Axie Infinity Price Rallies 33% in a Week. Will It Continue?

Axie Infinity has experienced a dramatic 33% increase in price over the past week. This is great news for anyone invested in the blockchain-based game. This is because the surge shows that the asset is on the upswing.




But will this price trend continue? In this blog post, we’ll take a look at the factors that may be driving the price increase and whether or not the trend is likely to continue.


What Is Axie Infinity?

Axie Infinity is a blockchain-based digital pet game. It allows players to collect, raise, battle, and breed cute fantasy creatures called “Axies.” The game combines the fun of collecting virtual pets with the potential for financial gain through investing in in-game assets such as Axie tokens. Players can use the ERC-721 standard to purchase and trade their digital creatures with other players.

The game also provides an opportunity to earn cryptocurrency rewards through competitive tournaments, special events, and gameplay. In addition to its vibrant community, Axie Infinity stands out with its advanced features. For instance, the battle system, which uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to control combat decisions.

Recently, Axie Infinity has been gaining attention due to its impressive price rally, which saw the price of its native token increase 33% in just one week. If you want to know more about trading, then you can visit here


The Recent Price Rally

The popular blockchain-based game Axie Infinity has seen a massive surge in prices over the past week. The game’s native asset, the SLP token, has rallied 33% in the last seven days alone, hitting a new all-time high of $6.63. This rally began after Axie Infinity announced the launch of their new development platform, Axie Infinity Land.

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The price rally has been driven by speculation of the new platform’s potential and growing interest in blockchain-based gaming. Axie Infinity Land promises to be a comprehensive suite of tools that will allow developers to build custom lands, battles, and items on top of the existing Axie Infinity universe. This could open up whole new possibilities for game play, including the ability to create customized experiences within the game.

The new development platform also brings with it increased liquidity for SLP tokens. This could attract more investors and push prices even higher. Meanwhile, the game continues to draw new users, with its total active user base now at over 200,000.

Overall, the recent price rally for Axie Infinity is yet another indication that blockchain-based gaming is gaining traction. Also, it is attracting more attention from both investors and gamers alike. It will be interesting to see if the rally continues, or if this is just the beginning of a longer-term trend.


Will the Rally Continue?

The question of whether or not the Axie Infinity price rally will continue is difficult to answer. On one hand, the game has seen significant growth over the past week, leading some to believe that it could continue. The game’s popularity has been on the rise in recent months, and the influx of new players could help the prices increase even further.

However, there are also a few factors that suggest the rally may not last. For example, the cryptocurrency markets tend to be quite volatile, and prices can change quickly in either direction. Additionally, the game itself is still in its early stages. And its success is dependent on how well it is received by gamers and crypto investors alike.

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Ultimately, only time will tell whether or not the rally will continue. Although there are plenty of reasons to be optimistic, there are also a few factors for caution. It is important for those interested in investing in Axie Infinity to do their own research. In addition, they should make an informed decision about whether or not this is a good investment.



The recent rally of Axie Infinity has been impressive. Also, it is an exciting development for those invested in the platform. With its strong community, innovative gameplay mechanics, and continued development, there are plenty of reasons why the price of Axie Infinity may continue to rise.

However, as with any investment, it is important to take a look at the market and make sure you’re comfortable with the risks associated before diving in. Whether or not the recent price rally will continue remains to be seen, but it’s certainly something worth keeping an eye on in the future.