How to activate WhatsApp web in iPhone?

WhatsApp Web is the official platform of WhatsApp Inc. which is capable of running in computers and laptops. But what about running the same on your iPhone? Although an iPhone does not require running WhatsApp web where there’s already an app developed for it. Still you might want to try out whether WhatsApp web will work out or not. There’s no such thing that’s impossible and cannot be done with an incompatible device.To use WhatsApp web on your iPhone there’s a certain tweak that you need to understand and learn before attempting to do it.


Whatsapp Web iOS

How to use WhatsApp web in iPhone?

Using WhatsApp Web for iOS devices is not a straightforward technique but this requires jailbreaking your iPhone. You will find a number of jailbreaking techniques from around the web. To use Whatsapp web iOS, you’ll have to follow the below steps very carefully:

• Jailbreak your iPhone with the latest jailbreaking techniques. (You can search them from the web).
• After your device is jailbroken, go to Cydia and open it.
• Now search for WhatsApp Web Enabler in Cydia and install the program.
• After it is installed, go to Settings and look for WhatsApp Web Enabler.
• Click on WhatsApp Web Enabler and enable it.
• After it is done, now go back and open WhatsApp messenger.
• Under WhatsApp settings, you’ll find the WhatsApp Web option.
• Now head over to your computer and open Google Chrome browser.
• Type in the url bar and hit enter.
• Now come back to WhatsApp on your phone and click on the WhatsApp web option.
• You’ll be asked to scan a QR code from WhatsApp web on pc. Scan the code.
• After the code is verified, you’ll be able to access WhatsApp Web via your iPhone.

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To use WhatsApp Web version from your iPhone, your phone should remain connected to your pc. Once it is disconnected you won’t be able to access WhatsApp web on your computer.

WhatsApp web include all the features which are incorporated in your smartphone app. With this program you can send and receive text or multimedia messages, view your contact list, broadcast messages, send group messages and attach files to your contacts.

The key benefit of using Whatsapp web is you don’t need stressfully typing from your phone every time and it gives you the convenience to speed type directly from your computer keyboard. With Whatsapp Web you can also download images and videos straight to your computer. This helps free up your phone storage and you can view them right from your pc.

The above mentioned tweak to access WhatsApp web from iPhone can be applied in all iOS versions starting from iOS 4 to iOS 8 and above. Remember, to jailbreak your device you should be very careful about the process and keep a backup of your phone data, messages and contacts before performing it. Therefore, now you can start using WhatsApp web from your iPhone and access it seamlessly.

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