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Err_Connection Reset – Fix This Google Chrome Error

Sometimes, you may encounter ERR_CONNECTION_RESET error page when trying to open a website in Google Chrome browser. If you have encountered this error, you can resolve it now with our 100% working fix. Explore various methods to fix this error in this article.



ERR_CONNECTION_RESET is a common Google Chrome problem that could display different types of messages depending on your activity.


Below is the list of some messages that you could encounter due to ERR_CONNECTION_RESET error.


2- Your connection was interrupted

3- Aw! Snap

4- Failed to Resolve Host

5- The site cannot be reached your connection was reset

All these variations of this error mean one and the same thing. Your Google Chrome is being forced to reset the connection when you try to load a webpage. It could be due to a number of different reasons.


Reasons you encountered ERR_CONNECTION_RESET error

When you see this connection error, your browser resets TCP/IP connection whenever you request it to connect to the network. It could be due to several different reasons. The common reasons are below.


1- Outdated or corrupt network driver

Your network driver is faulty and it corrupts TCP/IP packet while assembling it. Upon receiving a corrupt packet, the checksum routines request a new packet from the server. It arrives and your network driver assembles it incorrectly again.

The server keeps sending the TCP/IP packet as long as the checksum routines continue sending the request. They will eventually reach their cap and stop sending the request to the server. That’s when your browser displays the error message telling user to fix the connection problem.


2- Faulty network router

You can also encounter this error due to a faulty network router. It can interrupt the connection and corrupt the TCP/IP packets when routing them.

Your browser will try a few times to establish the connection, but it will throw the error when it reaches the upper limit to retry connection.


3- Your internet connection is disabled

Now that sounds like childish but believe it or not, a lot of people have somehow disabled their internet connection without realizing. They keep seeing the error as their browser fails to connect to the network.

In this case, you may see an additional message saying ‘your connection was interrupted’.


4- Your ISP/firewall has blocked a specific website

If you are trying to visit a specific website that your local IP has blocked, you will see the this error. It might show some additional messages as well such as “your connection was interrupted”.

You may also encounter this error when your firewall has restricted access to certain websites that you are trying to visit.

A lot of people report ERR_CONNECTION_RESET YouTube. The reason is simple. Their ISP has either blocked YouTube or some specific videos on YouTube. When you try to watch the blocked content, your browser may throw this error.


5- Your VPN app is causing this problem

Sometimes, a VPN app could trigger this error. It’s due to the fact that VPN apps rout your internet traffic through a server located elsewhere. It helps you mask your real IP and therefore allows you to hide from prying eyes on the internet.

Unfortunately, VPN apps need complete control over your TCP/IP settings. If your VPN is infected or has some configuration issue, you may encounter ERR_CONNECTION_RESET error.


How to fix ERR_CONNECTION_RESET error – 100% working methods

This error is so frustrating that a lot of Chrome users have moved to other browsers to avoid this error. They failed to resolve the error.

However, we don’t recommend you give up just yet. We are here to help. The methods that we will explain below can fix this error easily. We have provided different methods so that you can solve the problem irrespective of what’s causing it. Just try these methods one by one and see what works for you.


1- Change Proxy Settings

If you are seeing this error in your web browser, simply change the proxies. It’s a simple yet effective solution that will solve the problem for 99% of you.

Before you fix this error and change proxy settings, it’s important to note that Google Chrome uses Windows / Mac default proxy settings. It doesn’t have a built-in proxy/sock feature. When you make changes in proxy settings of your PC, they automatically apply to Chrome browser.

Another important thing to note is that this doesn’t work for Firefox. The reason for that is simply. Mozilla built a dedicated proxy/sock handler in Firefox browser. It doesn’t use your Windows proxy settings.

Here is how it this method works for Google Chrome browser.

a) Go to Control Panel on your Windows computer

b) Locate Internet Options and click it

internet options

c) Now click on the Connections tab and go to LAN settings

LAN settings - Connections tab

d) Now make sure that on the final page, no options are checked

Local Area Network

e) Click OK

Wasn’t that easy? It should solve the ERR_CONNECTION_RESET error for majority of users. If you are seeing this error despite deploying this error fix, move on to the next method.


2- Reset winsock

Many Windows users have found this fix to work for them. It’s simple as you just have to enter a command in command prompt (CMD). It resets winsock and therefore resolves configuration error in some cases. Follow the easy steps below.

a) Press Windows + R keys on your keyboard to open Run dialogue box

b) Alternatively, you can locate Run under Start>All Programs and click to open

c) Type ‘cmd.exe’ in Run dialogue box once it appears on screen

d) Press Enter and wait for command prompt to launch

e) Windows 10 users can simply type CMD in the search app in task bar to open command prompt

f) Once you have command prompt opened, simply type the following command and press Enter key on your keyboard

netsh winsock reset catalog

netsh winsock reset catalog

g) Now restart your computer and try to visit the website that produced the error page

I hope everything works fine for you. If not, we still got a few methods up our sleeves to try.


3- Disable your antivirus/firewall app

Your firewall or antivirus could be blocking your access to the internet for various reasons. This could generate the ERR_CONNECTION_RESET error in Google Chrome browser.

If your firewall or antivirus has blocked a website, it’s better to let it be like that. You don’t want to visit a web page that sounds malicious to your security apps. But if you still think that it could be a false alarm, you can simply disable your antivirus/firewall and open the web page again.

Sometimes, you may have accidently blocked a certain website or Google Chrome browser in your Windows firewall settings. Be sure to check the list of blocked apps/websites by going to settings in your firewall app.

Don’t forget to enable your antivirus as soon as you have tested the web page using this method. We absolutely don’t recommend running your computer without protection. It could make you vulnerable to hackers and spammers.


4- Fix Windows registry

‘Your connection was interrupted’ and other similar connection errors are often a result of corrupt Windows registry. In such cases, you can fix this connection error by simply fixing your Windows registry. If you don’t know how to do that, here are some easy and simple solutions.

a) Download Ccleaner (link) from this link

b) Install the registry fix Ccleaner app

c) Scan your computer using this app

d) It will scan and fix all registry problems automatically


5- Other steps you can try to solve ERR_CONNECTION_RESET error

If none of the above methods has worked for you, it might be time to get your router through a power cycle or maybe you need to talk to your ISP. Here are the final few steps you can take to fix this connection error.

a) Restart your router after giving it a 5-minute rest period in ‘off’ state

b) Reset your router and re-configure it

c) Call your ISP and tell them about this error


ERR_CONNECTION_RESET is a typical Google Chrome-related error message that many Windows users report regularly. It’s often a simple fix that requires you to restart your computer, router, and browser. But if that doesn’t solve the problem, we have given you five different methods to fix this problem easily.