Top 7 Video Editing Software You Should Use

Customers these days are in love with video content so video editing software is in great demand. Around 49% of individuals watch 5 to 6 videos daily. Approximately 86% of the consumers are expecting more videos coming their way this 2020.

Now that’s what you can call Good News! But there is a problem with using videos for boosting product sales. That is a lot of business owners are not confident about their scripting and shooting these magical marketing strategies.




Good news! The market is jam-packed with video editing software programs best suited for pros and beginners as well. Even better news! They will not cost you much, and the ones mentioned below are user-friendly options.

They are in no way, professional editors. But they can become one with the use of the right video editing software. The most feature-rich and user-friendly software can help businesses maximize their investment returns without putting in a lot of capital.


1. Adobe Premiere Pro CC Video Editing Software

This is the leading software well-integrated for video editing. Its features can make video editing easy and efficient for beginners. You can use this software for editing videos without exiting timelines.

This time-efficient tool boasts of the Adobe Sensei technology. It offers a plethora of automated devices. The Premiere Pro CC from Adobe will help you use the most recent video formats. It will help you in editing video footage in high-end and ultra 8K along with virtual reality.

The content result you get on this software is perfectly optimized for almost all screens. Even better, the software is highly compatible with the other CC products from Adobe, like Adobe After Effects, Stock, and Audition.

As a user, you can download any motion graphics template from After Effects or Adobe Stock easily. The end-to-end virtual reality 180 potential of this software is worth noting. It gives users the freedom to make highly immersive videos while using VR 180 assistance that optimizes their format and effects.

You can publish easily the video content created using Adobe Premiere Pro CC on Vimeo, YouTube. You can also publish it on various other platforms using its Google VR 180 format.


2. Descript Video Editing Software

Video is the future of marketing. Descript is the tool that can help beginners take their first step towards this bright future. This is highly affordable and no-frills video editing software. It is one that the newbies can master in a matter of a few seconds.

One of the most exclusive features of Descript is its ability to edit video transcripts in place of video footage. This can help marketers in cutting down their video turnaround time and in increasing their content output.

The software even supports multi-user video editing. It means that teams can easily collaborate on different videos. The native timeline editor can even be used for cleaning up videos and audios with volume and fades editing. Sound and music effects can be used for dressing up content.


3. Blender Video Editing Software

This open-source video editing program is available for free. It is specifically designed in the form of a 3D animation suite. This useful video editing tool allows users to perform some of the most basic editing actions, such as splicing and video cuts.

Users can even carry out more complicated tasks such as video masking. The plethora of features allows the Blender users to edit their video content seamlessly. And this is what makes this tool a flexible and versatile video editor. And yes, it caters to both advanced and beginner users.

Here are some features that make Blender the perfect video editing program:

  • audio mixing
  • scrubbing
  • waveform visualization
  • syncing
  • live preview
  • chroma vectorscope
  • histogram displays
  • speed control
  • transitions
  • adjustment layers
  • filters
  • keyframes
  • 32 slots for adding audios
  • effects
  • videos
  • images.


4. VSDC Free Video Editor

This is an all-inclusive video editing tool that comes with a versatile and powerful user-interface. It offers users a plethora of effects and objects. It is one of the most pleasant and simplest tools to practice video editing.

The simple and efficient drag-and-drop interface of this program makes it user-friendly. Above all, the easy-to-follow instructions!


5. OpenShot

It’s OpenShot with a user-friendly interface and quite minimal design that is best suited for the beginners. This is a highly efficient tool specifically suitable for small businesses.

You can use this video editing software for scaling, clip resizing, rotation, snapping, and trimming. In addition, it provides features like frame stepping, credit scrolling, audio editing, real-time preview, and time mapping. There are unrestricted watermark layers that one can find with this tool.

The best thing about this software is its digital video features. It also includes gamma, pastel colors, brightness, chroma key compositing, and greyscale. 


6. Avidemux

Avidemux gives users the flexibility of doing their basic editing tasks without worrying about losing video quality. Just like all the other video editing apps on this list. There are several tricks that the users can try to give their videos an edge over those of the editors.

There’s a catch for the beginners here! The tool supports different video formats like DVD, AVI, QuickTime, MPEG, and MP4. And yes, it comes with filters. This allows the users to perform several functions, starting from rotating and flipping clips to adjusting brightness levels and colors to adding the sub-titles.


7. Lightworks

In addition, there is another exclusive and useful video editing software. Lightworks will surely make you feel like a pro into video editing. This powerful tool comes packed with features like Multicam support and high-precision video trimming. Not to forget, it supports different video formats as well.

One of the best things about this tool is that it has video tutorials for beginners. As a result, it gets easier and quicker for them to have their hands on its usage. It works best for all-round desktop video editing.



So, there you have it all! The best video editing tool for creating video magic. In conclusion, it hardly matters whether you are a beginner, a tech enthusiast, or an experienced professional. The tools above will surely help you out.