Top MedTech Solutions in Medicine

Medicine is one of the fastest developing industries so MedTech solutions are getting more and more vital nowadays. Its connection with IT and technology solutions is also getting stronger year by year.

There are a few technologies being more and more commonly used in medicine. Among others, this includes AI (Artificial Intelligence) and IoT (Internet of Things).




Moreover, medicine is also benefiting from implementing AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) solutions. Especially for training and developing medical equipment.

There are also a number of interesting telemedicine examples which are developing especially rapidly in the era of COVID-19. Medical technologies support and assist everyone in the industry such as

  • patients
  • doctors
  • students
  • administrative specialists.

This improvies the daily work of medical institutions and the health of patients.


Virtual Scribing a MedTech Solution

Adittionally, Alexa can also have the nook available in the marketplace for non-public virtual assistants. However, the fitness care area is checking out associated era to shop time and assist make a physician’s activity easier.

Recognizing that getting into statistics into digital fitness records (EHRs) stays a burdensome challenge for physicians, Cerner is running with Amazon Transcribe Medical to expand a digital scribe, a good way to seize doctor-affected person interactions and routinely combine them into the EHR.


One More MedTech Solution: Artificial Intelligence 

Artificial intelligence (AI) gives new and extra powerful methods to identify, diagnose, and deal with sufferers. The use of AI should keep billions with inside the healthcare enterprise and will decorate affected person care via way of means of enhancing the precision of processes.

With developing call for and growing demanding situations that treating a bigger range of patients incurs, AI can alleviate a number of the lines on healthcare workers.



With the patient intake method, chatbots also make life simpler. As part of the yearly health visit intake process, LifeLink chatbots were designed and built with Medicare seniors, Kefer added.

The practice sent the chatbots to patients in advance to collect data. And half of the patients finished the details via the bot, eradicating the need for staff to key the data into the EHR.

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One of the largest sources of a strong change in the US healthcare system is the evolution of telemedicine. Telemedicine is increasingly proving to be transformative in a large nation where access to providers is quite limited.

Telemedicine is enhancing diagnosing and recovery by making it easy for patients to get access to experts, too. The availability of electronic records has also made it easier for specialists to forward documents.


Cloud Computing in Healthcare

Public cloud systems have access to a wide range of generic sources of health information. They allow organizational data to be stored and retrieved.

Remarkably, private cloud strategies can be designed for more protection-sensitive specifications. For instance, pharmacy orders, patient bills, and doctor inquiries.

Inside the private cloud hosting sphere, on-premises and hosted TechMed solutions are available. Employing the on-premises approach authorizes the IT department at an organization to have greater control.

Top MedTech Startups in 2020

It’s not easy to choose the most interesting projects out of dozens of promising 2020 startups. However, it’s definitely worth taking a look at:



Science Soft


Science Soft was founded back in 1989. It provides highly custom healthcare software for hospitals, clinics, and private medical offices.

In 2020 they focus mostly on the following:

  • developing mobile apps
  • medical websites
  • CRM systems
  • IT security solutions.



United Imaging


United Imaging offers advanced medical products related to imaging diagnosis and treatment solutions.

They offer Computed Tomography (CT), Magnetic Resonance (MR), X-ray Radiography (XR), Molecular Imaging (MI), and many more products.



Aran Biomedical


Aran Biomedical was established in 2002. It is focused on producing modern implants. They specialize in medical textiles and biometric covering and coating. This is also absorbable.

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They provide their clients with innovative design and top quality manufacturing.





MicroSure produces robots for microsurgery. Their products are a result of close cooperation between engineers and microsurgeons.

Thus this ensures excellent precision and enables medics to perform interventions impossible for humans alone.





CereGate was founded in 2019, and in 2020 it already received a Seed capital investment. The company focuses on communication between the human brain and the latest technologies.

They create innovative interfaces to improve the condition of patients with neurological disorders. This is done by increasing their independence and supporting their rehabilitation.


Elsa Science

Elsa, founded in 2017 in Sweden, is a platform where patients can search for drugs and medical solutions on their own.

Thanks to this MedTech solution patients can understand how various diseases affect their body. And how to ease their symptoms.


Your Technology Partner for MedTech Projects

So if you’re searching for technology partners, you can check out the portfolios of various software houses offering solutions for this branch.

Appraise their experience in the medical industry. This is to make sure they are familiar with the latest solutions and ready to provide you with excellent service.