Hyper Casual Game Development: Tips


If you’ve ever been to a casual game meetup, you’re probably familiar with the term “hyper casual.” They originally used the term to describe simple games. The ones that relied on quick play sessions and social interaction through community forums and chat groups. Over time, it has come to encompass games. The games that are …

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Understanding Microsoft Fabric: a Beginner’s Guide


In today’s quickly expanding digital market, firms must integrate several software tools and platforms. So they will be able to remain competitive and efficient. Microsoft Fabric is an effective method for connecting and using Microsoft’s network of apps and services.     This beginner’s tutorial will help with understanding Microsoft Fabric. Moreover, it will help …

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How to Transit from Windows to Mac


Have you ever found yourself wondering about how to transit from Windows to Mac as easy as possible? With their sleek design and impressive performance, Macs are becoming increasingly popular among computer users worldwide.     But let’s face it: transit from Windows to Mac can feel like learning a new language. Fear not! This …

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Shining a Light on Litentry (LIT)


In the fast-paced world of digital technology data is the new currency. It helps identity that verification has become a critical component of our online lives. There has been the rise of blockchain technology. Thus, the need for secure and decentralized identity solutions, Litentry (LIT) has emerged as a pioneering project that aims to revolutionize …

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