How to send a Secret Message That Will Self-Destruct in the Recipient’s Inbox

Sometime you requirement to send your personal/private information (like as Password, Credit/Debit Card details or Bank acc. Information) with a family member, friend or colleague. It is possible to send the personal information via email or a chat message to the recipient.

However, there is a danger that they might forget to delete the message and your private information may still stay in their inbox or computer.

How to send a Secrete Message

This means that a despiteful user, who manages to access to illegally access the recipient’s computer or account in the future, could potentially access your private information and misappropriation it.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to share your private message which automatically gets deleted once it has been read/seen?


burn note

This is where a very useful website known as Burn Note comes into the picture. It allows a user to send a message to someone else in such a manner that the message will be automatically deleted instantly or after a predestined number of seconds after it has been seen. This is ensures that your message remain truly private and cannot be accessed by anyone it has been delivered to the intended recipient.

In this example, let us suppose that a close friend needs your credit card number for an essential buying and you wish to share in the form of a secure self-destructing message.

All you need to do is to simply start your browser and connect to and type the private message of your choice in the space provided.

burn note

For added security, it is not only possible to prevent the recipient from being able to copy your private message, but also to put a password on the self-destructing message. This gives you double protection against unauthorized access to your private information.

Moreover, Burn Note also allows you to specify the number of seconds after which the private message will automatically self-destruct.

Click on the option button to access all the various option available to you while creating the private message.

burn note

Once you are done writing the private message and selecting the various option related to it, click on the button.

Burn Note will now create a URL or link to a special temporary web page where your private message will be stored.

To share the message with your friend, you simply need to send this link to your friend via email, chat or mobile application.

When the recipient opens the link, they will be taken to the special temporary web page where your private message has been stored.

However, they won’t be allowed to view the private message without entering the password.

Only once the correct password is entered will the recipient be allowed to view your private message (in this case, your credit card number). The best part is that the private message can be viewed only once and will be automatically deleted after the predefined number of seconds.

The recipient of your private message also has the option to reply to your message with another self-destructing Burn Note private message from right within your message.

Some other popular websites that allow you to send similar self-destructing message are:
Privnote (
One Share (

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