Best Bitcoin Trading Strategies for Beginners

Most days in the newspaper we hear about bitcoins, bitcoin trading strategies, and the buzz it is creating in the tech world.

As more and more companies are welcoming cryptocurrencies it is time you engage in this lucrative world to make good money. 

Want to excel in this market?




Then you need to learn about the different strategies that even advanced traders use to have a successful career in this field.

Without these strategies, you will not be able to create properly.

You may also get influenced by your emotions which can lead you to make regretful irrational choices.

Therefore, take the time to understand these different strategies and implement them in your plan of action for Bitcoin trading. 


Most Popular Bitcoin Trading Strategies


Day Trading Strategy

Traders who implement this strategy purchase several parts of a bitcoin and then sell it on the very same day.

You can also know it as an intraday trade technique whereby the bitcoin trader takes advantage of even the minute price fluctuations in the market.

Their strategy is almost in the opposite direction of a long-term trader. 

However, this strategy may not be the best part for a beginner trader.

Especially once you cannot function in high-stress situations.

The day trading strategy is extremely adrenaline pumping as the time constraint keeps one on their toes.

There is also the looming fear of unpredictable fall in price that can severely affect a day bitcoin trader.

Confident beginner traders can truly exploit this strategy and make considerable profits. 

Especially the ones who are good at making predictions about the market.


Swing Trading Strategy

The swing trading strategy is very different from the previous one.

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As in this strategy, intraday trading is a once in a blue moon sight.

You will find that the swing trading strategy is generally implemented by bitcoin traders.

The ones who are also trading other cryptocurrencies. 

These individuals are always in high alert mode.

They read about different trends of different cryptocurrencies so that they can make smaller profits on all of them.

Do not get detected by the fact that these individuals are making smaller profits.

As if you add up the money they make from all of their investments it will be quite a significant amount. 

The swing trader is also constantly trading so that their annual returns are high.

As a novice trader, you can try out your luck with this strategy.

Especially if you are interested in cryptocurrencies other than bitcoins


Bitcoin Breakout Strategy

Traders who use the strategy will enter the market as soon as possible whenever they find a new trend emerging.

They will then write that trend to the finish point by taking advantage of the volatile nature of bitcoins.

A novice trader who has a knack for technical analysis will truly appreciate this strategy and also the thrill that comes with it.  

Depending upon how well you handle yourself in stressful situations, how much money you have set apart for bitcoin trading as well as your individual needs, pig the Bitcoin trading strategy that is best suited for you.

These strategies have been perfected by expert traders and you can find a detailed description of each of them online.

If you know anybody personally who has been trading Bitcoins for a long time it is better that you observe them in action in a bitcoin exchange.

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It will give you amazing insight as a lot of planning goes on behind a successful application of a strategy to trade properly.

Take all the time you need to understand the intricacies of the different strategies before you jump into a bitcoin trading exchange and make a terrible Rookie mistake. 

Nowadays the internet is flooded by numerous websites that offer tools to help optimize bitcoin trading strategies.

Therefore, if you are nervous about joining Bitcoin trading then truly this is the most fruitful time to join. Click The News Spy to know more regarding such bitcoin websites. 



You must always trust your instincts and never trade if you feel like you are making a big gamble.

There are always risks with bitcoin trading.

Make sure that you know all the nitty-gritty details about this industry before you step into it.

Never put yourself in a jeopardized position and risk losing money that will severely affect your well-being.