crisis.

It’s up 124 percent in the two weeks from March 8 to March 22, 2020.

VPN is used to connect a computer via a secure remote connection or specific geo points.

A VPN is a private tunnel from a laptop to the network.

It is safe, encrypted, and can do everything a computer in a work network or another country can do.


How Businesses and Business Pros Always Use a VPN

With VPN, you can connect to a server remotely, creating a secure and encrypted virtual “tunnel” for your data to pass through.

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There experts reveal the secrets necessary for the success of your business.

Initially, VPNs were designed to give individual employees the ability to access their company’s network from a remote location securely.

Once connected to a company’s VPN, an individual employee can access company resources and services as if your employee were physically in the office.

However, you don’t need a VPN for this. Many companies use a similar setup for remote workers.

That is why you should always use a VPN.


What Does VPN Use Affect?

There are clear indicators that will be affected by VPN implementation in your company.


  • significantly reduce the risk of security breaches and cyberattacks
  • improve productivity
  • make your customers feel safe and secure
  • are surprisingly affordable
  • let you “stay in your country” while traveling abroad

Which VPN service to choose for your business is a separate question.

Many factors influence this choice.

Below we will look at five reasons business pros always use a VPN.


Reasons Business Pros Always Use VPN


1. VPN Makes Your Internet Traffic Anonymous

Any company like software development company MLSDev working in Information Technology knows how important it is to protect its activities from problems with hackers.

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It is not to say that VPN services completely anonymize your online activities.

However, if you use a VPN to protect your traffic, a VPN is good.

Your internet connection always leaves a trail that can be tied to you, even when using a VPN.


2. VPNs Can Save Money on Business Purchases

A regular Internet connection creates a lot of data about you:

  • the location of your computer
  • its website browsing history
  • other places where your laptop was on the Internet.

All of this data and other things are available to the websites you visit.

VPN your online identity even on public Wi-Fi, so you can browse the Internet safely, securely, and anonymously, Forbes writes.

It is known that some stores on the Internet give prices for their products based on your browsing history and your location.

It may be that your business is located in a high-income country, so you have to pay a premium that your business may not be able to afford.

In this case, using a VPN to change your geographic location can save you a lot of money.


3. Business Pros Always Use a VPN Which Can Protect Traffic on Public Wi-Fi

Traffic on Wi-Fi networks is relatively easy to intercept, even if it is password protected.

Traffic interception threatens everyone understandable.

Your data will be discredited, data theft and other fraudulent actions can occur.

When you connect to a VPN, your traffic is encrypted, and now an attacker, even knowing that the device is connected to Wi-Fi, will not track your traffic and find out what exactly you are doing.


4. VPNs Can Tunnel You to Your Business Network

Everything is fine when you work in an office with a secure network.

But when you need to use your work computer outside of office hours, or you are outside the office, you may encounter some obstacles due to being outside of your work network:

  • Email might not connect.
  • Licensed apps might be unable to pull the license.
  • Other problems can arise when you cannot access the internal servers.

As mentioned above, a VPN connection is much like a private tunnel over the Internet between a computer and a private network, which essentially extends that network to one machine in the outside world.

All office work functions are available, at least those that IT professionals have made available through a VPN.

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It allows professionals to get work done no matter where they are.


5. VPNs Allow You to Test Online Content From Other Countries

Developers recognize the importance of good testing, and for web applications and other online content, this means testing with the most significant possible degree of anonymity.

If you’ve created an app, test it on your computer, and don’t try to hide your traffic.

You may see very different results in people living in another country.

That’s when using a VPN to change your location can give you an idea of how someone on the other side of the world sees your web app or website.

This means delivering a better product that works for a wider audience than you could get open your browser window in incognito mode.



Using a VPN for employees, primarily if your team works remotely, is a logical and obvious way to protect your business.

If necessary, make sure that all your colleagues support your idea and even explain why and why you want everyone to use VPN.

VPN services are easy to use: you connect to the Internet and then set up a VPN connection to your company’s VPN server using dedicated software.

The software secures the connection and then gives you, the user, access to the secure internal network.

In this simple way, you protect your business with a reliable security fence.


Author’s bio: Anastasiia Lastovetska is a technology writer at MLSDev, a software development company that builds web & mobile app solutions from scratch. She researches the area of technology to create great content about app development, UX/UI design, tech & business consulting.