Nearly 500M XRP Bought by Whales Post Amicus Brief Grant

Ripple (XRP) is a network for exchanging currencies and a way to settle payments. It can be used to do business anywhere in the world. Ripple is the name of the company that made XRP. There is a popular trading platform called “bitcoin code” which can help you trade bitcoin smoothly.

The network is a reliable middleman between the two parties because it can quickly confirm that the transaction went well. Ripple can be used to trade between many different fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin.




When a network user makes a transaction, a small amount of the cryptocurrency XRP is taken from their account balance as a transaction fee.

El Lee, on the board of Onchain Custodian, says that the usual fee for using Ripple is 0.00001 XRP. Lee says, “This fee is small compared to what banks charge to send money across borders.” “Banks can charge up to several hundred dollars for transactions outside the country.”


What Does It Stand For?

XRP is a digital currency by Jed McCaleb, Arthur Britto, and David Schwartz. Instead, it is run by the XRP Ledger, a distributed ledger. Ripple was named for Britto, and McCaleb and Britto would later start a business using XRP to do business on the network.

Any user of the Ripple network may buy and sell XRP with other users, invest in it, or use it to pay for transactions. You can perform all of these things and more by using the currency.

The XRP blockchain works slightly differently than most other cryptocurrencies, which is interesting. Anyone who can quickly solve hard equations can use other cryptocurrencies’ transaction logs and verification systems. But before a ledger can record a transaction, most people who own it have to agree that it is true. This makes sure that everyone gets a fair deal.

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Lee says, “It can take a few minutes or even hours for a Bitcoin transaction to be confirmed, and there are often large transaction fees.” When you use XRP, the transaction confirmation takes about four to five seconds, and the fees are much lower. At this point, more amicus briefs have been filed in favor of the petition for summary judgment. Because of this, whales have been adding more coins to their portfolios.

Whale Alert says that big cryptocurrency owners called “whales” have traded their way to more than 468 million XRP. Whales bought about $181 million worth of XRP on the last day.


The Amount of XRP Whales Has Grown

A Ripple whale transaction used 350 million XRP tokens and broke every record. It has been found that the cryptocurrency exchange Binance sent a wallet with about $134.8 million worth of XRP tokens to a place that is still unknown. On the other hand, on the Bitstamp cryptocurrency market, more than 93 million tokens were bought through different transactions. All of these purchases could have cost $36.1 million.

The price of XRP went up by 3% in the last twenty-four hours, but it has since gone back down because of the market. Sources from the past say that Judge Analisa Torres let a friend of the court file a brief in the case that is still going on. The cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has filed an Amicus Brief in favor of Ripple’s Fair Notice Defense. So far, Amici has been able to file briefs 16 times. 

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But only two people agree with the SEC, while 13 agree with Ripple. Even though this is happening, Digital Chamber is neither for nor against it. After Coinbase, the Crypto Council for Innovation, Reaper Financial, LLC, Veri DAO, The Six XRP Holders, and Paradigm Operations all filed amicus briefs, attorney James Filan said something about the situation.