4 Effective Tips to Build a Natural Link Profile

Link building is one of the best ways to increase the ranking of your website and boost its online presence. But you have to ensure that you build your link profile naturally. In an era where Google algorithms are coming down heavily on any website using low-quality links or using unethical means to increase the number of links, the key to successful link building is to generate quality links organically over time. It is all about making your site credible and authoritative within its niche. So, how can you go about building a natural link profile? The four tips mentioned below can help you out in your natural link building endeavor.

Focus on the quality of your content

Content is king. There is no way to deny its significance in SEO and link building. If you publish unique, relevant, and high-quality content on your website, you increase its chances of ranking organically for relevant key words and search terms. By continuing to publish quality content consistently, you can create authority and expand your online reach. This will open up opportunities for you to generate backlinks from other high-authority websites.

Build your links slowly

‘Slow and steady wins the race’ is an appropriate phrase to apply to your natural link profile building strategy. Rather than trying to build your links overnight, you have to go about the task in a slow and steady manner. Try to build your link profile gradually over months through authoritative and relevant links. After all, you wouldn’t want to make the search engines suspicious of your link building activities and risk penalty, would you?

Bring variation to your anchor texts

Variety is not just the spice of life but the spice of building your natural link profile as well. You need to bring in a variation of anchor texts in the backlinks. Your aim should be to use relevant anchor texts that reflect your web page’s content. So, the key lies in selecting the best anchor texts to use and drawing benefit from their use. Ensure to avoid using anchor texts that are stuffed with an overdose of keyword-rich links.

Go for diverse links

It is important to have diverse links to your natural link profile. You should have links connecting your site to various platforms such as online business directories, blog comments, social media, etc. Make sure that you maintain a good balance of the links coming from such varied platforms. But do not overindulge in diversifying your links. Avoid commenting on anything and everything you find on blogs and forums with the sole intention of generating links to your site.

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