The 5 Basic Rules of Building a YouTube Channel

If you’re building a brand, there no way you can ignore video content and when we’re talking about videos’ YouTube is the platform to be seen on. Just as you build brand pages on other social media platforms, every brand needs to have a YouTube channel of their own. Making a channel is the easy part- building a loyal subscriber base is what takes more effort. Here are a few tips to help you.


Post Quality Content

Nobody wants to watch a dark, grainy video with bad sound. When you make a video, it needs to have a crisp script, good video quality and be audible. Design content that is engaging and attention-grabbing. Take advantage of trending themes but customizing them to your brand. Q & A videos and tutorials are evergreen videos that can help boost your channels visibility.

Pick your Titles Carefully

The name you give your video plays a significant role in determining how popular it will be. While your subscribers may watch it because they will be notified of a new video, people looking for the content your video offers may not find it if the title is not relevant. Hence, pick titles that are relevant and sound interesting. Keep the title limited to under 100 characters and avoid using words like ‘video’ and ‘new’ in it.

Keep your Call to Action Clear

Each video needs to have a purpose- do you want to build a wider subscriber base or do you want people to go to your website and buy a product? Whatever your call to action is, it should be clear to your viewers and encourage them to follow through on it. There are many ways to incorporate a call to action in your video. The person in your video could tell people what to do. Next, it could be part of a caption, or you could overlay call to action buttons on your video.

Interact with your Subscribers

Simply putting up a good video isn’t enough to build a loyal subscriber base. You need to interact with your viewers. Answer the questions your viewers ask you in your next video or take a few minutes out each day to reply to their YouTube comments. Feel free to ask your subscribers for video concepts and ideas and if you choose to follow through on their ideas, give them a shout-out in the video. This encourages people to stay loyal to your channel and makes them feel connected to you.

Post Frequently and Consistently

You need to constantly remind your viewers about your channel and bring them back to it. Yes, people do come back to watch a video again, but they are more likely to watch your channel if you post new content frequently. It is also important to maintain a regular posting schedule so that your viewers know when to expect something new.

Above all, concentrate on catering to your audience’s needs. If you give them what they want, they will always stay loyal to you.

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