err_connection_reset Google Chrome Fix 101%

Err_connection_reset error in Google Chrome! Fix this issue with troubleshooting

Is Err_connection_reset error hampering your PC? Aren’t you able to establish the connection precisely? Here are four easy solutions that help you to solve this issue with few clicks.



Different kinds of error are seen in Google Chrome when you request to load specific websites. An error comes like ‘Aw! Snap’, ‘resolving host’, ‘err_internet_disconnected’ and several others including ‘Err_connection_reset’.

This specific indication tries to tell the users that there is something wrong or interrupted and connection reset is immediately needed when Chrome load this webpage.

Initially, you can refresh that webpage, restart your PC or restart Chrome that solve this issue for that particular time but is totally temporary. By doing this, WebPages can be loaded successfully again.




  • If the internet connection of your PC is disabled
  • Entries of old registries
  • When ISP blocks the websites
  • If Firewall blocks that specific websites



You can use the following steps for fixing this problem in Google Chrome,

  • Clear all browsing histories  
  • check the settings for LAN
  • Check the internet connection on your PC
  • VPN connection should be tested
  • Reset all TCP/IP settings
  • Disable the real-time protection or Antivirus
  • Increase the size of MTU or maximum transmission unit


Initially, you have to understand the problem and then best troubleshooters have to be used for resolving this issue.


  • Check the proxy settings of your PC


Google chrome always uses Proxy settings of PC as Chrome’s own settings by default. Because there is no inbuilt proxy/sock settings in it just like Mozilla Firefox.

This problem can be created if you use any proxies and forget to close anyways in your PC’s LAN configuration. For fixing this issue,

  • Directly go to control panel > Internet options
  • Connection > LAN settings > OK

While doing this, options should not be checked.


  • Reset the IP address of your PC


Reset the IP address help the users to fix the issue. This is quite simple and can be done with ease. For doing this, you have to open the command prompt option, by

Pressing Start > type the command cmd.exe > Enter

When the user is not the administrator, you have to open ‘Command Prompt’, like administrator user.

Then type ‘ netsh winsock reset catalog’ and then click on ‘Enter’.

After that just restart your PC


  • Disable antivirus program or the Firewall


In some cases, inbuilt antivirus program or the windows firewall block the internet connection of your computer which creates Err_Connection_reset error. Un-installation of this Windows Firewall cannot produce good results for resolving this issue.

This is because those malicious programs or viruses can affect your PC thereafter.

If the inbuilt firewall creates ‘connection_reset’ issue, what you have to do first is to find out the problem that blocks the connection, and after that just unblock them.


  • Clean all old histories and fault entries in Windows registry


Entries of error registry and old histories are an important cause of ‘connection_reset’. For this, you always have to clean all those with the help of CCleaner or by using ‘TuneUp Utilities’.

Sometimes the ISP can also block the internet connection for lots of overdue payment or errors. For this, you should check the internet connection on Windows PC.

If you don’t face any problem regarding the internet connection by using other browsers, like Mozilla Firefox and can browse that same website, this signifies extremities of ‘Err_connection_reset’.

err_connection_reset Google Chrome Fix 101%
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